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@Mrs_Jameson0514: Re – Cruising

I hear ya… I know that this latest incident cannot be good for the cruise industry and necessarily attracting NEW people who have never cruised before.

BUT that said…

What I am about to say here may be controversial… but it is the truth, as I see it.

There are lots of cruise lines the world over… some good, some bad. And just like the airlines there are some BIG Players, and some SMALL Bit Parts

And it is no secret, that like the airline industry… that sadly accidents / events can and do happen and that they can be upsetting for those involved (or at times even tragic)

And that in recent years, with the economics of things, cut-backs have had to be made.

What you as a customer hope for… is that cut-backs haven’t been made in regards to your safety or in maintenance.

In the case of Cruise Ships, I’d have to say that it is my opinion… that Carnival not only is a BIG Player, but infact the BIGGEST (with 11 cruise ship companies / brand names under it’s wing)… and over 100 Ships in total, the oldest of which are ships from the 1980s.


I feel that perhaps it has gotten TOO BIG… and in the name of filling ships… it has had too reduce pricing… sometimes to the point of what I see as being ridiculously cheap for a cruise vacation ($ 199, $ 299 and $ 399 cruises are not unheard of with this company’s various lines)

Which makes me wonder… if you are taking virtually a loss on fares, then WHERE are your revenues going to come from to keep the fleet in tip top shape ??

So be it customer service, maintenance or staff training and supervision, something has to give!!

Personally, I won’t cruise on many of the Carnival owned / operated cruise lines… because of these thoughts.

Although to be fair to Carnival… and the many companies it is comprised of… as the largest cruise company in the world… when something goes wrong with them, be it any little thing … then most naturally they are going to get a ton of press.

That said, however… I do prefer to sail with Celebrity a cruise line that is smaller (11 Ships) and newer (oldest ship 1995, the other 10 all since 2000).

So as a Cruiser, I am aware that sometimes accidents happen… but I also consider myself to be an Informed Consumer… and make choices that I have researched / am most comfortable with.

That isn’t to say that I won’t cruise with another cruise line…

Or even one that is in the Carnival Family of Cruise Lines, because I probably would… but it would certainly be one of their more upscale ones if I did… Seabourn, Princess, Holland America, Cunard… and that I would do my homework to learn as much as I could about that particular company and the ship I’d be sailing on BEFORE I booked.

So do I have any qualms about cruising because of the events that took place with the Carnival Triumph… the answer would remain NO.

Infact, I much expect that there will be a “subtle campaign” launched by the cruise industry (as a whole) to try and “plug” the loss of sales that will come as a result of the apprehension that this latest incident will bring about for NEW Cruisers in particular.  (The cruise industry with its now many many lines, and continually building bigger and newer ships… has to always be entertaining the ability to find NEW Cruisers).  What it means is that for awhile at least the sales to NEW Cruisers will fall off… and in order to fill ship quotas (to make money)… that prices will fall for the entire industry, OR deals will be offered so that returning cruisers like myself will fill the gap.  And so it will be until this latest Carnival mishap falls from the prominent spot it has in the pages of the Newspapers and in people’s minds.  This certainly was the scenario that took place last year with the sinking of the Costa ship.

— — —

So long and short…

I wouldn’t give up on the idea of a cruise totally yet for your honeymoon.  I’d just be looking at cruises that aren’t necessarily on older ships or offering deep discounted pricing…

If you have the funds, I’d be looking for a middle of the road, or a high end cruising experience for your Honeymoon.

It certainly happened for us in 2012 after the Concordia… when we booked our own Honeymoon Cruise aboard Celebrity (in that we saved $ 800 on our cabin).  And we had an AMAZING time this January sailing 7 Days around the Caribbean, on what I can only describe as Honeymoon Heaven.  LOVED every second of it… and who knows may now find myself a deal where I can afford to go back sooner than later.

Hope this helps,


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@Mrs_Jameson0514:  Can I ask you what “inexpensive” means to you? I know a lot of bees had varying opinions on what this means.

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Agree with PP. We love cruising and actual accidents like that are such a small precent of actual trips made.

Also, I have been looking for Ireland trips and there are some AWESOME bundle deals – some for the same prices we paid for cruising so its definately in the budget.

Lastly, there are a lot of people doing non-traditional honeymoon these days. We have also looked into volunteering at Dog-Town in Utah for a week. You can do other ‘green’ vacations where you help sea-turtles in the Dominican Republic or do a few nature hikes where they ask you to help clean up litter. (Which; why wouldn’t you pick up something if you saw it anyways but…) There are more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

The key is that you don’t have to be on a beach or in a hotel room to enjoy a honeymoon together. Think outside the box! 🙂 Good Luck!

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Plane crashes have happened, but you still are willing to fly right?

The odds of what happened with that cruise ship, probably won’t happen again or for a while.  Think how many cruise ships are out there daily? 

I say do the cruise…. besides, it will be less crowded probably, haha. 

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@Mrs_Jameson0514:  If you can fly internationally for free, why not go to South East Asia? Getting there is the big expense so once you’re there it’s cheap as long as you’re not staying in 5* hotels.

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@Mrs_Jameson0514:  I would go to Mexico!  They have so many all inclusive resorts and you can get great deals on them.  Cruises are too planned out for my liking and everywhere you turn there are tons of people.  I have stayed on many islands and we know what areas to avoid what days because of the cruise crowds.  I stayed in an all inclusive in Cozumel and LOVED it!  We had our own private bartender, pool and everything and it was dirt cheap.  We did get upgraded to a nice room but still it was a great deal either way.  Sites like groupon and living social also have discounts on places like that.  Just an idea.

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@LDMTNBRIDE:  Agreed on the no-cruises feeling! Can I ask where you stayed in Cozumel ?

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The Reef Club. It was about 10 years ago and I was on vacation with my mom, dad and brother.  We have stayed at a lot of cool places but that was the only all inclusive I have been to.  They had wind surfing, scuba lessons, three or four different restaurants that were all good (but I am not too picky when it comes to food.)    My dad is sitting here and he just told me that the other rooms were not as nice as our suite.  But that is pretty obvious.  We just brought out our Cozumel photo book to reminisce and find the name of the hotel.  I bet there are nicer ones now but when we went, it was brand new and perfect.  

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@SpecialSundae:  I was going to make the same suggestion. You can find some really stunning and inexpensive hotels/resorts in that area – the main reason people don’t do it often is because the airfare is soooo expensive. If the airfare is taken care of, try some exotic resort in SE Asia! You’ll get a ridiculous bargain and an incredible, unique honeymoon that most people only dream of.

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We’re cruising! Don’t let one teensy incident ruin a GREAT time! Cruises have EVERYTHING… Food, live entertainment, more food, swimming, multiple destinations!

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Depends on your defention of “budget”…  like some bees have said, SE Asia is expensive in regards to airfare but not once you are there.  

Cruising is fun, don’t let the Triumph disaster slow you down.  

It all depends on what you and your Fiance are looking for and what type of things you enjoy.  Vegas can be fun if you are looking for great shows, nightlife, food and decadence all in one place.  Oh and if you like the desert, lol.  

If flying won’t stop you from visiting a location, than the world is your oyster!  🙂

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