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Sugar bee
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Alright first things first.. as desperate as times might be.. AVOID JUNK FOOD!!! ABSOLUTELY MUST! No calling in because your hungry.. no calling in because you dont have time to do anything for yourself. Time to eat healthy!  THE JUNK FOOD HAS TO STOP!

I make sure I prepare the night before for breakfast. I take a yoghurt to work and a peice of fruit. Each morning i just have my yoghurt and fruit and I have healthy snack foods. By doing this alone I have lost 4 1/2 kilos. So dont skip out on breakfast because that kick starts your metabolism for the day.

There are lunch meals were that you can buy that dont need keeping in the fridge. Shopping smarter works. Avoid the lolly aisle.. avoid picking up meats that have lots of fat in them. i.e chops or something.

Wake up earlier.. it is very important to do exercise even if it is just 10 minutes here.. 5 minutes there. These things should become a priority! If you leave it as less of a priority the more you will put on weight.

You can do this!  Also if your kids are keen, maybe you can get them to exercise with you!

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Helper bee
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okay first of all, you need to calm down. take some deep breaths. you are not a lost cause. you are not turning into your mother.

now, the great thing for you is that since you are eating so unhealthily (according to you) making just small changes will make a major difference. and enough excuses. just do it.

it doesnt take a lot of time to eat healthy, but it does take preparation.

breakfast – YOU MUST EAT IT. eating breakfast gets your metabolism awake and working. if you don’t eat till noon, that means your body hasn’t really been working at full capacity until then. breakfast is so easy to make convenient. buy a pack of Fiber-one bars. $3 for 5 = WAY cheaper than mcdonalds breakfast. drink a silmfast shake (12 for like $8). bring a banana. (70 cents for a pound!). you can eat these things in the car if you must.

lunch – you must eat it. or more importantly, you must eat regularly. and again, spending 2 minutes to make a turkey sandwich the night before is WAY cheaper and less time consuming thatn going to Sonic everyday. get a lunchbag from walmart and an ice pack, then you don’t need a fridge. i ususally use an ice pack and a soda, which helps also to keep it cold. pack some baby carrots or a 100 calorie bag of popcorn or both and you’re set. they have those healthy choice pasta meals that don’t need refrigeration – you just add water and microwave it. if other people eat your food when you keep it in the back room, then don’t keep it in the back room. put it in a drawer or under your desk.

if you must eat fast food, be an informed consumer. most fast food joints have their calorie counts on their websites. get aplain grilled chicken sandwich or chili at wendy’s. a single patty instead of a double w/ fries at sonic. you just need to plan ahead. if you have a iphone or similar, there are ton of apps that have all that information in it as well for easy access.

have healthy snacks on hand for the afternoon munchies – nuts, 100 calorie things, granola bars. since you have been enviously lucky never to have dieted, you really need to educate yourself – start reading label and seeking the information out. its all out there but you have to look for it. what does it mean that you “can’t handle diet soda” and there is no water? there is always water – is there a water fountain? a bathroom with a sink? get those crystal light packets if you need it to tasts better but drinking regular soda is one of the biggest wastes of calories. its also dehydrating.

dinner – guess what? you must eat it.if your Fiance makes good healthy grilled food when he is home, get him to make extra so you have it for the next night. problem solved. no cooking. no time needed (just microwave it). there are tons of convenience foods as well – eat a lean cuisine with a salad. pick up subway on the way home. cook a week’s worth of meals on sunday and box them up for each day of the week.

working out – you just need to get more creative. can you take walks with yout Fiance and daughter on the nights you get home closer to 6ish? you can do activities on your own after she goes to bed or even while you are cooking breakfast? you don’t need a gym. canned goods make excellent small weights. bag of onions or potatoes are great for chest press. you can do standing pushups and planks against the kitchen counter. there are TONS of exercises out there online or in magazines (Self, Fitness, Cosmo). if you have cable TV there are most likely some workout program on there as well like FitTV or on discovery health channel. my old cable company had fitness programs “On Demand.” if you really don’t have time, you need to incorporate more “activities of daily living” into your daily routine. get a cheap pedometer and aim to walk 10,000 steps throughout your day. you can do this by walking to a colleagues desk instead of emailing them, using the bathroom on a different floor at work so you have to use the stairs, parking further away when you go to the grocery store.

there are so many easy things you can do that will make a difference, you just need to put in the effort to seek them out and the motivation to put them into practice. good luck and let me know if you have any questions or want more tips.

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Blushing bee
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for breakfast and lunch, pack your own food. you can pretty much have anything you want from home and it will be MUCH better for you than fast food. grab a banana, a quick sandwich and some baked pchips and you are good to go. you will be amazed by the difference!

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Hi, I’ll be shorter than the others…I also gained weight after my kids, I don’t have any easy answers..but here’s what (sometimes) works for me…I’m a teacher, so I’m also on the run, feel broke, and feel like I never have time to exercise…I bought a nice (read, “overpriced”) water bottle and fill it every morning before I leave for work, then I don’t feel as tempted to buy soda.  I try to buy a package of snow peas (or 2) whenever I go to the store, crunchy like chips, but healthier.  We also bought a wii fit and the board for Christmas–it is pricey up front, but not as much as the gym.  The wii fit sport disc has lots of (stupid) exercises and games on it, but the one I really appreciate is something like “free step” where it can be set up to just let you step on and off the wii board while you watch tv or talk or whatever.  I try to do 30 minutes of something after the kids are in bed.  I don’t always get to it, but I try 🙂  I have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off, but I’ve lost about 15 lbs since the fall just drinking more water, trying to eat healthier, and “doing” the wii.  Look for some tortillas to make lunch wraps.  I also started (trying to) cook a couple chicken breast on Sunday night and then cutting them up to put in salad during the week.  Hang in there!  Good luck!

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From a health profession standpoint, on way to look at your weight is using Body Mass Index (BMI).  Basically it provides info about what is considered a “healthy weight.”  There are some caveats to using BMI, which I won’t go into here.  


A healthy BMI is between 18 and 25.  If you are under that range, you are considered underweight.  Based on the info you provided in your OP, your current BMI is 22.9, which is in the healthy range.  To keep your BMI in the healthy range, the lowest you would want to weight would be in the eighties.  The only reason I say this is because you mentioned being in the upper 70’s in HS.  That may not be a healthy goal for you now.


Just try to keep in mind that bodies do change naturally as you mature from the teen years through the twenties.  I would recommend trying to eating correctly (fresh fruits and vegetables when possible, lean meats, etc) and exercise regularly (you can work out in your home even – push up, crunches, etc.) in order to keep you healthy, not necessarily to loose too much weight.

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Bumble bee
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The absolute easiest thing for you to do would be to cut out soda.  Bring your own water, even it means buying one of those dreaded cases of bottled water (though a reusable bottle is always better). I’ve known people who cut out soda and dropped 10 lbs in a month.

You have to eat breakfast.  Front load your meals throughout the day– if you eat more of your daily calories at breakfast you have all day to burn them off, if you save your calories up for dinner you’ll just turn it all to fat while you sleep. Most people think skipping meals will help them lose weight, but all it does is kill your metabolism so that when you do eventually eat, it all turns to fat.

Try as much as you can to pack a lunch.  Do you have a place where you keep your purse?  If you get a bigger bag, you could easily fit a deli sandwich, a piece of fruit, and some yogurt.  If you must eat out, try to go to places like subway with healthy options.   Even if you have to go for fast food, there are still healthier options. McDonald’s has a kids meal with apple slices instead of fries for instance.  But honestly you really need to cut fast food out as much as you can.  Fast food has SO much sodium, it only makes you retain water on top of the fat.  Sodium is a big problem, even in “diet” foods.  Try to eat fresh as much as possible.

You don’t have to cut out carbs entirely, but switch to everything whole wheat.  Normal breads will turn to sugar at almost the same rate as if you were just eating tablespoons of pure sugar.  Whole wheat carbs breads will keep you fuller longer and provide you energy throughout the day without giving you that rush and then drop. So look for things that are whole wheat and high in fiber.

Since you like chips and dip, I’m guessing you crave salty snacks more than sweet, right?  One thing I like to satisfy a salt craving is whole wheat reduced fat wheat thins with some spreadable Laughing Cow light swiss cheese.  It’s so good, its filling, salty without being dry, low fat and calories, and doesn’t taste like diet food at all! 

Good luck, and I’m sure with just a few changes in your diet you’ll start to see a difference.  I used to eat fast food multiple times a week, that’s just how my family was.  When I cut it out, I would crave it a lot at first, but now the thought of it is so unappealing to me.  Once you make your changes, you’ll love the way you feel.

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Buzzing bee

I’m a student and I work part time so I’m about 1/2 as busy as you, but still busy! The best advice I have is to prep all your food for the week on one day. I go grocery shopping on Sundays. When I get home I wash and prep all my fresh fruit and veggies. Celery gets cut into 4″ strips, bell peppers and cucumbers get diced and put in tupperware, lettuce gets washed and chopped, fruits gets washed and cup up. I also buy chicken breasts and ground turkey in bulk and freeze them in individual portions in ziploc bags. This way lunches and snacks are easier to make and dinner is quicker because everything is pre-chopped.

I also (attempt) to meal plan on Sunday before I go grocery shopping so I know what I want to buy for dinner. When I go to the store I buy all the ingredients for dinner that week. The only extras I buy are nonfat dairy (yogurt, milk), fresh fruit and veggies, and whole wheat bread. If I don’t bring it in the house, I can’t eat it 🙂

When I work in the summer I have to be there at 7. My go to breakfast is nonfat vanilla yogurt with a little granola and fresh fruit. It’s quick (I can eat it in the car), yummy, and keeps me full and energized for a while (I work with little ones at a day camp).

Let your motivation be your daughter. You want her to grow up with a healthy, happy mommy!

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Busy bee
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I sympathize with you and have been there too. I think a lot of women have, so at least please know you’re in good company. I highly recommend Weight Watchers. It is the only thing that has ever worked long term for me and my family members. They will deal with all of the topics you brought up–making time, work, feeling discouraged, finding new ways to exercise, finding satisfying snack foods to replace the unhealthier ones. Whatever you choose to do, just know–you can do it!

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