Unreasonable requests – family edition

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My father wanted me to invite my 3 step siblings and their families. Not only was I not close to any of them but my stepsister’s husband hit on me hardcore just 3 years prior—texts, calls, the whole 9–while he was living in my father’s house!! My 37 year old stepsister, her 2 kids and her husband were leaching off my father and living in his house rent free!! For over a decade. Not only did I not agree with that arrangement but my father knew about me being hit on, too. And my stepbrother had asked that my grandparents vacant 1748 farmhouse be given to him for free…instead of me and my sister. Just all around appalling people. I was asked to invite them on Christmas Day. Nope, nope, nope. My father has since divorced my (ex) stepmother. 

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during your reception, have the photog take a group photo.  everyone will bunch together, photog will stand on a chair.  not that difficult.


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gunnabamissus :  “My Best man has planned his wedding for 3 weeks to the day after mine. He is insisting that the groomsmen buy $500 suits. He wanted to make it ‘worth the price’ by insisting we could use the suits for both of our weddings. However he want to choose the suit, color and style to match his wedding style/colours and not mine. I told him no, and he has ignored me and is assuming we are using his choice os suit for both weddings. UGH!”

OMG, what the heck is wrong with people!?!?

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My fiance’s cousin:  “You’re inviting -distant relative-, right? You’e GOT to invite them! They are a riot!”

I later asked my fiance who -distant relative- even was, and his response was,”I’m not even sure how they are related to us. I think I met them once when I was a kid.”

Fiance’s grandma is also upset that we are having a private ceremony, followed by a reception with everyone there. She said,”Well that’s just silly! The ceremony is the whole point!” Keep in mind that she is definitely invited to the ceremony….. LOL. We had to explain to her that we wanted the ceremony to be more intimate and only wanted close family and friends to witness our vows. She just shook her head.

My mother, who absolutely despises family gatherings: “You aren’t inviting my siblings, are you? You really don’t have to.”  YES MOTHER I’M INVITING YOUR SIBLINGS, LOL. She also really tried to convince us to elope (although that suggestion was incredibly tempting.)

My Future Mother-In-Law, who likes really bling-y sparkly stuff, but knows that I’m more of a flowers-and-lace girl:  “Check out this bouquet made entirely of jewels I found on Pinterest. You should DEFINITELY do this!”

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My mom wanted me to invite all of her cousins and cousins”s kids etc to have a huge family party. There isn’t much wedding in my family so she figure itdi be a good occasion to get everyone together. Thing is, it’d be like adding 30-40 people to our 100 people wedding… And she isnt paying for anything, even complaining about having to pay her own dress saying “I wouldnt have to make the expense for a dress if you weren’t getting married”. But I’m not even making her buy a certain dress, I even told her she coild matxg a skirt and a shirt so it’d be easier to rewear them if she wants…

Also, I’m not working, so it’s my fiancé paying for the whole wedding and my mom knows that. So she’s asking my fiance to basically pay for her own damily party. At least, when I told her thay we couldn’t cause of the price and told her how much it’d add to the cost, she just said “oh yeah wow, that’s a lot”….


There’s also an aunt that got invited but like barely, like she could easily not have been invited. She lives alone, so we made an invite just at her name. Well instead of answering on our wedding website, she rsvp on a publicatio on our facebook group saying “illI come and take the chicken and im also bringing my son as my guest”. And like 4 minutes later, her son rsvp on the website! I was mortified! 1.This website has not been advertised outside the people invited, so he must have used the invite if his mom 2. That aunt didn’t have a +1. 3. The son is a cousin and he ksnti invited..  like we know this person exist and they didnt get an invitation, like take a hint… This is on FHs side so he has to deal with this in the next frw days but heah…

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