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ignorant person about tipping here (never lived in a tipping country but accepted it when traveling to certain places) but let’s say that the salary for servers is raised form the $2 to the minimum wage and the tipping culture was taken away. While the minimum wage is not really enough to live on  (location etc. probably has an effect) but isn’t there dozens of other professions where the staff gets a minimum wage with no potential for tips? Why would being a server mean that you should get tips automatically on top of your now minimum wage paychek compared to the person working in a shop, cleaners, fast-food employees etc?

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mrspuppylove :  no.

You don’t get paid for the job in many states-you get $2.13 an hour. So your pay is the tips you get. It’s not “extra” income. It IS your sole source of income as a server. Is it really that bad to throw down a couple of extra bucks for someone to be able to afford their bills? Regardless of whether you believe in tipping or not, tips are a server’s source of income and if you don’t tip then they may not be able to pay bills or feed their kids.  So horrible for them to feel “entitled” to more than $2 an hour.

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I’m not from the US so I might just not get it, but why would prices suddenly rise if they paid servers normal minimum wage as opposed to having restaurants rely on tips to pay staff?

In the UK there is a pub/restaurant chain where you can get a burger and chips and a vodka and lemonade for about £7… You go to the bar to order but your food is taken to your table by a wait staff. There are bar staff there that I’m sure don’t get tipped on a regular basis either.. Infact on a slow day, the person who brings you your food, clears the table and makes your drink is probably the same person. 

There are so many places where you can go for meals that still cost £10-20 a person including a drink or two and you still wouldn’t really tip unless you had amazing service or you wanted to round your bill up…

Sure tip a bit of change (after all it all adds up extra), but expecting to be tipped a certain amount is crazy… Like others have said, why should someone serving an expensive dish be tipped more than someone serving a cheaper dish, it takes the same amount of effort…

But hey that’s just how we do things here and it works for us and we are used to it

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I would tip for EXCEPTIONAL service, not for regular. I dont tip at dunkin donuts or other coffee places because i know they are already making $11, which is minumum wage in my state– they only make a few dollars less than emt, phlebotomists and other entry but important medical proffesionals 

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If servers were paid minimum wage (and minimum wage was livable), I wouldn’t tip at all.  

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Daisy_Mae :  Minimun wage for servers is not the same as standard minimum wage. Where I live servers make $2.13 an hr. Regular min wage is $7.25….

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ezasabc123 :  $2.13/hr is what the employer has to pay, but if that $2.13/hr PLUS the tips does not equal out to $7.25, then the employer has to kick in however much money is required to bring it up to $7.25. Honest. This was my career for 10 years.

Here’s an example: Say Jane waits tables for 10 hours. By federal law, she needs to make at least $72.50 for those 10 hours. Because she’s in a tipped position, her employer has to pay at least $2.13 an hour, but the rest can be made up from tips.

  • If she makes $100 in tips, that’s a total of $121.30 for 10 hours, which comes out to $12.13/hour. Her employer doesn’t have to kick anything in because this is over $7.25/hr. 
  • If she only makes $50 in tips, that’s a total of 71.30 for 10 hours, which comes out to $7.13/hour. Her employer will have to pay an additional $1.20 to bring her total up to $72.50 in order to meet federal law. 
  • If somehow she made no tips at all, her employer would have to add $51.20. 

So it’s not a matter of “We have to tip because otherwise the server is only paid $2.13 an hour.” It’s a matter of “Servers usually get tips, and as long as (Wage + Tips)/Hours is at least $7.25, then the wage can be as low as $2.13 an hour.”

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mrspuppylove :  this is how I tip:

really busy and good service – 15%.

Dead and good service – 20%.

Dead and shit service – 15% or less (not typically less, has to be really really shitty).

Really busy and shit service – 15% or less (again depends on how shitty). 

I too have worked in the service industry, restaurant business as runner/server, and customer service.

I know how it feels to be treated like crap and I know that it’s not hard to be nice (on customer end and my own). 

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“Do you tip the McDonald’s person who *serves* you? Why/why not?”

This is irrelevant. You don’t tip based on the logic of the situation, but based on cultural norms and expectations. If you live in the U.S. and go out to eat, you need to tip or you’re being a free rider expecting others to take up the slack for you. I tip 20% or more almost without exception.

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Well when your server has done that the minimum, they get 10-15%. 15% is definitely on the low end for me. I always throw in an extra dollar more than 20% and I ALMOST always tip in cash. I didn’t, but since I’ve become a server I do because I usually just have it on me. You  may think tipping is arbitrary, but as a server we just remember when you do, AND when you don’t. You may not think it’s necessary but I am definitely judging you, and don’t expect me to be your best friend, when I DO go above and beyond and you can’t even leave me 10%. Because 10% is a pure definition of bad service (which if I have provided you crappy service I completely deserve, and any server makes no money if all their tips are 10%, so most servers don’t suck) Secondly I’ve read that people actually will chase you down if you do not tip, I am not one of those people but part of me can’t blame them, the other part of me finds that wildly unprofessional and rude. ) If you don’t want to tip me based on the service I have provided then don’t, but I will not cater to you in the way I would if you’d have tipped me. Also for the record I plan on tipping my bartender 100$ for the entire evening, because I know what it’s like, and it’s really fine if anyone else wants to tip too, because as a tipped employee WE GET IT. YOU WORK HARD AND IT SUCKS BEING A SERVER AND BARTENDER and you make 2$ an hour. It’s worse than your salaried job, we get a check based on if we provided good service or not. Not if we just showed up and did our job to the bare minimum, which when you just punch a clock is the reality. It’s tough trying to figure out if you can pay rent this month, it’s tough figuring out if you can afford that videographer you really want for your wedding. It’s tough figuring out if you can eat this week and pay rent. So don’t tip your server but just think if it were you, and you depended on strangers, if you’d feel the same way. 

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I tip what’s the current norm, so now I tip 20% no matter what. I had a nice meal with a rude server rolling her eyes at me and Fiance nonstop a couple days ago, but she still got $33 from us. So I would continue tipping the norm, which I’m sure would go down if servers went from $2.13 to $7.25/hr. I would think the norm would go down to 10-15% in that case. Also, I was a server for 8 years and understand the work and pay involved so that’s why I give crappy servers a pass, we all have bad days. 

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