US Bees: What is your OB/GYN situation for delivering? One doc or pool of docs?

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My practice has multiple doctors that can deliver depending on who is at the hospital that day. With my first they encouraged rotating through doctors so you knew all of them before delivery. I hated that and don’t reccommend actually doing it. With my second now, I only see the one doctor I like for all my prenatal appointments and my care is much better and much more consistent and I wish I had done that with my first. I learned with my first, the nurses handle almost all your care in labor and the doctor literally came in at the last minute to catch and by the time I was at that point, I really didn’t care who it was. 

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Before I got pregnant I had a similar mindset where I wanted to get to know my doctor for delivery. My OBs office had about 8 doctors and I met with all of them for the regular checkups throughout my pregnancy. The day I delivered none of my doctors were on call so I ended up delivering with a hospitalist (luckily I met her before when I was in for an issue earlier in my pregnancy). In my opinion, the doctor is there for such a short amount of time, its the nurses who make all the difference! Also, in the thick of it I did not care who was delivering, I just wanted the baby OUT. 🙂 


If you switched to an OBs office with only 1 or 2 doctors, there is still a chance you may not deliver with them. 

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I went to a practice with 8 OBs and I think I met 7 of them. I had complications so of course the one OB I had not met delivered me haha. I was perfectly happy with my care but I don’t get anxious around doctors and wasn’t trying to go unmedicated or anything where I needed someone to know my birth plan. I think I would have been more upset if I had gotten to know one OB and they couldn’t deliver me for whatever reason.

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I had multiple doctors. I ended up spending the most time with one doctor because I have anxiety and they thought it would be  best for me to stick to one doctor  as much as possible but I met them all for at least one appointment so that the doctor who delivered at least would not be a stranger and liked all of them.

Because I was an induction though I was able to have the doctor I saw the most do my delivery but I wouldve been alright with any of them doing it if I had not been.

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My OB is part of a pool, and that’s fine with me. With my first baby, the OB I’d seen all through my pregnancy was there for the delivery, but I mostly saw the nurse and the resident who was working with my OB. By the time my son was born, I 100% did not care who was telling me to push, as long as they could help us if something went wrong.

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My OB practice has 6 doctors and 3 NPs. I see my primary OB or a primary NP for all appointments. My primary OB will deliver me M-F 8-5, otherwise it’s whoever is on call. I’ve only met 3 of the other doctors so there are 2 I’ve never met who could deliver me. When my daughter was born I delivered with a doctor I’d never met. It wasn’t a big deal to me. Like you mentioned originally, the nurses are who I saw the most of during labor. The doctor literally got there just in time to deliver my daughter, then stitched me up and was gone. I saw her again the next day during rounds and then my doctor discharged me the following day. 

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At my practice, there were about 6 doctors.  They pooled together with a “sister practice” on the other side of town.  They tried to rotate us through the doctors at our practice for prenatal appointments so we got to know most of them.  

The doctor who delivered my daughter was one whom I had never met before from the other practice.  She seemed very nice, but I only saw her for a few minutes really right when the baby was delivered and for an hour afterward.  Before that, it was mainly nurses who I was dealing with.  My baby was born right before a shift change for the doctors though.  So, when I needed emergency surgery an hour later for a retained placenta, it happened to be my regular OBGYN who had just come on shift.  So she did my surgery.  Other doctors from my practice were there to check in on me in the following days while we were in the hospital.

As an aside, my husband and I took a childbirth class at the hospital, and we got to know a number of the nurses fairly well from the class.  It was kind of nice to see some familiar faces when we arrived.

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bear123 :  I think the pool of docs things is totally the norm. I know very, very few women who had a dedicated OB who actually assisted the birth- think about it too, you could be in labor for 24-48 (or like my friend Sally, 91) hours and that OB has to go home sometime! I have like 10 midwives and 4 OBs and because I liked them all and – very important- trusted the hospital culture, it worked out great with my DS1. I had a lightning fast delivery and still saw 2 midwives in those 6 hours. 

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My OB’s office had a pool situation, I think they spread out shifts among all the OBs in the office since they all work out of the same hospital. Plus my OB was on vacation when my little one decided he was ready to make his appearance 🙂 

Also my experience was like others here and the doctor face time was very quick, the delivery was handled by nurses for nearly all of my laboring.

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I purposely chose a practice that has 3 OBGYNs and 2 NP’s.  They like their patients to rotate through each of them when pregnant, which I am doing.  So far I like them all and prefer this over a change of a complete stranger delivering my baby. I am also in the process of interviewing doulas and plan to hire one for my birth.  I think the support and knowledge they bring will be invaluable. 

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It’s very common to have a pool. I understand how you’re feeling – I felt the same way – but think about it this way. Would you rather be guaranteed a specific doctor but know that that means they’re always on call every single day, every single night. Or work with a pool where the doctors rotate on call nights and likely aren’t as burned out? I got around the nervousness of possibly not knowing my midwife well by hiring a doula. I highly recommend taking that extra money you’d spend on a different insurance plan and invest in a doula. That person will be there with you through the whole birth and will give you that stability and expertise as the staff around you changes. The others are right – it really doesn’t usually matter who’s there catching at the end but I do understand the stress of the idea of it.

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Mine has 3 OBs. You have all your appointments with your specific doctor unless s/he gets called out, then you are offered the option of seeing someone else or rescheduling. Delivery during the week is your specific doctor. On weekends, it’s who ever is on call. Both of my kids were born on Saturdays. The first I got lucky and my doctor was on call. The second she was not and I had never met the doctor who delivered my son… I didn’t care. Haha. I almost had the hospital house doctor deliver because the OB from my office was across town at another delivery. Wouldn’t have mattered to me. Haha.

What does bother me is something that caused me to leave a new practice that I had tried for my second pregnancy and return to my old one even though the new one was way closer. At the new practice, they had 3 OBs and a nurse practitioner. In 4 appointments there, I never saw the same one twice despite all 4 appointments being scheduled with the same person. And absolutely no notice I was seeing someone else until I walked in the door for the appointment. I could not handle not knowing who I was seeing for each appointment. It felt like it was basically a walk in and you got who you got even for appointments. I scheduled all 4 with the doctor I wanted, but only actually saw her once. I have heard my experience wasn’t the norm there, but it was absurd to me that they couldn’t call and tell me I’m seeing someone else before I got there or reschedule like my other practice does. 

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U.S. bee here who selected midwives. There are two of them and I have had appointments with both of them throughout my pregnancy from the beginning. I am closer to one and do hope she ends up delivering me, but am pretty comfy with the second one too. They are always on call and it is guaranteed that one of them.will deliver me.

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I had one doc for my prenatal care and a pool for delivery. As others have said, I don’t know of any practices that guarantee you a specific doc for delivery. Maybe look into a doula so you have someone there you know you will feel comfortable with?

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At the hospital where I will be delivering, there will be midwives and whateve OB is on call. They told me it is improbable that my chosen OBGYN will be the one delivering my baby.

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