"Unnecessary" wedding items. What did you skip and what did you get?

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  • Wedding: October 2017


– all the pinteresty decor items that I thought would be nice to do and went with a few simpler touches instead
– placecards; we just did one seating chart instead
– save the dates, not necessary as almost all of guests were in town and those that were out of town were made aware far before we sent out our invites
– “extra” entertainment; I figured it would be a waste and it was far more expensive than we thought it would be
– extra DJ lighting etc; again waste of money to me, as would the extra speakers our DJ wanted us to have would’ve been. he tried to upsell pretty hard but he did an incredible job with what we got so I can’t complain
– “upgraded” centerpieces- I initially wanted these elaborate floral centrepieces that were $110 a centrepiece (which isn’t that bad) but ended up DIY’ing the whole thing and it turned out with the effect I wanted, we skipped flowers entirely except for the bouquets.

– photobooth, which was by far one of the things everyone loved
– anipasto buffet; 1000000% worth it, everyone loved this too
– we went for the upgraded fresh pasta too and this was also a hit
– upgraded midnight buffet, again a huge hit
– favors (set of two generic coffee cups)- I was hesitant to even do favours but this worked out pleasantly for everyone (And everytime I go to someone’s house who was at the wedding they LOVE pulling these cups out lol)
– the extra $$$ on our backdrop; I do not regret this at all, it added to the whole effect of our wedding and I 100% believe it wouldn’t have been the same without it
– chair sashes (the covers were included) honestly this was worth it to me too considering the money we would’ve spent on flowers and didn’t

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  • Wedding: July 2018 - Fremont, CA

Chair covers (ditched – never liked them anyway), special chairs (nope), flower arrangements for both ceremony and reception (nope, we will improvise with what we already own), floor-length linen for tables (extra cost. No, thanks, regular is fine), a wedding cake (nothing Bundt Cakes instead), pricy invitations (my mother-in-law made ours), hard liquor (beer and soft drinks only), a DJ (we will be playing a setlist from Spotify)…

I don’t judge those who can afford those things. We can’t. We will have the wedding we can afford and make the most of it! πŸ˜€

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  • Wedding: April 2018

No favors. No programs. No plate cards or menu for each table. No save the dates. No bouts for the men. No tosses. No uplighting. No chiar covers (they were fine looking) 

We went without a lot. But we spoiled our guests with food, booze and lots of desserts. 

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  • Wedding: April 2018

We spent money on special chairs, amazing good, amazing venues and lots of alcohol. I did my own centre pieces the day before with flowers from the market and I collected all the vases second hand. Now I have to sell them!!

Our best man’s father in law had very lovely cars so we borrowed these instead of hiring cars. 

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Skipped: big wedding party – i.e. bridesmaids and groomsmen; videographer; chair covers (hate them); all pinterest-y signs and the like; programs; menus; guest book; boutonnieres (H hates them) and corsages (hate them); favors; linens other than napkins (we had wood farm tables that looked great without); upgraded table settings; hard liquor (only wine and beer allowed at the winery); exit photo opp.

The things that I am happy we did: limeade and strawberry water station pre-ceremony; a latin band for the ceremony and cocktail reception (DJ for the reception); passed appetizers that included the best of both our cultures; escort cards and placecards; family style service with four entrees and four sides (everyone loved the variety without a buffet line); different wines at the cocktail hour and reception; chocolate shot glasses filled wirh dessert wine (served after the cake); enhanced lighting to show off the unique venue; late night burgers at the after party.

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  • Wedding: September 2018


photographer (but I wouldn’t reccomend this if you can afford one)

flowers of any kind

bridal party extras- matching accessories, complicated hairstyles, boquets, matching shoes, etc


basically decorations of any kind

unity candles/sand



Food- Having a full meal is the most important thing to me aside from actually getting married. 


Flower girl- petals, etc

We technically got centerpieces, but our centerpieces is a pile of candy. Which I guess means we have favors too. 

Icecream cake. 

New clothes. 

Shoes that while generic, I will be unlikely to wear again. 

Physical invitations. (Had electronic save the dates.) 


I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go “all out” by modern standards unless you’re working with a 7 diget income. But if there are one or two things you want to splurge on then do it. So, don’t host a reception that you can’t afford, but if you want chair covers then get chair covers. 

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  • Wedding: November 2018

Things we are skipping: 

Chair covers/sashes, photobooth (super overdone imo), videography, extensive florals (bridal party only), aisle runner, open bar. 

Unnecessary splurges: 

Upgraded chiavari chairs that we got for a steal through our venue ($3 ea), wine from local vineyard for cocktail hour and dinner, floor length linens, $$$ photographer. 

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I’m with you on the chair covers. We are sticking to a very small budget but I just couldn’t get over having black folded chairs with our white/bright colored linens. I know everyone says guests don’t care but I really do. In the end we splurged and rented wood benches. Our wedding is in September so I can’t say if I regret that choice yet. However, we are DIYing most other things to save money: centerpieces, bouquets, signs, invitations, cake, decor, music, makeup, etc. I only spent $100 on my dress but I was willing to spend $300 on benches. That’s how much I hate those black chairs. I also splurged on my shoes and a backdrop. I’d say go for it if you can cut the cost somewhere else.

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missmagpie :  Personally, I think chair covers are ugly. We just rented white garden chairs. 

We skipped charger plates. I kind of wish I had gotten them just for the head table or just the bride & groom for more Pinterest-worthy photos, haha. 

We skipped hard alcohol (we did unlimited wine & beer–venue would only allow that). 

We got married outside but skipped a fancy backdrop/altar thing. I sometimes wish we had put the time/money into one, but honestly, we were by a pretty tree that I liked and we just ran out of time. 

We skipped some of that paper stuff. My Mother-In-Law wanted ceremony programs so everyone could know who was who, but I never had time and thought it wasn’t worth the money. I did print little bar menus and little #hashtag cards (that I made myself with fancy font and printed on thick gold paper). I wish I had done a similar dinner menu per table or something, but I never got around to that either. We served family style, so it was fine.

We also skipped a videographer. We decided to put more money into a fabulous photographer. I’m 1000% happy with our photographer choice, but sometimes I wonder if we should have paid for a videographer as well. We have video footage from friends/family, but nothing of professional quality. Sometimes I regret this, but sometimes I don’t. I go back and forth depending on the day, haha.

We skipped a photobooth. Well, sort of. We actually set one up with a piping system, sequin backdrop, props & a tripod with a phone holder (cost like $75 in total). So people could take their own photobooth pictures with their phones on timers. Honestly, I thought it might look cheap or not be used, but people said they liked having the pictures right away to post to social media. The older guests didn’t use it, but the younger ones had fun. 

Skipped a limo/fancy car. My mom suggested a horse & buggy, haha. If I had an endless budget, I would’ve gotten one, but it wasn’t a big deal. Plus we all arrived at the venue in our yoga pants and then changed into our dresses, popped champagne & got pictures together 5 hours before the ceremony.

We got some assorted desserts to serve alongside the cake. I don’t regret it at all, but we had a TON left over. People essentially ate cake and didn’t have any of the other desserts. No big deal and we donated all leftover food, but it probably wasn’t the best use of money. I do kind of wish that I had asked the photographer to take a few photos of fancy appetizers/desserts going by on the trays. I didn’t ask and didn’t get any, but I put a lot of time/effort into hand-selecting the apps & desserts from local favorite restaurants & bakeries.


I have ZERO regrets with the flowers. We bought them all in bulk from Costco and my sister and I arranged them. I know that people often cut costs with flowers, but you can get 50 roses for $40. Get some green filler (like eucalyptus or heck, cut some tall green stuff of the side of the road) and a few vases at a yard sale or thrift shop and you have beautiful centerpieces. 

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  • Wedding: July 2018

We skipped menu cards and programs, skipped chair covers (I was at a wedding where my chair cover kept slipping – so annoying!) 

We did very simple favors – little jars of local honey with a custom lable, very simple place cards. 

Upgraded our DJ, because I really really want it to be a fun party, but skipped all the ‘extra’ stuff like photo booths and such. Wearing simple shoes I will wear for work after the wedding, and got my dress on sale. Upgraded the liquor package and coffee bar, because those are two things important in our circle of friends and the wedding is pretty small (75 people). 

Seven days and counting. 

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missmagpie :  chair covers! LOL

but our venue didn’t need them. It is all up to you and your vision. 

– Photo Booth

– Floral center pieces (actually we skipped a lot of floral. I had a bouquet and Darling Husband had a boutinierre. bridesmaids has silk flowers)

– Uplighting

– Reception Videographer (we did ceremony only)

– Expensive/personalized favors. We got married in vegas so we did $1 scratcher tickets in envelopes we printed a little message on. 85 favors under $100. 

– Originally our menu had gelato and i removed since we had cake. Saved $6 pp 

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  • Wedding: July 2018

Skipping: DJ/Live music – we will be using iPod/Spotify, save the dates as most were in town or we told verbally, lolly buffet – didn’t even know til the venue asked if we were having one lol, individual menus as it is a buffet, expensive shoes, car hire.

Splurged on: chair upgrade – not something I ever saw myself doing but man these chairs are so pretty πŸ˜…, dress.

We saved a lot on decorating costs as we will be diying a lot. I have vases for centrepieces, made all the place cards, and am making the programmes and table numbers.

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This post is my opinion and I am not trying to offend but I do list my opinions


Photobooth: tacky, stupid and I hate them. 

Chair covers: unless they are really nasty old and tatty chairs i think they look worse than just chairs. 

Videographer: never going to watch that video, plus phones exist. 

car: taxi will do me, no one ever sees it anyway!

Open bar: don’t have the money for it, plus I’ve never been to a wedding with an open bar (including VERY expensive weddings) don’t think they are a thing in the UK, not really.

Reception dress: ridiculous notion. You pay all that money for adress you can definitely only wear for one day, and you choose to change out of it for half of that one day?? 

 DJ: nice as a luxury, just not in our budget! Spotify is our saviour! 

We are having;

bouncy castle: 16% of our guests are kids, need I say more.

expensive(ish) invites: I’m buying them half done and DIYing the finishing touches. I quite like invites πŸ˜‚

Proper photographer: after the day is done you only have those photos. Makes sense to me.

Designer shoes: I love shoes so much, and they aren’t completely weddingy so will wear again.



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  • Wedding: August 2015

Skipped: chair covers (sorry! the venue had their own), place cards, rehearsal anything, similar dresses for bridesmaids, nice wedding shoes (I just couldn’t find the right ones), limo. Wish I’d skipped the photographer – that guy was a pest, totally ruined wedding prep, and is the reason I had the worst hair and makeup in my life.

Did: DJ/MC, favors, centerpieces and bouquet from the florist, cake, custom wedding dress. We also went out of our way to have lots of food and wine. Somehow there was a lot left over (the food, especially) so we had wedding food for days after that πŸ˜€


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