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If you’re in a crowded public space with limited seating (airport terminals, food court, etc) your bag does not need it’s own seat.

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If you’re in the grocery store and you don’t know what you came there for: get. out. of. my. way. The quickest way to put me in a rage is to have every person in the store dart out in front of me with their cart only to walk EXTREMELY slow. I’m on a mission! I have a list!

If someone has their headphones in at the gym and has a pissed off look on their face, they probably do not want to talk to you. Or listen to your exercise advice.

If you’re going to call into a place of business on the phone, the least you could do is to wait for something to actually go wrong before you turn into the biggest asshole on the planet.

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@adoc86:  OMG THIS!!!!!! This makes my blood boil. When it happens I just yell ‘YEAH NO WORRIES, DOUCHEBAG!!’ even though I know that they can’t hear me. Seriously it’s not that hard just to stick your hand up and wave! Or what about when someone cuts you off, so you didn’t actually have a choice to let them in, and then they thank you wave! Aaaahhhhhh 😛

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Deodorant was invented a LONG time ago. I know you can smell your rancid BO. Slap some on.

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This happened TODAY actually:

1.) If you’re deathly ill, please avoid going out in public except to visit the doctors or the pharmacy. Nothing is that urgent, and you’re spreading germs to all of us. STOP.

2.) If you happen to have a bad cold and you decide to come in to sit through a two hour long class, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT spread your nasty snot-filled tissues all over the table we’re all sharing for class. No wonder people catch colds so easily, you idiot. 

3.) Learn the “vampire cough” (where you cough into your elbow instead of your hand. Do not cough into the open air like a 5-year-old who doesn’t know any better. You have common sense. Use it!!

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  • If the bus/train is filling up and someone is walking past you, move over. Your ticket buys you one seat, not two.
  • If you cough or sneeze on the bus/train/subway, cover your mouth. Seriously. Or better yet, use a tissue or handkerchief because…
  • It is not okay to cough or sneeze into your hand and then put that same hand back onto the bus/train/subway handhold or post.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever obstruct the curb incline at traffic lights. That ramp allows disabled people to cross the street. If you’re part of a large group waiting to cross, or doing fundraising, just stand back a bit.
  • If you are not visually impaired, don’t walk or stand on the tactile markers in the train station/mall/wherever. I need to follow those to find the exit/bathroom/platform in an unfamiliar environment, and while I’m following them, I’m looking for my destination. If you’re walking or standing on them, you’re effectively challenging a legally blind woman to a game of chicken. It’s not going to end well.
  • Public stairways do not double as miniature amphitheatres.

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@KS240030:  YES!! I swear every time we go out for a nice meal, we get stuck around some table of assholes that feel the need to talk so loud it’s as though they are actually talking to YOU. And it’s NEVER a nice pleasant convo, it is always something obnoxious. Like fuck off already, you aren’t as cool, smart or interesting as you’d like to believe.  Contrary to what you might think, no one gives a shit about your stupid life, and I didn’t go to a nice expensive restaurant with my husband to listen to you.

Also, to the people who like to insert themselves in everyone else’s conversations…i wasn’t talking to you, WE weren’t talking to you. Did you not notice by the way you weren’t in the conversation at all or we didnt ask your opinion, that you aren’t needed to give one? If we are friends, and you have something of value to add, be my guest. But to the asshole work neighbour whom we clearly do not actively partcipate in convos with, EVER – zip it, didn’t ask you.

Don’t yell at people who work at Starbucks or McDonald’s because you’re having a shitty day. That girl you berated in front of 20 customers, it was her first day but you were too self absorbed to see her trainee name tag. If I witness it, I WILL call you out, because no matter the reason you have a stick shoved up your ass, you’re just an asshole and you should know it. I don’t care if your puppy just died, there’s no reason to make a seventeen year old girl cry.

Annnd finally, I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the mall to stand in the middle of the fucking walkways. If you’re not on a mission to purchase or try on clothes, why are you there? Go find somewhere else to lounge around in the way of people who are getting shit done! And while you’re at it, walk on the right side. The RIGHT side. Cross when you need to get into a store.  And for the love of Jesus, don’t just pull a dead stop in front of someone. If you are lost or can’t figure out where you want to go, move the hell over and figure it out.  Otherwise you might end up with an Americano all down your back, and I will end up with a stubbed toe and a really bitchy attitude.

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My current pet peethose those people that park on the curb right in front of grocery store, blocking up the road, instead of parking in the lot like the rest of us. DUDE! Your trip to get milk is not more important than anyone else’s!

@Mimoza:  Ohhhhh I HATE those people who zoom past backed-up traffic and then try to cut in. And I’m always so mad at whoever lets them in, too. PEOPLE! We need to come together as one and PUNISH that asshole!

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@Missy_Star:  I have a huge problem with strangers purposefully getting in my personal space, and the checkout line is the worst!!! I find it incredibly annoying when people reach past me to put items from their cart on the counter. There is no rush when the cashier still has to scan and bag the items of the two people in front of you, as well as process their payments. Just wait til there is some space and stop touching me!

I also get angry when people walking toward me in a group walk three or four across when we pass, thus forcing me off the sidewalk. You are not entitled to the entire sidewalk, move over!!

Wow, I shouldn’t have responded to this topic before bed, cause now I am all riled up, hahaha!

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My parents just bought a vacation/retirement home. It has a huge pool in the backyard. Whenever my mom goes down for “vacation” her neighbor rings the doorbell every night with his 3 kids asking if they can swim in the pool. Of course she says okay and they stay all night. He also chain smokes her cigarettes. (Personally I find smoking disgusting anyways, but the fact that he won’t just buy a pack off her just blows my mind..)

The dad is extremely loud and outspoken, as well as his 3 kids. Really? We’re on vacation, we don’t want to hang out with you and your kids every night just because you don’t have a pool.

Go away… leave my mother alone.

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Love these.

Do not yell out the window while riding in a car unless it’s an emergency.

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Also- tip your servers folks.

I’m a server and i’ve been told I’m amazing, the best service they’ve received. Yet They leave me next to nothing. Compliments don’t pay the bills.

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I’ve become quite vocal to people with no manners etc.    I Come from a small town but have been living in the city for almost 10 yrs now.   It has turned me bitter and angry!   how can people be so rude and lack such manners.  It makes me so angry And It has gotten worse over my time living here.   

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My peeve is kids running around in restaurants. Even if it’s just a Starbucks or a local coffee shop, it’s still annoying. Moreover, the children could get hurt.

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