(Closed) UPDATE: went to the dr for my pain. Anyone have GERD?

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I had it severely once, took the meds prescribed (not sure if it was prilosec or something?) and after the month and a half or so, I was good. Now I can control it with tums and the like. 🙂 It will get better, I know how uncomfortable it can be! I had to get a tube stuck down my throat for them to “look and see what was going on.” That was by far the worst part. :/ Blech. Hope you don’t have to do that!

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yes, mine flares up everyone once in a while, depends on what I eat and drink mostly. 

I find that what helps me sleep the most is lying on my left side (because of the way our stomachs are shaped it keeps acid from creeping up).

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I wasn’t diagnosed with GERDs, but I have similar symptoms so my doctor told me that I basically have. I know that’s confusing. I have a hiatal hernia in my throat and because of it, my symptoms act like GERD symptoms. I found out this summer and my doctor gave me some pills to use. I used them for maybe a month and then stopped. It hasn’t been acting up since the summer though. Only like once or twice a year. When it happens, I just take a pill and it goes away the next day.

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I have GERD and a hiatal hernia like @kperry3:. I’ve been dealing with it since I was about 12 and I had my first ‘attack’ like you’d been dealing with. Most days I don’t even notice it and I’m no longer on preventative meds (like Prilosec and the like) because I usually get 2 or 3 really bad ‘flares’ a year that last about a week, and the rest I can control by avoiding foods that make me sick. A few tips:

-avoid eating too much, as making your stomach full can make it worse

-if you find particular foods make you sick, give them up. This part sucked, but I’m not banned from pizza and chocolate and all the things I love. But my mom’s delicious chili and any fast food from Culver’s = no. 

-avoid eating at least an hour before bed, 2 is better (same for naps). Eating and then laying down will let the acid come up easier

-eat smaller meals more often – my hernia/GERD acts up if it’s been too long since I’ve eaten and my acid gets going (I also have a very fast metabolism, so the time between your meals will vary). I am literally eating something every 2-3 hours, and midnight snacks before bed. 

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions. I think each person’s GERD is a bit different and it can be a bit weird to navigate how/what to avoid and tricks that make you feel better. Good luck, it’s not so terrible once you know more about it!

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I had it very severely in high school, not so bad now. It definitely flares up with stress. Did you doctor give you recommendations for your diet? That is the biggest and most important part of treatment. Foods that could be irritating are coffee, alcohol, dairy, spicy foods, acidic foods (like tomatoes or citrus), and others. Also I used to get really bad pains if I waited too long before I ate so I had to stay to a really strict schedule. It can also help to elevate your head while you sleep. I also had an upper GI scope (the “tube stuck down my throat” that @AmeliaBedelia described). I was put under anesthesia for it and the doctor used a small camera to take pictures of my throat and the inside of my stomach to see the damage caused by the acid and also to check for ulcers in my stomach. I think they would only do this if your problem persists after treatment. Good luck!

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I have since I was 14. I had to go t the emergency room a few times because I was having GI “attacks” from it. After taking tons of pills for about 7 years I decided I didn’t want to be on anything anymore. Aciphex caused sooo many headaches! Now I control it by making sure I watch my diet and try not to get too stressed out.

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I commented on your other thread. I was diagnosed in high school as well. I didn’t have the upper GI scope but I did have to have an ultrasound (I think they were ruling out ulcers or something). I was on Prevacid while it was still Rx for about a year and a half until they weaned me off and now I don’t take anything unless I need to. Smaller meals, not eating before bed and avoiding “trigger” foods like PPs said (spicy, acidic, etc.) The worst that usually happens for me now is occasional heartburn. I did have an attack last week that lasted for about three days though. It totally sucks but I hope you find what helps and get some relief 🙂

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I had GERD really bad towards the end of college and even now in grad school.  I think I have a really weak cardiac sphincter or something.  I joke about it when I eat something good, I say “mmm, I’m going to get to experience this TWICE.  Tastey”.  But about 30% of the time I come down with terrible heart burn that lastes like…days.  I take Omeprazole 30 mins before threatening meals (anything with any spice other than salt), and I’m usually pretty good. 

I found it annoying, but didn’t do anything about it for like…2 years.  My mother, being the Dr. Oz fan that she is, tried to tell me that I had to get it under control and that she thought I was going to get esophogeal cancer.  Which is a legitamate concern, but I’m young!  I’m invincible, aren’t I?  I hope it doesn’t get worse when I get pregnant. 😛

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