unpopluar opinion….food edition

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Sugar bee
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This thread is hilarious! 

Seafood, especially shellfish! Lobster, crab, shrimp etc. I can handle fish on occasion but it has to be mild and most likely fried to camouflage that it’s actually fish. Like, give me fish sticks any day, but a tuna steak will make me gag. I’m in Louisiana and the thought of a crawfish boil makes me want to vomit. EVERYONE has them and loves them, like it’s the best thing on earth, but they are literally bugs that live in mud. No thank you. I will not eat something that tastes like rotten crotch and looks the same alive as it does dead. No food with faces people! I pretty much hate all Cajun cuisine actually. My husband will eat any seafood and love it, including oysters on the half shell. He has had me try it every single way imaginable and I dry heave every time. 

Also MAYO is effing disgusting in any shape or form. Put it on my hair in middle school, and it ruined me. If they leave it on my sandwich at the drive thru, I will drive however far back it is to have it made right. The smell alone is gag inducing. Anything else white and creamy. Ranch, sour cream etc. ICK. Cream cheese is nasty too. Give me a bagel with butter please. Mustard is equally gross, as is pretty much any sauce or condiment aside from ketchup. Going to a bbq is a nightmare because pasta/potato salads and cole slaw type dishes are the devil, along with pickles, olives and anything vinegary. 


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Blushing bee
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Avocades, fish, buffalo chicken dip, and I’m not a big fan of cookies or cakes. 

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Busy bee
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Most Meatloaf – anything cooked in bbq sauce/ketchup

Ketchup for that matter



Prime rib (it’s like 50% fat – why do you want to eat a steak that’s super expensive that will leave you greasy afterward?)

I go through weird periods where I don’t want to eat shrimp

Smoked ham/turkey/bbq meat

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Bumble bee

I love tomatoes. I love tomato sauces. I gag at the smell of tomato soup.

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@mrsyoung18 Truer words have never been spoken about cheese!!!

I also hate celery with a passion. And I just don’t get bacon.


ETA: apparently I have no idea how to tag people!

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Busy bee
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Clam chowder. Every spoonful is a game of russian roulette. Like, will this bite be great, or am I going to chomp down on a tbsp of sand and rubber in a hearty cream sauce? Who knows?

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Blushing bee
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Pizza, unless it’s homemade. Also don’t like alcohol, coffee, or tea! Seriously how does everyone love tea so much? I’ve tried different flavours and they all taste like grass to me, haha 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m seriously not fussy so I think you bees are all mad! Come to say I hate yum cha though 🤢🤮

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Give me a spoon, a jar of Jiff peanut butter with a side of banana and I’m in heaven!!

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Bumble bee

I will eat most things but my exceptions are:

Hersheys chocolate, I genuinely don’t understand why people eat this when Cadburys exists, it tastes like vomit (I heard it is made with expired milk, so makes sense, but why??) 

I don’t like cheese and meat/fish together, so no cheeseburgers, tuna melts etc. Although I make exceptions for pizza and cured Spanish/Italian meats. 

Prawns, I will eat them if pushed (FI likes to make me try hers all the time to try and convert me)  but would never eat them by choice. Same for lobster, although I do like other shellfish such as crab and scallops.

Baked beans



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ariesscientist :  Totally agree about Hersheys chocolate! It tastes like sweetened plastic.

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