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Can you start eating more healthy fats to add some weight? Avocado, dairy?

I’m 14 weeks and weigh less then I did before I got pregnant. I had no appetite for the first 12 weeks and been eating heaps the last 2 weeks but I also keep hovering at the same weight, think i’ve gained a kilo but then I lose it all again the next day. 

Honestly though I figure if we are eating then the baby is small enough to take the nutrients it needs. I’m sure as the baby grows you’ll put more weight on.

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mrsm42712:  I’m 23 weeks and lost about 8 pounds due to having zero appetite and feeling sick up until about 18 weeks. I’ve put on a couple of pounds in the last few weeks but thats it. My baby is measuring fine so I’m not worrying about it. I’m sure as the baby starts getting bigger we’ll start putting on weight quicker. 

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mrsm42712:  I’m not sure when it happened but at my 16wk appt, I was down 3lbs.  I know I was also pretty sick the first tri, but also relied heavily on carbs to keep my stomach settled so I was definitely surprised when I saw that.  If baby is measuring on schedule, definitely don’t stress about it (stress could cause additional weight loss).  However, if your doctor wants you to put on a few lbs, try full fat yogurts, avocados (great in smoothies!), more nuts, good carbs like steel cut oats, sweet potatoes, whole grain pastas.  You could add in a protein shake as an extra meal (just get the OK from your doctor first on which ones are safe for pregnancy).  The weight will likely come on soon, but just make sure you have a balanced diet and stay extra hydrated.  

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I lost 10 lbs the first tri, slowly started gaining it back – but only am up to where I was before the positive test at 25 weeks. I did get some veggie protein shakes and would blend that with milk, banana, ice and cocoa powder. That helped me bulk up a little. I’m still not eating a ton, but trying to pack on the nuts, yogurts, cheeses – and find that carbs and fruit are regular standbys. But, I do agree that it’s important to try not to stress too much about it. As long as you eat well when you can, you should be fine. At the anatomy screen, I was worried about his size (since I lost weight and was barely showing), but he was measuring at the 65th percentile – so as long as the baby is growing, eat what you can. 

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I read the baby center forums and a LOT of women seem to lose weight during the first and even second trimesters without any issues. They seem to be women who are overweight to start with. One woman lost so much in the beginning that she had only gained three lbs from her starting weight when she delivered. It doesn’t seem that uncommon from what I’ve read, and don’t think it’s anything to worry about. But if your Dr. seems concerned, then I would try to eat healthy fats to put on some weight, and make sure you’re getting enough protein. 

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I weighed less at 40 weeks than I did before I got pregnant due to constant morning noon and night sickness. Obviously that’s not a good thing, but my baby was over 7lbs at birth. I only really had health issues after the birth when I developed severe anaemia, but keep in touch with your health professionals and have them monitor the baby’s weight gain. 

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 I lost a ton of weight and was just 2lbs more than before I got pregnant, the day I had my baby. My doctor told me not to worry I was taking my vitamins so the baby would take anything she needed. My baby measurred ahead of time till 2 weeks before she was born. But I had to be careful to not lose too much, too quickly because of toxines that may have been stored in my fatcells. Other then that, it was all fine. My baby was over 7 lbs.

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I don’t know if I lost weight and then regained it but I was weighed at 10’weeks and then again about 14 and my weight was exactly the same. I suffered with morning sickness so wasn’t eating a great deal but I felt like I was thickening up so I think I lost then regained. 

try eating calorific foods that you can cope with. Sorry I can’t be more help 

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I wouldn’t worry, specially since you said you were slightly overweight.

In the first trimester I put on weight and lost it after I had a horrible flu 🙁 but then the weight just starts pilling up after that. Also, your baby is tiny now!

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I’m 30 weeks and have only gained two pound total. Our baby weighs over three pounds right now so I’m not worried. I have been very sick and nauseous this whole pregnant and eat what I can. My OB hasn’t expressed any concern.

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I don’t have experience myself but my mum had really bad morning sickness and not much appetite whilst having me and she ended up 2 dress sizes smaller after giving birth than she was in the first place! 


Hers was a bit of an extreme case but at the time the doctors told her that as long as the baby measured ok then it was herself she had to be concerned with as the baby would get what it needed from her and she’d be the one ending up lacking. I weighed 7lb and she was fine after giving birth!

Whether advice has changed over the years I don’t know! If it were me Id try not to worry unless the doctors had any concerns, hope you’re feeling better soon.

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