(Closed) US Bees who have gone to Europe, how much did your trip cost? How long?

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    Visited for less than 1 week : (3 votes)
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    Visited for 7-14 days : (23 votes)
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    Spent less than $7,500 : (38 votes)
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    Spent $10,001-$15,000 : (6 votes)
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    I spent 17 days in Germany/Austria/Italy, and spent 2.5K back in 2009! But I also got a TON of student discounts!

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    In 2012, we went to Italy and Switzerland for 21 days.  That came out to about 9k.  Recap here for break down.

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    @bmo88:  I spent one month in Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain) in 2008.  I went with a friend, and we stayed in hostels.  We ate on the cheap, meaning we ate a lot of baguettes and fruit with the odd supper out.  We also had a Eurail pass.

    We flew from Montreal to Paris for around $800 return each (arriving in Paris was the cheapest for us).  The Eurail pass I think was just over 500 euros at the time.

    I think I spent just under $6000 for the month, and that included flights, train pass, accomodations, food, activities, etc.  It also included clothes and my backpack, which I still have.  Now we did this on the cheap though.  


    The Eurail pass was great.  Just be aware that smaller rail lines are not included.  We found that out the hard way in Switzerland when we were on the train and realized after that we had to pay for it.  We just booked our rides about a week in advance (we winged the trip for the most part).

    Check out hostelworld.com for good reviews.  We used this site extensively when booking and it worked out quite well.

    As for your cities, I really loved Barcelona and Valencia in Spain, and Berlin in Germany.  Spain had a cool vibe (and lots of candy stores!).  Barcelona had lots of cool architecture.  Berlin had lots of history, which I enjoyed.  Be on the lookout for the free walking tours.  We did them in Berlin, Munich, and Amsterdam.  You’ll go on an hour or so tour with a knowledgeable guide with a fun personality.  They also have paid tours which they’ll tell you about during the free tour (we did a red-light district tour in Amsterdam).  They’re definitely interesting and help you get a feel for what you might like to check out further.

    I would just suggest that you determine what kind of trip you’re looking for – a more relaxing one or a more intense one.  We did six countries in the month-long trip and we changed cities generally every 2-3 days.  It was jam-packed with activities, which was fine and we got used to it.  BUT, you should factor in all the time you will spend packing and repacking your bags, travelling to the train station, waiting for the train, travelling on the train, etc.  It does add up.  So, if you’re thinking of a more relaxing trip I would suggest cutting down on what cities you would like to visit.

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    I spent about 2 months in Europe by myself and spent 5k max, including airfare and unlimited rail pass. But, i did stay in hostels, travel on Eurail, and live on a budget. 

    For 3 weeks, and 2 people, I think you can easily do it for under 7500 as long as you look for deals and plan it out a little ahead of time. Some of the Eurail passes have gotten really expensive, so plan where you want to go and when and buy the best pass for your needs. There are a lot of hostels that offer private rooms and they are way cheaper than hotels/BnB’s. 

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    I’m also curious as we’re thinking about going to Europe next year. Does anyone know if there’s a better/cheaper time of the year to go to Europe?

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    @bmo88:  hi there! We live summers in Germany. SO is German and once there we travel a lot to Italy, France and other countries. Just wanted to say check Condor Airlines which is owned by Lufthansa. That’s where we get the best prices in tickets. Also, Ibis hotels. They are everywhere and normally pretty cheap! Around 30-50€. 


    There is a flight from Denver to Germany (Frankfurt) with Condor for $1,500 round trip. But sometimes you save some money flying to another destination and from there to Frankfurt. I just found Denver to San Juan, Puerto Rico for $500. And from San Juan to Frankfurt on a straight flight with Condor it was $850. So $1,350 and you could add two nights at a Caribbean destination! Lol




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    We did a 12 day cruise visiting Italy,Greece and Turkey for our honeymoon. Cruise ended in Rome and we traveled to Florence and Venice by train. The honeymoon came to a total of $7,600 ; the 12 day cruise was $1,600 pp, plane tickets were $1,000 pp, we paid $1000 for hotels and the rest of the honeymoon budget was spent in meals, souvenirs and traveling expenses.





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    I’ve backpacked Europe a couple of times, and I would do a rental car over a Eurail pass 10 times out of 10 (have done both). That’s just my preference, but for really about the same price (or even cheaper! some of the Eurail passes are insane!) you can be totally on your own schedule, go when and where you want, etc. As long as you get a GPS, I think it’s so much easier to do a rental car. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to take a rental car into every country, but for the ones you mentioned, I think you’d be set. There’s just so much pretty stuff to see, and you have way more freedom. Also, a lot of times hostels/airbnb places are WAY farther away from the train station than you’d expect, and you end up having to walk forever or take an expensive cab or struggle to figure out public transport.

    I think my ex and I spent around $7K for 4.5 weeks back in 2009, but we stayed in some nasty places, lol. And Darling Husband and I spent around $4.5K two years ago when we spent a little over two weeks in England, Scotland, and Ireland–we did it a little nicer, haha.

    We are going to Iceland for 10 days next year, and we’re budgeting $3.5K.

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    Last summer Darling Husband and I went to Europe for 19 days. We budgeted $6k, but ended up under budget. I think we ended up spending a total of around $5000. We spent time in France (Bayeux & Paris), Spain (Ibiza), Italy (Rome, Cinque Terre, Venice), and Poland (Wroclaw & Warsaw).

    Things that saved us money– 

    • Airbnb (almost every city). That saves sooooo much money. We spent about the same on a gorgeous Paris apartment with an Eiffel Tower view for 3 nights (including Bastille Day) as we did for one night in a Paris hotel. 
    • We did NOT bring luggage. We each had one carry-on, and that was it. This saved us money because we flew from Paris to Ibiza, Spain; Ibiza to Rome, Venice to Wroclaw, and Warsaw to Paris. (We decided to fly in order to save time). I also recommend that if you’re taking trains because of the convenience. We went to London a few years back and after dragging our giant suitcase and DH’s golf clubs on the tube, we decided “never again!”.
    • I researched the CRAP out of everything we did. I read a ton of Rick Steeves and took his advice for saving time and money!
    • Our international flights were under $1000 each round trip, which was pretty reasonable.
    • We found reasonably priced meals. After that much time away from home, we ended up getting pretty tired of restaurant food anyway, so we balanced a nice dinner/breakfast/whatever with a chain fast food type place or grocery store finds. 

    Let me know if you have any questions! I’m super proud of that trip; we did everything we wanted to do and came back with money leftover!

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    @bmo88:  I voted for multiple answers based on two different trips! Here’s my breakdown:

    I went to Germany in June 2010. It cost around $5,000 for everything, but I did a home stay, so that wiped out a large chunk of expenses considering that most meals and my accommodation were covered. On this budget I was able to visit two different cities that were about 2-4 hours away from the city I lived in. 

    In March 2013 SO and I visited Paris and London for 10 days. The trip also ended up costing us about $5,000. Here’s the breakdown of that:

    -we stayed in London for most of the trip only leaving to do our daytrip to Paris. If we could do it over again i would probably make the Paris trip one of our last days and fly out of Paris directly instead of purchasing two way train tickets. The train tickets were a huge expense at about $400. i also wish we would have compared plane vs train tickets. We found out that it would have been cheaper to fly to Paris that day rather than taking the train. That’ll be a biggy for your trip since you want to visit multiple countries!

    -we rented a short stay apartment instead of staying at a hostel or hotel. My SO had never been to europe, so I didn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable sharing a bathroom. Fully private accomodations at a hostel ended up being the same cost of a cheap hotel anyway. I’m soooo glad we went this route as we saved a ton of money eating breakfast and lunch at our apartment. We only ate dinners out. 

    -we found an amazing two for one deal that basically all of London was running. We bought a week long underground pass for 45 pounds per person and almost every tourist attraction was BOGO with those passes. I just stumbled upon this deal which may not even exist anymore, but definitely look at different passes for transportation in your different destinations. Just the underground pass alone saved us a ton!

    -familiarize yourself with the cheapest means of transportation in each city. We had a map of the underground, and had we not we probably would have chickened out and spent  a lot more getting to and from the airport by cab. 

    -you have given yourself plenty of time to plan, so choose when you go accordingly. We were going to go in May, but we saved about $2,000 or more by going in March. It was still pretty nice weather wise in both places–no different than our home state anyway. May-September is so expensive, and everything is busy since its the school holidays. I’ve heard the best time to travel to europe is October because its not too cold out but also not as busy (Unless you’re going to Munich lol). 

    -Fly on certain days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be cheaper. also search for tickets in private browsing because if you try to price compare the prices will go up!

    Hope this helps! Either way it will be the trip of a lifetime no matter how much you spend. If I had to spend double what we did on our trip I would. It was so worth it!

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    @MrsN14:  I’ve heard that October is one of the best times to go as the weather is still decent and less tourists are there. It’s the most expensive from May to September. We went in March for about 25% less than it would have cost in May and probably half of what it would have been in July. 

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