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I am in the middle of a no-buy year as well! It is really good to hear from someone else who is doing it. 

My goal in doing it was less to save money – we’re generally pretty thrifty on common big-ticket items. For example, I share an ancient car with my husband, cycle to work, no TV, only buy cheap computers/phones, thrifted furniture. Absolutely no shade on that being your goal, though – it’s amazing that you’re saving so much and a real achievement! You should check out brownkids on Insta – they have an amazing account about minimalist lifestyle, saving, and getting out of debt, and they were really inspirational for me.

The idea was to get out of a consumerist mindset. I hate a cluttered house, and kept thinking that if I stopped buying junk, I would not have to keep giving it to the charity shop. Also, I’m fed up with fast fashion and the unsustainable lifestyle that we’re forced into by our consumerist culture. 

I did no new clothes, makeup, skincare. However, I allowed replacements and a small number of new items so I didn’t get too sad. With these new items, I’m trying to look for ethical retailers and do good research on the products I buy. The goal was in general to be more conscious about what I buy, and get things that are high quality and I really love and will create joy/confidence in my life for years to come. There’s so much stuff we buy because of a momentary impulse! 

The real challenge has been to get my mother to stop buying me a bunch of junk I don’t need. I live in a different country from her, and she likes to show her love by buying me stuff and making sure that I’m well provided for. I have had to have words with her because she just won’t stop sometimes!!! Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how awful some of the stuff has been recently… she bought me two pairs of bootcut trousers recently! 2006 called and wants those babies back… 

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Helper bee
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sparklyglitterbee :  

Okay, honestly you have inspired me to do this.

I’m not terrible about my spending, but I do go in waves of spending a lot in a short amount of time and that inconsistency really does influence my money. I absolutely agree with you that this is a mental thing and I just cave and think that I can’t do it, but I probably could.

Question for you though – do you still spend money on things like medical bills, car insurance, etc? Those things that are still necessary to pay? Reason I ask is because I’d like to start clean by doing this August 1<sup>st</sup> but I have a medical bill due AND car insurance, LOL.

Gah, I can only imagine how much I could pay off my credit card by going no-spend. This is wonderful, not only can I pay off my credit card and put more towards my student loans, I think this is great for me to put money aside for Christmas as well.

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Busy bee

Congrats! Sounds awesome. I think we should all get over the consumerist mindset. It’s so important for the environment. 

I think everyone can do this, by the way. It doesn’t have to be as rigid as zero spend, or zero luxuries. It could be an emphasis on spending on experiences rather than material things. Or it could be spending on fewer, higher quality, longer lasting items. It’s greener and more memorable to do things that way. 

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Helper bee

Impressive! I might try this out. We live somewhat frugal and are using all extra money for extra mortgage payments. We want to pay off the mortgage in a few years so something like this would boost our success. Thanks for the idea and update.

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Sugar bee
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sparklyglitterbee :  I’m happy it is going so well for you! I hopped aboard the minimalism train about 3 years ago, and I definitely won’t be going back! For me, it began with wanting to get rid of clutter. I knew I had way more than I needed and I liked the idea of being able to live in a small space without excess junk. Over the course of a couple months, I’d emptied out pretty much everything I didn’t need and love. Cabinets that used to be crammed full were literally empty. I donated and threw away more stuff than I can believe squeezed into that tiny apartment. 

I never wanted to accumulate junk again, so it was natural for me to stop buying. Now, I’m in a point where I can go to a store and appreciate the cute things without bringing them home. I simply don’t want to start filling up all the cabinets again! I’ve saved a ton of money, and I’m way more happy with my living space. It’s a win-win!

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Bumble bee

Well done! I am in agreement with the PP’s about clutter. I find myself weighed down by “stuff”. We have been working on our goal to gradually leave sentiment behind and just give things away or donate to charity. Less to clean/ dust and less to worry about. We overall want a simplier life. I am going to follow your example and make the effort to only purchase items that are needed, not just wanted. Thanks for the inspo.

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Helper bee
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sparklyglitterbee :  I’ve been following Dave Ramsey stuff for a while and have slowly transitioned into some of the debt snowball ideas and its been working great so far. I assumed some of the non-negotiable things like insurance, gas, and other things you absolutely do need would be considered exceptions to the no-spend rule. 
Thankfully my health insurance it paid out through my employer, so I technically don’t “buy” that out of pocket. 

Definitely thinking of starting this come August and see how much I can pay off and save! 

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Busy bee
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You’ve inspired me, bee!   

Your new habits sound great. They’ll serve you well no matter how much or little you make.  Did you and your partner look into making more money, or has this year been all about saving the money you already make?

I’ve got some big financial goals for next year, so this is top of mind for me.  Basically, my plan is to go  low-to-no-buy, and increase my income to fund travel and other experiences.

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Blushing bee
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Awesome job bee!!! No spend years are hard!! I’ve had 3+ no spend years (continuing still) in a row which initially was tough but now it’s a way of life and I enjoy it. We first did so so that we would have enough money for a down payment on a home but from there we just kept going with it. We have all used furniture bought online. Our favorite place to shop is a yard sale. We mostly spend money on excellent quality food since its healthier and avoids trips to the dr which are more costly than the food. We NEVER eat out it’s been years, like it that way. We DIY almost everything if we can. We use and repurpose items at home, ie.  mayo jars whatever, vinegar to kill weeds, cinnamon for potpourri, whatever. Regular housewares like sponges are bought at the dollar store. We coupon almost everything. Ever since not having money we both realized these things are just materials, items, I’d rather have a fat savings account than nice ‘stuff’. Clothes are rarely bought we just use what we have until it starts falling apart lol!

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