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My Darling Husband has owned a few malmutes, they are completely trainable.  The are a sled dog, how could they not be?  If that photo is current, it will be some time yet before they “get” training.  Til then lots of walks, puppies can typically hold their bladders for an hour per month of age.  Malmutes do better outside as they are not an inside dog, just too hot for them. 

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I don’t know a lot about malamutes and I’m not a dog expert, but I think any dog can be trained – some may be easier to train than others. When they’re really young, I thinkit’s difficult to train any puppy. I know my pug was difficult to train in a group setting – he is just so easily distracted. It was a little bit more money, but getting a one on one trainer was fantastic. She was also able to critique how I am with him and give some easy, but great advice. I also liked that she came to my house so my dog was trained in an environment he is familiar with. 

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Aww your puppy is so cute!

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So cute! WANT!

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I agree that everydog can be trained….with some it just takes longer and LOTS of patience.

Good luck with your puppy training.

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Did you get him from a breeder, or a rescue?  A breed rescue or a responsible breeder will both be able to give you tips specific to training the breed, (your breeder should be one of your best resources for info throughout the dog’s life! Smile).  They are high-energy working dogs, and when he gets older, he’ll need a lot of exercise and a job to keep him happy and focued.  Enroll him in a puppy kindgergarten class, so he is socialized with other dogs from a young age, you’ll learn how to begin training him, and he’ll learn how to listen to yo.  From there, you will go to basic obedience and onward.  Obedience class is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to bond with your dog as well.  Have fun with him!

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Seriously people think that? Malamutes are a highly trainable breed! Very smart dogs. I guess they could be difficult because they have high energy, but as long as you’re giving them enough exercise you shouldn’t have a problem. I know a few people with malamutes & they’re very loyal, obedient dogs!

Your pup is suuuuuuper cute!!!

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@canthugallcats: Malamutes are a highly trainable breed! Very smart dogs. I guess they could be difficult because they have high energy, but as long as you’re giving them enough exercise you shouldn’t have a problem.

I think that’s the “problem” in a nut shell.  Malamutes are obviously highly trainable, or they would not be able to function so well as working sled dogs.  But they have a huge amount of energy and drive, (they have to, to do the job they were bred to do!), AND they are definitely more pack-oriented than a lot of other breeds, so they also need a strong leader.  In the wrong hands, of course they are going to be unruly and appear untrainable!  

A lot of little dogs are yappy, annoying, obnoxious little furballs with no manners.  But they are small and cute, so many people don’t realize they still need to be trained.  I certainly don’t think the breed as a whole is untrainable just because their owners didn’t bother to teach them manners or expected the dog to train itself. 

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Helper bee

Mal’s are definitely trainable…but wow do they ever put up a fight! Our girl Nova is almost 5 months old, and every day she gets better, but I can’t even tell you how many times I was in tears and beginng my Darling Husband to take her back because she was horrible!!! Mal’s are incredibly smart dogs, but they are also so stubborn. I had one growing up and luckily we got him when he was 4 and for the most part trained so I never had to deal with training a puppy until now.

It’s important to be incredibly consistant or they will absolutely take advantage of the situation and revert to their bad behaviour. Ours never learned bite inhibition when she was really young so she was constantly nipping the cats and us, especially on walks which drove us nuts. We were told to pin her on her side to show her that we’re the dominant ones and that that behaviour is unacceptable. It definitely worked because now she very rarely tries to put her teeth on us, and when she does, she is very gentle and is trying to play. She still gets told no though.

Another important thing to train your dog to do is to sit and wait every time you open the door so this way the dog won’t run out the door, or pull you out if you’re holding onto the leash. Don’t let them jump up ever, and don’t let them pull on walks, wait until they’ve stopped pulling before you continue. Those are probably the most important things because they get big fast!

Another thing we found useful was to watch Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer. It sounds silly, but nothing the trainer at Petsmart suggested was helping because our dog isn’t food motivated at all. We started practicing the things that Cesar suggests, like being really calm, using the SHHHT sound to get their attention or get them to stop, and it has really helped. You make that sound now and she sits or will stop doing what she’s doing (incredibly helpful for keeping her away from the Christmas tree lol).

I wish someone had told us all of this, rather than us having to spend hours on line lol. I hope some of this information was helpful and if you have any questions about training and your mal, just PM me 🙂

Here are some pics of our little girl Nova 🙂

At 2 months

At 3 months

 And finally, at 4.5 months. She is so heavy!!

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i have a shiba inu, so close to the untrainable territory.  hehe, he’s trained!  but sometime he just doesn’t wanna listen.  hes too smart.  if i could get another puppy, i’d love an alaskan malamute.  

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He is a doll! I have a very hyper Lab mix, so I know all about dogs that are difficult to train – but every puppy is trainable! Just be very consistant and don’t ever give up. It was extremely frustrating at times but, at about 10 months old, he’s finally starting to really “get it.”

Ps. As I type this he’s outside running around in a mud puddle. Ay yi yi.

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I have a malamute too!!!  They are most definitely trainable!  But like others have said, they are very high energy and need to get enough exercise otherwise they won’t listen.  They get destructive if bored and not exercised frequently.  Ours was a pain in the puppy-stages, but after getting into puppy classes it helped a TON! 

One of the most important things I could think of is teaching them to walk correctly on a leash.  It is VERY important for your own safety!  When ours was only about 6 months old, I had him on a leash as we were walking down our apartment’s concrete staircase, and he got excited and pulled REALLY hard!!!  I fell headfirst down about six stairs, and was knocked unconscious (ended up with a fractured skull, and I was living ALONE in a new state, with no friends, and a Fiance who was deployed!!  Worst few months EVER!!)  So please, please, for your own safety, work on leash walking!!

We’ve taught ours so many fun tricks, though!  He knows sit, stand, down, roll over, stay, shake (we can ask for a shake with each paw and he gets it right!), come, leave it (for a treat placed on the ground that he can’t take until we tell him), heel, turn around, come through (he runs through our legs!), and we taught him to dance (he’ll sit on his rump with both paws in the air for you to grab onto and sway).  I taught him “Go Get Dad!!” (which is when he will run all over our apartment until he can find my DH).  He is AMAZING!!  And something really fun that you can do with a malamute is to take them hiking with backpacks!!  They actually LOVE it (it makes him feel important and like he is “working” when he carries his own food and water).  I’d love to actually have a sled for him, but alas…that might have to wait until I get more malamutes!

Here is Nanuk! 

8 Weeks:

4 months:

8 Months:

1 year:

2 years!

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