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  • Wedding: September 2013

Katyxa:  wow, 10 days? You’re doing better than me, I had my meltdown a good two weeks before. 

and as for the ceremony…Darling Husband and I were talking the other night and neither one of us remember hardly anything from the ceremony! He remembers looking at me and holding my hands. I remember pausing with my dad before walking down the aisle and then just being there with Darling Husband. Other than that it was such a blur, I couldn’t even tell you if people were looking at us or had fallen asleep or went to the bar to get a drink…I didn’t even know which of my MOH’s was standing next to me until I saw photos.  We were just there in our own little world and nobody else mattered. 

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On the day of “bride brain” takes over. At least it did for me. I was happy, beaming, couldn’t stop smiling and ready to be the centre of attention with everyone telling me how beautiful i looked. I donno, you get the hair and makeup done and put on the dress and all of a sudden you are confident and graceful and gorgeous and everything! Hopefully that happens for you too 🙂

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  • Wedding: April 2014

Katyxa:  My wedding was just last Saturday, the the nervous feelings are still fresh in my brain. I had a complete breakdown the last 3 days leading up to the wedding, and was so overwhelmed with the last minute details.

That being said, my wedding day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. My bouquet wasn’t at all what I wanted, the wrong address was printed on the invites so a lot of people went to the wrong place, and my wallet got stolen 2 days before the wedding so i had no acces to money to make my final payments. But in the end none of that mattered, because the second I started walking down the aisle towards my husband, time stood still and nothing could phase me.

Words of wisdom…don’t let too many people in the room while you’re getting ready. All of the people bustling around gave me horrible anxiety so I kicked everyone out except the Bridesmaids.

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  • Wedding: June 2013



1. Try to spend a few minutes alone with your Fiance throughout the day.  I found my first look to be the best part of the day.  It was sweet, emotional, calming and the most photographic part of the day.  I loved spending this time with my Darling Husband (no one else was around- except for the photographers)  and really think it helped calm us for all the craziness that was to follow.  I also spent some alone time with my Darling Husband after the ceremony and before cake was served (more photos). 

2. Realize that not everything will be perfect (people are not perfect so mistakes will happen).   Do your best to focus on what is going right.

3. find that one person in your bridal party that “gets you”.  I mean the person that with a quick glance will know exactly what is going on with you……. (good or bad)

4. Be prepared for stupidity from guests- not all people are intelligent….. and some of the crap that comes out of their mouth at weddings is ghastly…….

5. Make sure you have a list of what moments you want to capture….. and make your photographer is on the same page

6. Be prepared for a few guests to be a no-show….it happens…….

7. Be sure to eat and make sure you drink water throughout the day

8. Check your makeup every once in a while……

9. bring a change of shoes…. a comfortable pair will help make the reception a lot nicer

10. practice smiling….. you will be doing it all day 🙂

Enjoy your day!!!!!!


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Take in as much as you can. I highly recommend taking a second to stand with your FI/DH and just admire the scene. Everyone is there because they love you and your FI/DH. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Some things might (and probably will!) go wrong but they will not matter as much as you think they will. 

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The only thing that matters is the marriage ceremony itself.

Just enjoy the rest.

It’s okay to be a little nervous. 

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  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

Katyxa:  What you’re feeling is totally normal! I got married in Jun 2013 and I was also nervous so as an old maiden, here’s my advice…. when you look back at your wedding day, a very special day, you will be nostalgic. You wouldn’t want your nerves to get in the way; you’ll wish you had enjoyed it more. Whenever I have a big event I’m nervous about I try not to let my anxiety about the details get in the way because it will go by so quick you wish you had enjoyed it more! It’s not meant to be an axniety filled day but a day full of love and family so enjoy!!

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I was incredibly anxious before my ceremony and exhausted on the day of. But it still went well.  The ceremony goes by so fast, and I honestly don’t remember the little details at all because I was so nervous. 

Spends lots of calm, one-on-one time with your Fiance before hand. Make sure he gives you lots of hugs. 

Deep breathing and guided meditations (that I follow on youtube) actually really help me with my anxiety. Even without following a meditation video, when I get nervous, I take a few slow deep breaths and find myself in a better place.

A lot of brides are nervous brides. But thankfully you’ll have all your loved ones with you – sure, it’s a lot of eyes and cameras – but it’s also a lot of love and support. You’ll make it through the ceremony. The really good stuff all happens afterwards anyway. 🙂

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  • Wedding: September 2013

Katyxa:  Honey, here’s my advice. Are you listening? Are you sure. Here’s what you do: *#&%- it!

No, I’m serious. Most of the things we brides worry about are things we can’t control anyway. And even if we could, they won’t matter beyond the day. You have to make an effort to just not care about anything other than getting married to the love of your life. So get some *#&%-it in your life. It will change your whole perspective. So half the programs didn’t get folded? *#&%-it. So your Future Mother-In-Law is sulking for no apparent reason? *#&%-it! So the photographer showed up wearing jeans? *#&%-it!

Girl, make a *#&%-it list! Go out and have *#&%-it drinks with your friends. Take a *#&%-it nap if you need to.  The only thing you will be able to do on the morning of your wedding is wake up and be a bride. Try to surround yourself with calming and supportive people, but even if your BMs are fighting and your mom is a blubbering mess…*#&%-that too! 

Best wishes! I’m sure your wedding will be everything you dreamed.

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