(Closed) Uniqueness vs. trends: anyone else struggle with this?

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Helper bee
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I don’t think it’s you not being unique- I think it’s more of the generation that is getting married now.

I wore chucks as a kid (still do- I own an orange pair!) and I would’ve LOVED to incorporate them into the wedding.

80’s fashions are just back in the spotlight so Chucks are big again.

I think it would be super cute if you added a little note about why you guys chose these things for your wedding. They’re cute stories! I bet your guests would appreciate it!

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Helper bee
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I know exactly what you mean. Thats just life. Also how many of your guests are really going to be in on the wedding trends? When planning you do a lot of searching and know a lot about trends, but likely most of your guests will only know what they have seen at other weddings they have attended. I wouldn’t worry much if I were you, your gusts probably know you and will think its totally "your style."

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Helper bee
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I’ve been having the exact same thoughts!! For example, I was thinking about my outdoor ceremony decor the other day and coming up with cute, somewhat original decorations for the aisle but I was stubborn about not hanging them on shepherd hooks simply because it was a trend. But no matter how I cut it it probably would look the best on the hook =P. I think there is plenty in my wedding that will come off as very personal and unique without being overshadowed by anything I do that may be "trendy". I guess when you think about it, there isn’t much left that isn’t a part of some kind of trend, right? Even being DIY and off the beaten path is kind of a trendy thing in and of itself!

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Buzzing bee
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I am in the same boat, but as some of my relatives have made note of lately, a good portion of people are still stuck in traditional trends…and will be unaware of what’s tranedy this year, or this season.  There’s almost always something your guests won’t have seen before!

It’s hard to think that way when you’re surrounded in modern weddings nonstop, but believe me…some people will still think it’s fun and unique!

(I am doing a candy buffet….which is why this came up!  I almost changed mymind because I thought it was too trendy)

Do something trendy because you love it, not because it’s popular and it will become your favorite part of your day!

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Helper bee
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I think about that sometimes too, but as long as these "trends" are a representation of who you are, and whats important to you, I wouldn’t worry about it. Alos, most peole dont know about these "trends".

I was brought back to reality the other day when I brought up cupcakes and a photobooth, and birdcage veil to some non-weddingbee people and they were like "that sounds so awesome and different, I’ve never seen that before!!" I think its trendy to us and the industry because we emserse ourselves in weddingness EVERYDAY. (or at least i do ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) To regular everyday people they will be blown away by your ideas.

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Helper bee
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I know exactly what you mean.  I feel the same way about wearing shoes that aren’t white/ivory, wanting to do a photobooth, etc.  But you know, I read in a couple posts which I thought was a good point:  we read about these "trends" all the time here, and on the Knot.  But how many of our friends/family have gone to weddings with these actually implemented?  Probably not as many as you might think.  Either way, if it has meaning to you, go for it, and if you’re feeling really self-conscious about the few "trendy" items, why don’t you make a little sign in front of the cupcakes or in the program that notes how it’s special to you?

 Best of luck!

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Bee Keeper
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I agree with Miss Camera, although I am going to have multiple things (that are currently trendy) like cupcakes, birdcage veil for reception, photo booth, untraditional guestbook, etc; none of my family or FI’s family have been to weddings with these things. I think that we think these trends are more popular then they actually are. On weddingbee we are the brides that are really emersed in the wedding planning process, and there are alot of creative girls on here. So it seems like everyone is following the same trend, when in fact, many people would still think "I’ve never seen that before" at our weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bee Keeper
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If your guests know you well they’ll know that you’ve both been wearing Chucks for years and they’ll "get it."  So I wouldn’t worry about that.

And cupcakes are so common that I think they’ve crossed over from trendy to mainstream, so I wouldn’t worry about that either.  But maybe you could put a cute little sign on the cake table that explains your tradition of exchanging cupcakes?  I know many people (women at least) like to go up and take a better look at the cake, so many people will probably see this sweet little detail.

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Helper bee
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Aren’t there trends at every wedding though? Thats the best part- I love love love looking at my aunts wedding pictures with her long sleeved lace, v-neck gown and puffy sleeves. It just screams early 90’s, and my great aunts’ wedding is even better, the groom’s tux screamed late 70’s, and her feathered hair and Sally Jesse glasses are just awesome.

I wouldn’t worry too much about trends. It’s your wedding- if you like what happens to be "in" right now then use it. Then you can answer to your grandkids about what chucks are- although I’m sure they will still be around.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Oh, I’ll admit it… I’m one giant trend ball.  We just decided that there are certain things that make us happy, and so we’re doing them.  I think we’ll end up with an ecclectic mishmash of things that are distinctly us, and if a few are completely over the top popular right now, so be it!

Maybe it’s because they are wonderful ideas!

So I’m proudly sporting my red Fluevog boots, our cupcakes, our non-floral centerpieces, paper lanterns, birdcage veil, shrug, and vintage decorations!  We’re going for it!


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Honey Beekeeper
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I’m TRYING to go with more unique, flavorful options for my wedding (and since we’re paying for it, we ultimately have the final say-so on everything) that aren’t 100% traditional and my fiance keeps shooting them down, saying they are "silly" or "weird". For example, he wants boring number centerpieces, and I want to spruce them up by holding signs of us holding the numbers and having pictures taken of us and using THOSE as our centerpieces, etc. I finally told him if he wants to change it, he can plan the wedding. Which of course, means I win. But seriously, if EVERY wedding was the same, how much fun would that be?!

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Helper bee
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During my last visit with the florist, she commented on how purple is supposed to be a very popular color for flowers this year and she’d remember the year she did our flowers because it was the "purple year".  I thought that kinda sucks – I didn’t pick purple for our florals for any reason other than it’s my favorite color!  And I’m a Tiger fan.  I guess it’s okay – I can always tell myself I picked purple BEFORE it was popular.  

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Busy bee
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My mom keeps on telling me she thinks it’s such a good time for me to get married because the wedding trends right now ARE toward quirky cool funky personal – which is how my wedding was going to be no matter when I had it.  If anything, I think it makes it easier for the planning, as well as your guests thinking it is less weird or strange (not that you may care about that…).  In the end, you know you chose cupcakes because you love them, and Converse because they’re symbolic of your relationship.. and in the end, who cares if it was trendy or tacky or whatever, just as long as it was YOUR wedding the way YOU wanted it to be!!

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Blushing bee
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In the end I think you want your wedding to be personal and meaningful to you and your Fiance… with that said even if no one else knows why you are wearing green shoes or eating cupcakes its OK because you will know!!!

And if you want to include your guests… you can certainly add it in your program or on your cupcake table or whereever !!

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