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WHAAAT?! That is crazy!! 

Maybe you just happen to be dealing with a really incompetent social worker. Can you try to talk to someone else at Child Services? 

And in one of your prior posts, didn’t you take him to the doctor and didn’t the doctor say that he was malnourished?!

One meal a day is NOT enough! I’m so mad for you! 

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Unfortunately, child services are SEVERELY underfunded. I’m honestly not surprised. They usually only take on cases where physical or sexual abuse are present. It’s frustrating and it’s wrong, but it’s a product of our government taking money away from agencies that truly need it. 

I read your other post. That kid seems lucky to have you and the other people who are helping to take care of him. Also, I think a report from a school will have more credibility than from some neighbor (because sometimes crazy, revengeful people DO make false reports). 

You did the right thing. It’s upsetting that it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, but unfortunately, the people who work at child services often have their hands tied. Even if they want to take on a certain case or go a certain route, finances won’t allow it. I work at a non-profit that works with these caseworkers all the time – I know how it is and it sucks. But most of them ARE doing the best they can. And even if nothing happens right away, your complaint will be on file for the future. 

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@TexasSpringBride:  I applaud everything you are doing for this child. It is really unbelievable that there are not more clear laws that define neglect. Hopefully the school and the doctor can help advocate for this kid. 

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@TexasSpringBride:  That is heartbreaking.  Keep fighting the good fight.  Children without a voice need more people like you speaking up for them.  You are a blessing to that boy, as I certain you are to many others as well. 

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I work in mental health and unfortunately this is all too common. Children’s services is always very underfunded which means they usually won’t open cases unless they are severe (as in a child is beaten every night and has the marks to prove it). I know it won’t make you feel much better but, since you made a report, it starts a paper trail. Paper trails are good because hopefully at some point they will have received enough reports that they will actually investigate and open the case. I know it’s hard and probably disheartening, but hopefully more people will step in and file.

I went back and read your previous post and I have to say I am surprised the doctor didn’t file a report because he is a mandated reporter. As are the staff at the school, however I know at school it can be easy to slip through the cracks.

It is amazing what you are doing for this boy and his mom. Keep your head up, you never know what will end up happening with Child Services. This boy is lucky to have people who care enough to file on his behalf, to provide him with food,a nd with love. 

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Pardon my language but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

HOW is 1 meal a day supposed to be enough for ANYONE, let alone a growing child? This poor boy, CPS needs to get involved, I mean you had to take him to the drs, his mom leaves him and sister alone at night, brings strange men home and you buy their food. How is that NOT neglect? I’m fuming for you.

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Sounds about right. My Mum is mentally ill and social services have never given a flying ****. Over a period of 20+ years the family has threatened, cajoled, attempted legal action, contacted everyone in the department and got everyone from the mental health teams to the police involved.

Bottom line… social services couldn’t care less.

Sorry you’re going through this. All you can do is your best. If it doesn’t work out, could you contact a local church who could at least keep an eye on him?

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I don’t understand CPS’s logic here . . . but they’re also really underfunded. The important thing, though, is that you reported the abuse, and maybe (just maybe) if it continues later on they’ll actually act. Or maybe they’ll act now.

Another note for any Bees in Texas – it’s mandatory for ALL people to IMMEDIATELY report suspected child abuse, and not doing so is a crime. They’re prosecuting people for it now. See Texas Family Code Chapter 261 Section 101.

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How can CPS allow a child to slowly starve? I’m so angry for you. Is there some way for the moms to set up a round robin so the boy can go eat dinner every night? Poor little guy…

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When we cut taxes and underfund social services, this is what happens. With more than 16% of Americans living below the poverty line, and 58.5% of Americans living below the poverty line at least some time in their lives, there just aren’t enough social net resources to go around.

A harsh and sobering reality. Poverty doesn’t always look how we expect, either – more and more, it’s bleeding into suburbs in families that have newly unemployed adults, etc.

I grew up in Texas, and still keep up with the politics there. Let’s just say that Perry has led the charge for cutting funding to these services, and that in general, Texas has staggeringly underfunded programs, especially compared to other large/wealthier states. It’s been heartbreaking to watch him dismantle these programs.

An interesting read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_in_the_United_States


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