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almk87 :  we did that in our wedding in 2016 and it was the best decision ever! Something that you could do as a compromise (to have a few pictures right away) would be too designate a guest with a nice camera to be the only “rule breaker” ahead of time. Our friend quietly did that for us.

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We did it for the ceremony only. We were concerned about a few notorious family photo takers (who have behaved ridiculously at prior weddings) and asked our photographer to send us a sneak peak so we could placate those people. It worked out great (though a few people in the back rows did not hear the officiant’s announcement). I was just happy that I could see smiling faces in the first few rows instead of phones. 

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Personally, I think it’s ridiculous.  I had a circlular set up for our ceremony and literally have no one standing up with tablets taking phots, or blocking the photographer, or any of the other crazy things you hear happening.  I think anything beyond a quick announcement to put phones away during a ceremony is overkill and treats your guests like children who don’t understand how to act appropriately in public.

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I 10000% support an unplugged ceremony. I think it’s so obnoxious when every wedding guest has their smartphones up and watches the whole wedding through their phone. Sorry Aunt Linda but your wobby video that you don’t even know how to save to your phone isn’t exactly going to be a cherished keepsake.

We will have a sign outside the ceremony asking guests to please keep their phones away for our ceremony. Weddings guests always used to wait for a while until photos were published; there’s no reason they’re somehow entitled to immediate photos now. 

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A coworker told me a story about a wedding she went to that had an unplugged ceremony. When the bride came out, she was on top of a beautiful staircase alone and a gust of wind lifted her veil so beautifully that the crowd literally gasped. The photographers(2) didn’t catch it! Since everyone rememebered it happening, the mom posted on the the wedding website and reached out to as many guests as she could to see if anyone might have snuck a photo but was never able to find one.
I’m fine with not having an unplugged ceremony but by friend is doing our photos (he’s a professional) and I’d still like him to be as much of a guest as possible so I’m going to welcome as many photos as people want to take, lol. I might feel different if I paid beacoup bucks for two photographers, tho. 

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We had an unplugged wedding partially because I really prefer them as a guest. 

I’ve been to weddings where people around me have their phones up half the time and I either have to bob around (now annoying for the people behind me, too) or strain to see around them or I’m forced to watch through their screen. I just think that’s so rude and not what we’re there for. 

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I’m absolutely amazed at how many people take pictures of a bride while she’s walking down the isle. When I envision waking down the isle, i don’t like to picture all these gadgets in front of my loved ones’ faces. It’s ruins the vibe to me. Not romantic at all. Phones should be off for this very important ceremony. 

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I agree with having an unplugged ceremony 110%! I think you should indicate that somehow before your wedding, and upon guests arrival. I DETEST seeing people holding up their phones/tablets/cameras during important events when there are clearly professional photographers present. It wasn’t all that long ago that it would have been considered extremely rude. In the digital age that we’re in, some people need to be reeled in.

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We did it and I’m so glad we did. We had a couple of guests (MIL and a Middle Aged lady I worked with especially) who are extremely aggressive with their camera phones.  Our officiant just made an announcement before the ceremony started.  We didn’t have any signs  

The lady actually ruined a lot of our first dance shots because she decided to film our dance with her little flash on so in many of our photos there is this light in the background. And I’ve never even seen any of the photos or videos she insisted on taking. She didn’t share them on social media or send them to anyone.  

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To each their own, but I’m glad we didn’t have an unplugged ceremony. Our photographer was supposed to get us video of the ceremony, but it didn’t come out right. Thankfully, one of the guests recorded all of it with her phone. Darling Husband and I have enjoyed watching the video quite a few times – we are both glad we have that video. 

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I wish we had one!!! As soon as I stepped down the aisle, I saw all of the phones!! Major eye roll 

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I’m a big believer in unplugged ceremonies. I’d just have the officiant make an announcement. 

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I don’t think people are trying to take a pic for the bride as much as caputure the moment for themselves. Never been done in poor taste at the weddings I’ve been to.

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Know your audience!!

I feel my family are are all old enough and likeminded enough to not be dramatic and inappropriate. But I know plenty whos families are impossible and it would be ideal to announce it!

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