(Closed) unperfect skin. vent.

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@BeeG35:  I think you need to address your skin before worrying about covering it.  The breakouts your having aren’t doing you any favors.  Stress less, eat healthy when you can and drink lots of waters.  Vitamins are great for skin too.  Minimalize the breakouts to help your skin appear clearer so you only have to worry about covering your scars.  My skin is unever/combo.  I use Olay regenerist cleanser that I think works well, but my moisturizer by Elizabeth Arden has done wonders for me.  You should check out costco or bjs.  I hear they sell some higher end products for much cheaper. Also, don’t forget a spot treatment for blemishes.  Apply it every morning before makeup and every night before sleep to get rid of those bad boys.

Once your skin gets into a routine I would think about makeup.  Dermablend is a very heavy duty brand is a great base.  I would try a mousse foundation.  They fill in well when applied correctly.  The flawless finish by Elizabeth Arden is great, but if you cant swing it I would try the dream whip mousse by maybelline. 


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I know bad skin can really affect a person emotionally and I’m sorry you’re feeling bad about the way you look.

I think wearing thick make-up to cover bad skin creates a bit of a viscous cycle because it clogs and irritates the skin. And to get thick make-up off you need strong cleansers which can dry out the skin and then it creates more oil…

Honestly I’ve spent a lot of money in the past and these days I’m using Cetaphil cleanser and it’s working just as well for me. If I’m worried about anything left remaining after I wash, I swipe with witch hazel without alcohol. Some people find witch hazel irritating. I have fairly sensitive skin and have not had any problem.

If you think there is any chance that anything is remaining on your skin, another option is to use Ponds Cream. I used to wear physical sun block that just coated my skin and basically had to be scraped off. Ponds Cream got it all off, and again without irritation. Although, it does have fragrance which is a deal breaker for some people. It’s popular on make-up alley. (The ladies on that site might have more advice for you too).

I recommend retin-a for everyone whose skin can tolerate it. The key is to use just a little bit. It helped me with acne, blackheads, texture, and the ‘brightness’ of my skin. It is something you need a prescription for though, so maybe it is not what you’re looking for right now.

I’m not as much into make-up as skin care. But I have to say bright colours used sparingly can look great on native skin. I wish I could show you someone else’s facebook because my friend is aboriginal and when it comes to make-up she has got it going on. Sorry I can’t be more help there. 

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@BeeG35:  This may or may not help you but I learned about BB cream on the bee today.

I am researching the Missha brand and the Etude house brand and they seem to not just cover your blemishes but also be good for your skin! They may also fade blemishes and prevent wrinkles etc. allegedly they are Asian based and supposed to have really good for your skin ingredients…I have not tried them yet but Im leaning towards making a purchase.

Just wanted to share that with you, you can check reviews on amazon and on youtube you can see reviews of people putting it on and the type of coverage you can expect.  Check it out and  see if it’s something that you might be interested in and that can help you with what you are dealing with.

Good luck to you and hugs!

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@BeeG35:  What kind of products do you use now?  How do you apply them?

I know you mentioned that you use dermablend concealer…do you use a foundation or tinted moisturizer?  I’m a hugely self-professed makeup junkie, and my sister is completing a double diploma in cosmetic management and esthetics.  She’s pretty darn good if I do say so myself and she has TONS of tricks that help product apply more evenly over a rougher or bumpier skin tone. 

Based on what she’s learned…the higher end doesn’t always mean that it’s better.  She had a class focus on ingredients, their purpose, harmful ones that don’t help the skin etc. and there are definitely some less expensive products that you can find at the drugstore that outperform high end makeup. 

As for eyeshadow and incorporating other shades…what undertones are in your skin?  Or perhaps to make it easier…are there any celebrities/well known people that have a similar skin tone?

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Using gentle, non-acne products and taking a lot of vitamin D3 supplements has worked wonders for my skin. I highly recommend the Vitamin  D3!!!!!

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The number one thing to do is go to a dermatologist. They can give you more than just Clearasil or whatever is OTC, and they might also find out any underlying problems, and any medication they can prescribe might be stronger and more specific to your issue.

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As someone who was struggling with really horrible break outs (and is totally poor and currently unemployed), I can totally empathise.  I agree with others that you need to address the underlying skin issues.  There is nothing you can do to cover up horrible acne.  I know, its dreadful and can totally effect your self confidence.  Its MUCH easier to cover up a scar.  

I think you should try to see a dermatologist.  If not, I actually went to Nordstroms and consulted with a skin care specalist.  She really helped me, and recommended clinique acne 3 step and Kiehl’s Acne blemish control Daily skin clearing treatment.  Within a month, my face was clear.  NOTHING else helped, and I tried everything.  Yea, I spent $100 bucks, but its been 3 months and I haven’t need to replentish my supply AND the clear skin is priceless.  I’ve also stopped buying tons of other skin care creams and soaps, and I don’t need to wear as much makeup anymore.  

I would have spend $1,000 to get my skin clear.  It has been such a relief.  Spend a little money to see someone who can help you.    

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Well, from what you’re saying, I don’t think that you’d need to spend more money on makeup products.  Neutrogena does make some nice foundations that will do the trick and quite a few of their formulations mimic higher end makeup brands.  My sister said that you could stick with the healthy skin liquid foundation and get good results.  When using a sponge, she always sprays a bit of water or runs it under the tap for a second or two and then gently blots the sponge on a piece of toilet paper or paper towel to remove the excess water.  By running it under the water first, the sponge can’t absorb as much product since it’s already full of water.  That way, you can get the most bang for your buck, making sure that the product is on your face, not on your sponge.  Another trick she mentioned for powder based face products is to apply with a slightly damp sponge.  You’ll get a little more coverage without looking too heavy.  Once she had a client who had just gotten over the chicken pox and had quite a few remaining bumps.  On those areas, she said she pressed the powder product gently onto the skin as opposed to sweeping or brushing it on.  It gives more coverage without looking as cakey or layered. 


With regards to eyeshadows, she showed me some sample pictures of clients with darker skin tones/Native American skin tones…and of all the ones she has shown, purple shades seem to be incredibly flattering.  If you’re comfortable with it, PM me a picture of your face (a regular straight on shot) and I can ask her to make you a face chart and specifically recommend some affordable shades/brands.  I’ve seen her do it before and she can select a face shape/eye shape that most resembles yours for the chart. 


For your skincare, I can’t make a ton of recommendations and neither can she.  She has a combination skin that sounds like yours (oily across the forehead, nose and chin).  She swears by clean and clear essentials foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin.  You can get it at Walmart for around 5 or 6 dollars I believe.  I’ve used it too and I quite like it…it cleans without irritating your skin.  She’s currently using a Neutrogena acne product but only on those areas (nose, chin and forehead)…It’s the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3 in 1 Hydrating Acne Treatment.  Perhaps give that a try?  It seems to work for her and keep her blemishes under control.


Hope this helps!!

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I noticed you didn’t mention using moisturizer or SPF in your skin care. Are you moisturizing after you wash/apply the benzoyl? It is really important to moisturize, especially when you’re using a benzoyl product because those dry out the skin, which can increase oil production. It’s also important to always apply SPF as well, not only do you need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but also your computer and TV as well. And the sun can darken your acne scars. I would suggest using a gentle, oil-free moisturizer with SPF in it, like Cetaphil. My SIL swears by Cetaphil, she uses both the face wash and SPF moisturizer and has pretty clear skin. Fi who has combination skin uses the clean and clear essentials foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin tropicalfish914’s sister suggested and he likes it. The next time you see your physician, you can also ask him/her for a prescription for topical gel clindamycin phosphate 1%. It’s a antibiotic lotion, and it helps clear up skin. Both Fi and I use it in combination with a benzoyl cream (I use Clean and Clear, I think Oxy products are way too harsh on the skin.) Also make sure that you are not wiping your face, because you can clog your pores that way. After washing, gently blot/pat dry with a clean towel/paper towel.

I would also suggest using oil papers to blot up the oil on your face during the day. E.L.F. has some inexpensive ones, but the ones I like best are the Clean and Clear ones. Just lay the paper on your nose and lightly press. The papers will soak up the oil, and you won’t have to sit there all day with oil accumulating on your face and your make-up sliding off.

Do drink a lot of water, to keep your skin hydrated (may also help with oil production). Yes, eating organic is nice, but you don’t have to eat organic to be eating healthier. A good way to help with cooking healthier food is to cut and prepare your meals over the weekend and then freeze them. You can cut your veggies and then freeze them into individual sized portions, then take them out when you need them. To save time on cooking during the week, I also usually try to tie them into each other so I’m not making something completely different every meal. I might make a large pot of veggie sauce, and have a healthy spaghetti with veggie sauce for one meal, and then I might add some veggie or chicken stock to the sauce and have vegetable soup with a grilled sandwich for another meal. Getting a good night of rest can also do wonders for the skin as well.

Have you ever tried eyes lips face? They have some decent make-up products for cheap prices. Not all of their stuff is great (mascara, liquid liner, and blush stick) but if you wanted to play around with different eye shadow colors, I would recommend that you try e.l.f. ^_^ One of my gf’s who is a make-up artist says that the eyeshadow palettes are pretty decent, and I like the studio and mineral shadows.  They usually have good deals going on, like right now they have a 11 piece studio brush collection for $3. My first brush set was from e.l.f., and although they do shed a little, they’re pretty decent. (Don’t forget to wash your brushes after using them! If you don’t, you’ll be reapplying bacteria and oil from your face each time you use it. It is a hassle, but necessary to do if you’re going to wear make-up daily. I just use a mixture of dish soap and olive oil – the olive oil will prevent your brushes from drying out, an inexpensive tip I learned from Michelle Phan.) Another thing I like about their website is that they usually have a video on the product page that explains how to apply/use the product.

Sephora also has their own line of cosmetics, and when they go on sale, can be very affordable.. I don’t like their mega eyeshadow/lip/blush kit but some of their smaller palettes are nice and easy to use, like the pro-lesson palette. There are illustrated instructions on the back that show you how to use the product, and get the look (I have the smokey eye palette). There are a couple on sale now, usually $20 but now $9. They’re the eye color palettes so they come with 6 eyeshadow colors, and an eyeliner. Sign up for a Sephora Beauty Insider card. When you purchase something, you can get 3 free samples. They usually have a couple of skincare products along their samples and that’s what I usually get with my purchases (right now they have some nice anti-aging/skin care creams and a dark foundation). Most of what I buy from Sephora is on sale, and often I get really good deals. It’s free to get the card, and you build up points with purchases. They have different products you can redeem for certain points like 100 points for bigger samples, 250 points for other little gifts, and 500 points for a mini set of mascara, skin products, etc … And you’ll also get a free little birthday present from them. Sephora also has express free walk in beauty services. Definitely check out the events at your local store, because often the events are in collaboration with different skincare or cosmetics brand, and you’ll get free services and goodies.

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@BeeG35:  Have you tried anti-biotics?  I had an acne problem (not so much LOTS of little pimples, but a consistent 3 or so CYSTIC ones) and ended up taking accutane and it has made my skin AWESOME.

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