Unplugged Ceremony?

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  • Wedding: September 2018

We had an unplugged ceremony  We didn’t announce it in advance, but did ask the officiant to announce it before the ceremony. I don’t regret it at all. We have plenty of phone photos of the rest of the day and tbh most of them aren’t very good. I can’t imagine it would have been worth it in the ceremony where the light was much harder to deal with.

However, we did appoint a talented friend to take photos on her camera to complement the official photographer. I was really glad we did that, as she took some fantastic ones.

In my first engagement the vicar (different church) didn’t allow ANY photos during the service (even official ones). I would have regretted that. 

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I know that my local registrars allow a space for the photographer at and angle the guests won’t get of the ceremony, they are usually behind the registrar off to one side. They also for the signing of the register tell the guests to let the professional to some posed shots before allowing one for guests to stand up and take their own. So really it’s not something I’m worried about. 

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  • Wedding: March 2019

We’ve gone back and forth on this. Basically I have 1 aunt who is really obnoxious with it and takes photos on her giant iPad and is in the aisle/above everyone’s head, etc. She is actually in a lot of shots of my cousin’s weddings with that gigantic iPad 🙄. So I am just going to talk to her before the ceremony and ask her not to bring her iPad. If she wants to take pictures with her phone that is fine. But my fiancé really wants an unplugged ceremony, so we’ll see. Once we book our photographer we’ll ask them what they think is best 

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  • Wedding: July 2011

We didn’t have one, but mostly because back in 2011 this wasn’t such an issue. If I was marrying now I would have one for sure, along with a social media ban.

I have been to a few weddings now where the vicar / registra has said no photos during the ceremony or where the bride and groom have requested nothing on SM until the evening do or until they have posted pictures.

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I am definitely in the camp of don’t dictate rules to your guests, but at my first wedding, one of my exH’s friends had this effing HUGE camera (DSLR with this ginormous flash) and was in a few of the pictures during the ceremony because he was in the aisle seat and was leaning over the view of the photographer.   We didn’t have an unplugged ceremoney, so I couldn’t be mad about it and luckily our photographer was amazing and got a ton of shots without him in it.  

And as a guest, anytime I take pictures during a ceremoney, I end up doing nothing with them and deleting them.  Ha.  So I’m perfectly fine with not having my camera out.  

One more story, I was at a wedding and one of the groomsmen slyly took a picture during the vows and posted it on FB before the ceremony was even over!  The bride and groom were upset that he did that.  I thought it was pretty rude of him to do that while he was standing up next to them while they were reading their vows.


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almk87 :  As far as I’m aware, it’s pretty standard not to allow phones/personal cameras during the ceremony. It is disruptive to the other guests and especially to the professional photographer(s). Even if there is no sign or no note about it on the program anywhere, it would never occur to me to take my phone out during a ceremony and I would side-eye the fuck out of anyone who did. Rude. Rude. RUDE.

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  • Wedding: October 2018

I loved having my guests take photos. The more photos the better in my opinion. Plus it’s nice to have those moments saved for yourself, too. None of my guests got in the photographer’s way. 

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JiminyCricket :  Sadly, if more people acted like the adults they are they wouldn’t have to be treated like children. Consider yourself lucky that your guests have enough common sense to behave themselves. I’m a wedding photographer and the whole phone/camera/iPad situation has gotten so far out of control. There’s this common misconception that photographers are just monsters who are insecure about other people taking photos. That’s 100% NOT the case. I’m pretty confident that iPhone shot of the bride coming down the aisle isn’t going to outdo my photo. 😉 Really it boils down to the fact that they are constantly in the way and a disruption to our workflow. When it was just one or two people at a wedding getting in the way it was easy to change your position or move slightly and get the shot. Now it’s becoming virtually impossible  because EVERYONE is hanging in the aisle, or swarming the dance floor, etc. The second you move for a better angle you’ve just got someone else getting in your way.   

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almk87 :  I am 1000000% in favor of unplugged weddings. You always hear from those handful of people who say “well it wasn’t a problem at my wedding”. High-five to you and your polite guests. Unfortunately that is the exception and not the rule these. As a photographer I attend more weddings in one year than most people do in a lifetime. I can assure you the problem is getting out of hand. I’ve actually had a chance to be a guest at two weddings this month, as opposed to working them. Just this Sunday not only was there a sign but the officiant made an announcement as well. I’ll be damned if the lady in front of me didn’t jump up and RUN to the front to get a shot of grandma being walked in. Like WTF they JUST said “put your phones and cameras away”. People have *no manners*. It’s insane the behavior that I see from guests at weddings these days. 

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  • Wedding: November 2019

A few years ago, a good friend got married and the pastor asked for everyone to turn off their phones and be present in the moment. I thought it was great and the wedding felt much more intimate. 

This past weekend we had dinner with my FIL’s and I mentioned to my Future Mother-In-Law that I would like to have an unplugged ceremony. I explained that I wanted people to be present in the moment and have there attention on us, not on us through a screen. She disagreed, ha! I never know what she’s going to agree or disagree with but she likes to take pictuers with her phone all the time so she might have felt offended. That wasn’t my intent and I probably shouldn’t make the assumption but we’ll have the officiant make an annoucement before the ceremony. Hopefully my Future Mother-In-Law will be too busy with the ceremony to want to take pictures right away. 

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  • Wedding: October 2018

I have been watching a lot of wedding videos lately and have noticed in a few of them that every single person has their phone up in front of their face when the bride is walking down the aisle. It is pretty distracting. I would be so bummed if this happened at my wedding.

I also have noticed that a lot of my friends are guilty of this at other weddings and will post videos of the bride walking down the aisle on their instagram stories. People treat weddings like a concert where they can share it on their instagram story like “wooo look where I am!” and then have it dissapear from their story 24 hours later not realizing that they ruined their friend’s professional wedding pictures.

I would love to have SOME pictures from friends during the ceremony but I just cant trust that people will be respectful based on what I have seen at other weddings 🙁

I am definitely going to ask my officiant to make an announcement at the beggining of the ceremony. Hopefully people will be respectful.

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Hello all, I am newly engaged and getting married May 1, 2019. I have al ready decided to politely but firmly inform guests that I do not want photos taken during the ceremony and absolutely no posting on social media. Why? Because a. I think it’s rude b. It’s not about how many likes you get and c. I do not have a Facebook account because am a private person. 


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We had a friend mention no phone during the ceremony when she handed out the programs. I think our coordinator may have made an announcment as people were being seated as well.

I didn’t care so much about people sneaking a picture here or there or posting their own photos, I just didn’t want ot walk down the aisle to a bunch of phones in my face. I don’t know if people followed this or not because I was so nervous I just stared straight ahead at my groom anyway!

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