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We are planning on having a unity sand ceremony. You can find plan sand from your local craft store like a Michaels. Then we are coloring our sand according our wedding colors.

 My fiance is from HK and I am from Long Island so we were planning on taking the beach sand from each location, but I’m not sure my Future Brother-In-Law will want to lug half a pound of sand back from HK.

For the vase any beautiful clear container will do. I tend to look for things on sale at overstock.com during my lunch break.

 Good luck planning!

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 I am a Wedding planner at the Jersey shore.  We do many beach weddings and the Unity Sand Ceremony is a great alternative to the Unity Candle especially outdoors. 

We have done it two ways:

There are two small glass vials of sand and a larger empty one (which will hold the sand from both smaller ones).  At the point in the ceremony the Bride & Groom empty their individual vials into the larger one simultaneously.  The officiant can say something about it symbolizing their seperate lives and now they are joined, indistinguishable, etc, etc,

The second way involves other family members (a child, parents, grandparents, etc) you will need a seperate vial for each participant.  With this format each member can have a different color of sand in their vial and add it in layers like sand art.  The bride and groom are the last to pour theirs in ‘built upon the foundation of..’  A cool thing to do with this is pour a layer of melted wax or gel over it to seal it in place and save as a keepsake.

The vial can be as simple or ornate as they want.  Sand can be purchased at any craft store or pet shop.

Have fun with it – things like this make a special time even more memorable!

For more ‘beachy’ ideas contact me at [email protected]

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We did this for our wedding.  I got the sand, two colors to match our wedding colors (brown and blue), at a local craft store.  The container is a beautiful etched glass one with a stopper on top that I got from a local antique store (it isn’t an antique though, just looks like one).  We used sand from the first beach we went to together in the bottom, then the other two colors for the sand ceremony itself.

 One suggestion that we are happy we did in hindsight:  make sure that if this is something you plan on displaying after the wedding, that you do it in a container that can be sealed tightly so the sand inside won’t move.  I measured out the exact amount of sand so that once we put the stopper on the bottle/jar that it was completely full, no room for the sand to move around.  That way it’s displayed now in our house exactly as we poured it on our wedding day.

Good luck!  And have fun making it personal. 

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We found our sand….Pink for me, blue for him, and a plain white that helped unify both of us (per our pastor), at michaels.  I then bought 3 smaller vials and the larger one at Michael’s also.

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This is something I delegated to my mom since she lives in the DC area and I live in podunk southwest va.  I knew she’d be able to find a lot more options for cool looking sand glassware.

I think she bought the smaller vases as Ikea – but I’m not sure – they’re just simple vases.  The main vase she got at a store in Tysons and it is VERY FUNKY.  At first I was just like ‘um thanks mom, that’s interesting’.  The piece really grew on my though.  And it looks frick’n awesome displayed on our mantel!!  So my suggestion would be to keep your wedding in mind – but also keep in mind where/how you will be displaying it in your house.  To me that’s the coolest part of doing the sand ceremony – you have such a cool momento from your wedding to display forever in your house.

I just bought regular sand colored sand at Michaels.  I like that it’s a neutral color and will always match whereever I put it – or whatever accent colors we have in our house.

Here’s what it looks like.  I wish I had a pic of is in the house, but I don’t.

So definitely – I encourage you to be creative!!!  Of course my photographer rocked and got this really cool first pic. 



By the way – ours doesn’t have any kinda of stopper.  I’m just careful with it.  If we ever move I’m assuming I’ll just put the sand in a plastic bag for safe travels.  That’s the perk of only using one color – doesn’t matter if the sand moves!

Just a side note.  Watch out for the wind.  It was VERY windy and while we were taking picture the whole table almost took a nose dive, which would have made me very sad!

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I tried everywhere for sand, stores, online, etc… Finally my father found an excellent company that didnt charge an arm and a leg for each color because we used the same sand for the ceremony as part of the centerpieces on the tables for the guests. The store was called http://www.zoosand.com and like I said, they were really reasonable and helpful, check them out if all else fails, they worked for me.

The number to call them is 949-769-6584 and they ship everywhere for free too i might ad. they just really helped make everything look nice and i wanted to help them and share my experience.


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wow. I know that your post is from a few years ago but figured I’d try my luck. I’ve been looking for a unity sand vase, but haven’t seen anything I loved. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, just knew that it would be clear once I saw it. Well, I’m obsessed with the vase your mother found. Could you please tell me the store she bought it in? Please? Perhaps they’ll let me buy over the phone and ship it to me.



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