Unplugged ceremony??

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  • Wedding: September 2017 - Poppy Ridge Golf Course

bee2bride2017 :  Ditto to all of this. We’re not going so far as to have a sign but a quick word from the officiant is happening. I’ve seen people say that adults know how to act and know better than to be rude with their phones. Well the reality is some people don’t. Some are glued to their phones 24/7 regardless of the occasion and snapping pics every other minute. If I go to someones home and I’m asked to remove my shoes I do so without complaint, common courtesy. My cousins wedding had people rude enough to stand in the AISLE with their stupid phones while the bride was walking with her father. Cocktail hour and reception are open to however many pics they want but I think guests can go 15-20 minutes without snapping a photo. 

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mzxri :  If you’re having a lot of Asians at your ceremony then an unplugged ceremony sign might actually be necessary, lol. Not to completely eliminate cameras, as that is impossible.  But just to keep it down to a reasonable amount.  

I’m Chinese and my guests had heavy-duty professional cameras, iPads, iPad minis, of course iPhones… My wedding planner was stressing that I wasn’t getting a completely unplugged ceremony. But I told her I never expected a completely unplugged ceremony, I just wanted to REDUCE the number of cameras and I accomplished that.

JiminyCricket :  “I have literally never seen anyone use an ipad to take photos at a wedding.”

Asians.  Lol. True story.  My people do love their cameras and it can get out of hand.  

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We had an unplugged ceremony. Darling Husband attended a wedding a couple years back where most of the guests were holding up their phones or iPads during the ceremony and that was in most of the professional pictures (This was also the most expensive wedding he ever attended! So it was not a casual event.)

Before our wedding we mentioned it to people in conversation to give them a heads up. We had a really nice sign outside the ceremony venue (which I worried would look tacky but it was actually very nice looking).  When I walked down the aisle a bunch of people still had their phones out (sigh). Then (once we were about to start the ceremony) our officiant made an announcement. Honestly he sounded really annoyed when he made the announcement, maybe because he knew we had talked to everyone lol

Despite all that, we had a couple of guests take pictures throughout the entire ceremony, one apparently had the sound on his phone turned on so it was clicking loudly the entire time. I can only sign and shake my head. We had a lot of international guests and English was not their first language. I choose to believe that’s why they still used their phones! Darling Husband and I didn’t notice, thankfully, but some of the guests said it was distracting.

I honestly do not understand people getting annoyed about not being on their phones for 30 minutes. And if people feel ordered around, well, couples have to ask because a lot of people have no concept of how obnoxious/disruptive they’re being. Just google “wedding” and “cell phone” and you’ll see a ton of awful pictures.

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camenae :  SO true! I’m Chinese, and at my cousin’s wedding a couple of years ago I couldn’t see the couple at the alter because EVERYONE had their phones/professional cameras/ipads in the air. I wasn’t farther back than the 5th row. It was awful. Then when they actually got their professional photos back, there were phones in almost all of them. If I do end up doing a wedding instead of eloping, it’ll for sure be unplugged. Not being snobby as others have put it- it’s really necessary for “our people.” 😂

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I haven’t been to many weddings before 2016 so I would have assumed people would be polite and not get out their phone or camera during the ceremony, or if they do, they would do it very discreetly. Well last year I did go to a wedding and sadly people were acting ridiculous, nearly every single person had a phone or camera out pointing at the bride as she walked in, and even worse at the tea ceremony – people gathered in so close taking photos the phones were literally in the couples face. It didn’t create a ceremonial atmosphere at all. 

Afterwards they had us throw petals at them but hardly anyone participated as they were all taking pics instead. 

So after that I would have a unplugged ceremony for sure. It was just weird. 

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I would encourage you not to have an “unplugged” cermony. Both me and one of my close friends felt that some of our best cermony pictures were from guests, not our photographer. People taking pictures did not take away from the cermony or get in our photographers way, and you never know what kind of shot your friends and family will capture. 

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I don’t get why it’s so rude to ask people to leave their phones and gadgets alone for 20 minutes (although I understand the hate for cutesy rhymes and signs!). It’s not like you’re asking them for their first born child. I’m awkward with cameras and one is quite enough thanks. 

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I did not have an unplugged ceremony, that being said my guests were not the “on their phone 24/7 constantly posting to facebook” crowd. We didn’t have any issues.

On the flip side, I’m a wedding photographer and 100% FOR an unplugged wedding. While we do our best to bend/move around people I have lost count of how many ruined photos I have from weddings of people and their phones/cameras. I once had the most gorgeous emotional photo of a first dance that was completely runied by a guest who moved between the couple (on the other side of the dance floor) to grab a photo with their phone. In my shot the guest’s face is peaking between the couples face and it totally ruined the moment. I’ve had guests literally push me out of the way mid photo, elbow me in the face, etc just to get their own shot.

I will say, this was not an issue 5-10 years ago. Sure there were people with camera phones or such taking photos but it was never as aggressive as it has gotten. What kills me is that if the ceremony were in a church people wouldn’t dream of getting up and walking to the alter to take a photo or jump out of their pew to get in my way – but for some reason when the ceremony is outside people lose all common sense and can’t control themselves. That’s not to say we don’t have church issues – most churches are strict about where we can/can’t go and I’ve had several weddings where guests hung into the isle with iPads and such to get photos the entire ceremony while I’m not allowed past the last pew in the back….leaving an arm and iPhoto in every single ceremony shot.

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I just went to a wedding this weekend and people were so rude! There was literally 4 people on the pulpit of the church taking photos. One person was standing right in the center behind the preist snapping pics on his phone! Unbeleivable! I don’t mind people taking photos but I do want them to stay in their seats and sit down at least. 

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For my wedding, my Fiance and I will be facing the audience during the very short ceremony (for cultural reasons). I’d prefer that ppl be present and not be snapping pics and I also don’t want our ceremony treated like some National Geographic cultural fusion event to document and then put on social media for all to watch like some freak show. There’ll be tons of times for pics later.

At our engagement party, we were fine w ppl snapping pics but asked there to be no social media posts. It was kinda ridiculous the number of pics that got taken (w semi-pro and multiple phones) for each grouping of ppl. Not sure I’m up for all that again x3 at the wedding. Us asking ppl not to post on social media really bothered some ppl, but we stuck to it. We wouldn’t ask no social media posting at the wedding, but hearing some ppl’s long arguments about why pics of us at our engagement party HAD to be put up on social media was mildly entertaining.

JiminyCricket :  “I have literally never seen anyone use an ipad to take photos at a wedding.” A front row, immediate bride/groom family member used a large iPad to take photos, the pro-photog even caught her taking multiple pics of herself w the large iPad during the very short (under 15mins, no readings) ceremony. I’m hoping that maybe she wasn’t trying to take selfies w a huge iPad during the ceremony and that maybe at least she was just confused, but, if you don’t know how to take a pic at all, it baffles me why someone would pull an iPad out for pics. 

At another wedding, a formal football player was chosen to hold a large iPad to Skype the wedding to relatives who couldn’t attend. It looked ridiculous and the hard-to-miss huge guy and iPad are in nearly every photo of the ceremony that isn’t just a closeup of faces. 

(I’m not Asian and none of these guests were Asian either. 🙂 All groups can get tacky about taking photos and selfies.)

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This ones tough!!

I guess I’m going for a semi unplugged. I have on my website and will ask the officiant to say a reminder to put phones away during the ceremony and to be mindful around our professional photographer. 

Id Like to not have professional photographs of people taking photos with their phone LOL. And most photographers will give you a link to share or USB anyway.

Other than that have at it! Because I’d love to get their pics! We have our hashtag and thinking about snap chat (but neither me or Fiance actually use snapchat haha)

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Yes we did. Our officiant made an announcement before I walked down the aisle. I LOVE the pictures of all our family and friends smiling at us as we walked down the aisle instead of holding up cameras. 

I really, really don’t think anyone missed taking pictures of the ceremony and wouldn’t care one bit if another bride and groom requested the same of me. 

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mzxri :  I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I understand the power of social media and how people want to share tier expereince of your special day. On the other, I understand wanting it to be a private occasion. 

If you end up doing an uplugged ceremony have your officiant specify when people can start snapping photos. I was at this one wedding and they didnt specify when people could start taking photos and it was kind of akward. Esp. when people kept talking to eachother seeing if it was okay to take out thier phones.

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