Upset Stomach due to eggs…?

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Best advice: go to your doctor ๐Ÿ™‚

(Not meant to be snarky at all, but honestly no one but a medical professional that has met with you can really confirm what is going on with you!)

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From Wikipedia – completely not a “reputable medical source,” but somewhere to start…  I would follow up with your doctor if you are concerned you may have a problem with eggs.

Egg white intolerance

Egg whites, which are potent histamine liberators, also provoke a non-allergic response in some people. In this situation, proteins in egg white directly trigger the release of histamine from mast cells on contact.[15][16] Because this mechanism is classified as a pharmacological reaction, or “pseudoallergy“,[15] the condition is considered a food intolerance instead of a true IgE-based allergic reaction.

The response is usually localized, typically in the gastrointestinal tract.[15] Symptoms may include abdominal pain, diarrhea, or any symptoms of histamine release. It can result in ananaphylactoid reaction, which is clinically indistinguishable from true anaphylaxis, if sufficiently strong.[16]

Some people with this condition tolerate small quantities of egg whites.[17] They are more often able to tolerate well-cooked eggs, such as found in cake or dried egg-based pasta, than loosely cooked eggs, such as fried eggs or meringues, or uncooked eggs.[17]


The information provided is for information purposes only and should not be used as medical advise for your specific situation.  All medical decisions should be made in consultation with your primary care physician.

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My sister has this problem – though it is mainly when she eats the yokes when they are still soft and runny (think “over-easy” or “sunny side up” style eggs).  She is usually ok with other forms of eggs such as scrambled.  I know she gets an upset stomach and sometimes gets gas or diarrhea…typically she will take Pepto Bismol to help ease things.  Most of the time though if she thinks her stomach will get upset, she will try to avoid eggs – particularly the runny yoke.

If you are ok with things made with eggs, then I wouldn’t think you would be allergic.  You just may have a sensitive stomach when it comes to eggs directly – maybe your body has problems digesting eggs properly and that is what causes the discomfort.  If it gets really bad, I would see a doctor.  At worst, you will just have to avoid eggs ๐Ÿ™

Hope you feel better!

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@SoonToBeMrs.Kiss: ugh that stinks about the no insurance thing ๐Ÿ™ Hopefully you can figure out what is going on with you! For now I would just avoid eggs altogether :/

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My mother developed a similar intolerance to eggs.  They told her it can get worse with each exposure and now she can’t get the flu shot, either.  Avoidance works for now – just check in with a doc when you do get insurance to confirm.

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I have this problem and actually figured it may be a trigger of IBS. I don’t know for a fact I have IBS, but I have a lot of foods that make me rather sick. I often go straight to the bathroom after finishing a meal. Anyway – eggs almost always make me feel sick, but sometimes I’m fine and I don’t have a problem with things made with eggs. I usually just avoid eating eggs or limit myself to only having them when I am at home. It kind of sucks because I really like eggs.

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@flutterbi:  Yeah, I have IBS.  Worst pain of my life occurs atleast twice a month.  I feel like I’m going to die.  Generally speaking, everything affects it, there’s not one piece of food that I can safely eat.  Eggs could be a trigger for some. 

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@flutterbi: The IBS diagnosis is made when there isn’t a specific trigger or type of food or physiologic reason for you to be experiencing the symptoms. Sounds more like you have food sensitivities.


@SoonToBeMrs.Kiss: Egg allergy/sensitivity is quite common. If you’ve found that eggs are the only thing really causing this, then it is likely that you have developed it. It could be the case that it’ll go away, but it’s also possible that with increased exposure that your reaction could actually get quite worse. Try avoiding eggs for a while and then try again…if they’re still bothering you, then they are probably something that you should continue to avoid. Make sure it’s the eggs and not something else that you commonly eat with eggs like bread or milk.

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I was totally going to say food intolerance instead of food allergy, but someone beat me to the punch ๐Ÿ™‚

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I get the same thing. It’s an allergy I developed as I got older. It’s sad- I miss drenching toast in sunny side up eggs.

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