(Closed) Urinary Tract Infection? (Warning: TMI)

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I do. I’m not sure if you are having sex or not, but if you are def. pee after you have sex! It will flush out all the bacteria. Also drinking lots of water throughout the day can help keep you hydrated and prevent UTIs. Good luck! I would never wish a UTI on my worst enemy!

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Busy bee
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Try to drink a lot of water and at least one glass of cranberry juice a day.  

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Sugar bee

I second the cranberry juice. Works miracles.

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Last time I thought I was getting one (as per my prenatal u/a) I REALLY didn’t want to risk needing antibiotics so….

I went to the store and bought a bottle/jug of organic cranberry juice. It was 32 oz. I drank the WHOLE THING in about 1 1/2 hours! Then spent the next week refraining from any caffeine (missed my latte) and drank mostly water.

Next visit I was in the clear. =)

I learned the cranberry juice thing in Microbiology… that if you drink enough of it, fast enough it will change the pH of your bladder/urine and the bacteria cannot live there.

It’s worth a shot! The only issue I had was some major heartburn, but in all seriousness, oatmeal had been giving me heartburn. lol

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Blushing bee

@lunathea:  cranberry juice actually does more harm than good because of all the added sugar. try cranberry pills instead (available at health foods stores, they are usually refridgerated).


@ForeverBlessed:  i’ve made a habit of heading straight to the bathroom after sex, every time, straight to the bathroom. now it’s so ingrained that now i have sort of a pavlovian response… after we’re done i have to pee lol. now i i almost never get uti’s (one since i started making this a habit).

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Busy bee
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I went through like a year and half period of time where I seemed to have them constantly. I take cranberry pills religiously now, also I found it’s not just peeing after sex for me, in fact that made no difference for me…I have to pee before sex. If my bladder is full at all during sex I will have pain for days after. =/ Something that helps me with the pain is odd as it sounds, getting a wash cloth and running hot water over it and then holding it to myself. I do not know why but that will provide hours of relief from the pain for me personally. Also if you have already been to the doctor and been diagnosed they make pills that completely ease the pain (i can’t remember the name) but it turns your pee orange and if you go to the doctor they can’t help you if you’ve taken it. Cause they can’t test it..anyway good luck 

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Yes!  I do!

I would ask your doctor about it.  I found out that I was born with a short urinary tract (well my parents found this out when I was about 3 years old) and a small bladder, which causes more frequent UTI’s and the feeling of always needing to pee (obviously caused by the small bladder).  I have had an operation to stretch my bladder and urethra 3 times now (it needs to be done about every 10 years).  It’s a day procedure that leaves you leaving sore for a couple of days but it has TOTALLY helped.  I started getting them a lot, went to the doctor, figured out I hadn’t been stretched in about 9 years, got the procedure, and then not even one since.

It’s definitely something to look into.

You can also do the regular things, peeing after sex, drinking cranberry juice, etc.

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If you are on hormonal birth control, that could be the culprit.

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Yep, always ALWAYS pee after sex! I feel like whenever I don’t I automatically get a UTI. It’s also hard to get rid of one, so if you’re getting it the next month, it might be that you just didn’t really get rid fo the first one. Cranberry pills do help–if you think you might have one coming on, take them. They don’t do anything once you already have a big infection going though, they are more for prevention.

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@ForeverBlessed: It’s probably the pee-after-sex thing, then. I’ve only had a few, and they were only ever after ‘party time’ where I fell right to sleep. It hasn’t happened for at least a year now, b/c Mr.ND hated seeing me in that sort of pain, and once he learned the pee-after-sex rule, he basically rolls me right off the bed so I go to the bathroom. LOL. Maybe some “teamwork” will help you remember. Haha.

Also, if you feel one coming on (that little tingle/pressure), it helps me to drink a LOT of water. It can help flush it out before it sets in. And even if you do get one, as counter-intuitive as it seems, keeping your bladder full with water does help relieve the pain.

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Cystex works wonders until you are able to go to the doctors.  I also drink cranberry juice right before bed so my morning pee isn’t way uncomfortable.

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