(Closed) upsetting 20 week ultrasound. Reassurance Needed!

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Mrs.H2B  Doctors told my sister the same thing. She and her husband I think both had the genetic markers.  They decided it didn’t matter, but they shared what was happening with the family and asked for our prayers and waited for the amnio. We were worried about a amnio miscarraige and about DS results.  My niece turned out fine. No Downs Syndrome or anything else.  

Dr’s also told her the same thing about pregnancy#2, especially since she was older that time. They didn’t bother with the amnio this time…Again NO issues.

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@Mrs.H2B:  my younger brother was presented to my parents as having down syndrome…he showed more than the “soft-markers” the doctors said they were pretty sure he would have it around the 22 week mark and my parents continued with the pregnancy preparing to deal with that. important note my parents were 34 at the time of his birth. we have no family history of any mental/developmenal issue, except like some second and third cousins on my dads side with autism.. 

my brother came out more than a month early and stayed in the hospital to get his weight up. he weighed under 5 lb, BUT he came out healthy and No down syndrome !! WE got lucky, so it does happen. however, its good to be prepared just in case.

best of luck OP. Im hoping you have a happy and more importantly healthy baby. 

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I wish you all the best. I’m sure whatever the results, you will be a fantastic mom!

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When I was 7 months pregnant, during an ultrasound, they found something abnormal on my sons spinal cord. This was over 20 years ago so some of these tests were not readily available. We had to go to genetic counseling, where we learned this could be an extra chromosome, or a cyst that could simply dissipate. We chose an amino. Not to be abort, but to be informed. I read many of books during those weeks waiting for the results. Books on Down’s syndrome, special needs and  other abnormalities an extra chromosome can cause. It was frightening. Drs with all these big words, tests I would have never thought I would ever have. We were lucky, it was a cyst. It went away, my fear never did. But I tried to prepare. Either way he was my son, and I love the hell out of him.


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@mrs.stormylove:  Wrong its a 2.3% chance. The formula is (1/43)*100.

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I’m a genetic counselor and I have had many patients in your shoes. Most of the time (98%) things turn out perfectly fine. If you are concerned about the risk, you could do some research on Down syndrome so that you’re a bit more familiar with the condition. But worrying doesn’t help you or the baby. The important thing is that you will be a parent and he/she will be your baby. The rest will come naturally.

It is also very very important for you and your husband to know that this is nobody’s fault. Whether that’s scary test result or a child with Down syndrome. This isn’t anything that anybody “did”.

Deep breaths. Try to relax. Your will have a beautiful and hapy baby soon!

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@Mrs.H2B:  I’m sorry you guys are so worried and stressed right now. Try and do something relaxing to take your mind off it for a bit. Reading up on Down Syndrome’s can be very helpful, but if you start feeling anxious or stressed you should stop for a while.

I think its important to remember that your feelings are completely natural. Down Syndrome is far from the worst thing to happen, but it’s still a challenge and it can still be scary to think about. Remember that people born mentally challenged can live long and happy lives filled with lots of love; and remember that people with Down Syndrome are much more capable of doing things than most people realize (it may take them a little longer, but that’s ok). And like

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@JenGirl:  said, if your baby does have Down Syndrome it isn’t because of anything you or your DH did.

The most important thing is that you both love your baby no matter what and you’re both committed to being the best parents possible. Smile

Side story: My mom was about 4 months pregnant with me. She got a call from the Doctor saying they needed to do a test (I think an Amnio) to make sure my spine was fusing or that my spine was being closed inside my back. Mom went in and got the test done. She got a call, on Christmas day, that the Doctor messed up and took a urine sample instead of amniotic fluid – needless to say, mom was pissed and that Doctor wasn’t involved in my birth. I turned out completely fine (health wise).

Sometimes Doctors or machines make mistakes or misinterpret things. It may be that your baby has Down Syndrome or it may be that your baby is perfectly fine; you’ll find out for sure soon enough. Its good that your Doctor is being cautious and proactive, so try not to think about it too much (I know, easier said than done).

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@Mrs.H2B:  Sending massive hugs to you, mama. I totally am with you on amnios just not being worth the risk. Either way, you will be an amazing mother!

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@Mrs.H2B:  So sorry to hear that but you can only thinki positively do not stress yourself out… its only a 2% chance and the measurements being only a week and a half behind isn’t that substancial… Full term is 40 weeks but a baby is only considered premature if born before 37 weeks because due dates are often wrong… so your due date could be wrong by a week and a half meaning that your baby may be developing fine and also every baby is different some babies are born weighing over 10lbs at 40 weeks and other nearer to 5 lbs with both having very different measurements.

Its only a 2% chance and everything else about your baby seems great and healthy and you will be closely monitored so try to relax.

My son was born 10 weeks and 2 days premature and I was ahnded so many leaflets from the hospital who knew that he would be born premature and it was so so scary… warning me about all kinds of special needs and increased chances of autism and just a range of really scary stuff but my son, although his development was initially slightly delayed, is now a perfectly healthy and happy 5 year old… looking back I wish that I had relaxed more.

Best of luck and enjoy your pregnancy

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Please think positive.   For both you and baby’s sake.

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@Mrs.H2B:  I’m the same in that I’d need the confirmation to prepare myself. Have you contacted Maternit21 or Harmony to ask if they might give you an intro rate or lower max out-of-pocket as your insurance won’t cover the test?

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@Mrs.H2B:  best of luck bee, we just scheduled our tests for next week.


Definitely call harmony and explain to them the finances that you’ve been told you would owe. I hear their customer service is excellent and they’re flexible to work with.

Even so, I think the test without insurance runs near 3,000; so although 800 is A LOT of money, it’s still not full price.  And if it’s going to cost you 800 for peace of mind either way, I say F it and just make it happen and be confident one way or the other.

Glad to hear your statistics are improving 🙂 

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My cousin went through something similar, where she had several soft markers (and no DS in either family) and she went on to have a healthy baby girl.

On the flip side, my DH’s coworker showed NO problems with any ultrasounds/prenatal care and his wife had a DS baby – needless to say, they were in complete shock. He was 30 and his wife 29, so they weren’t considered “at risk” for their age.

It’s very easy for me to say, but please try not to be too concerned about it, as it’s something that cannot be changed and you’re just going to drive yourself nuts the rest of the pregnancy. My DH is a physician’s assistant and he said that sometimes doctors love to just look at the numbers, as that’s so much of what their training involves. 1/76 sounds like a high risk, but in reality it isn’t. Be glad, however, that your doctors are keeping an eye on this and that you will have more testing the closer your due date is.

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