I was a nail biter for years!

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laceyjoxo :  I bit my nails for 25+ years. I actually don’t remember a part of my childhood where I didn’t bite my nails. 

What finally did it for me was deciding I didn’t want to bite them anymore (as opposed to just knowing I shouldn’t but not really caring), using nail strengthening clear polish that I put on ever day (nailtek is my favorite brand), and having a fancy nail file EVERYWHERE! I have one in the living room, bathroom, my purse, my car, and work. Any time a nail was uneven or I felt like biting I would file instead. 

Also at the very beginning I would try to notice when I had already bit them. Then slowly I would notice my hand was in my mouth and be like “shit, why am I biting them, what am I feeling?” Then I would notice as I brought my hand to my mouth and stop myself. Eventually I stopped getting the desire to do it. But honestly that process took a year. 

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I get dip polish on mine every few weeks so I literally can’t bite them. It’s worth it to me because I used to be so bad my nails were so short and gross

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I tried to stop for many years. I hated the habit. Some 10 years ago I wanted to stop and I really really wanted to wear Rouge Noir by Chanel. I went out,  I got it and set it on my coffee table. As a reminder. And it worked. 

Btw that nail polish was the worst. 😂 I found the exact shade by manhattan for 1/4 of the price which held up way better and dried an a reasonable time. 

I always loved painted nails and never managed to keep nail polish pretty for more than 24 hours. So I went with CND Shellac. I bought all I needed, watched all kinds of videos and taught myself how to do it at home. That was about 6-7 years ago. Since then I haven’t been without a manicure ever (once for surgery). And I haven’t bitten my nails since. 

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Same. Dip has really helped me. I don’t bite my nails but I pick my cuticles – bad. Dip is so expensive I stopped making my cuticles look like crap 😂

katecod12 :  

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I bit my nails all the time (and badly – sometimes until bleeding – I’m lying it was really a lot of times until painful  and bleeding) until I started really taking care of them. If I had so much as a rough cuticle or a hangnail or nail was uneven or they got dirty underneath then biting would commence. For me I needed to have a nail file and cleaning stick constantly available and I used a pumice stone around my nails in the shower daily and Nivea creme on my hands at night. After awhile of caring for them daily like that – so there was nothing to bite – I started being able to wait if there was a problem but even now I need to pretty immediately care for them in order to prevent biting. I later heard someone say that nail biting is the work of the lazy perfectionist and that was definitely true for me. I don’t use dips and powders and such because I find if it chips/lifts I start biting/chipping it off and underneath my nail is weak. 

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I just regularly get my nails done or if I don’t feel like spending the money will use press on nails from Target. Then biting them isn’t an option.

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I’ve always been a nail and cuticle bitter. So bad that they bleed. It looks nasty and gross. The only thing that has ever saved me was fake nails. It could be gel or arcylic for me. 

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laceyjoxo :  I used to bite my nails until about 10 years ago. What really changed for me is keeping them covered with polish and most importantly- having a file always on hand for if a nail breaks to be able to file it down right away. My nails also used to be super dry and flimsy – they would crack and bend and split. I used to have to keep them covered with polish in order to help give them a little strength. Since taking a prenatal with a huge amount of biotin I don’t wear polish anymore and they are so strong and longer than ever. So keep them covered, file when they start to break or chip, and take biotin!!

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I bit my nails years (old habit from playing violin and not cutting my nails before lessons and then it became a nervous habit).

Pretty much the only thing that worked was investing in lots of pretty nail polish and taking care of them.  I got a manicure and then vowed to keep it up.  So I do my nails once a week – the full shebang while I’m catching up on my DVR.  Got a nice lapdesk, bought a manicure set, invested in quality base and top coats.  I’m not as inclined to bite them when they are pretty.  When life gets hectic and/or stressful, I tend to not do my nails and then I will sometimes bite them, but for the most part keeping them nice is enough incentive.

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I’m with others, I invest in getting dip powder on mine every couple weeks and that has solved my biting issues!

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laceyjoxo :  growing up a knew a girl who quit biting her nails with a bracelet made from soft plastic material we used to call “gimp”. She would just chew on that instead. Maybe try one of those wierd curly plastic hair ties tgst are out now on your wrist, when you want to bite your nails move that down to your hand and chew it instead.

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I realized I am terrible if my nails are bare, but I don’t touch them if they are polished. so I just keep them polished. LOVE dip

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I was terrible nail biter as well. But I decided in Senior high school that I wanted nice nails and needed to quit.

Like you I had bitten them raw and had nothing there to look ‘pretty’ so my first step was to wear fake nails (I got some good quality stick on nails) and I wore them for about 3 weeks.
This allowed my nails to grow out under the fake nails and I didn’t bite my nails while I had them on.

After my nails has grown out I filed them to a nice shape and went and got a fancy manicure that I wouldn’t want to bite and I bought a whole heap of nail files. 
Like anev, I had one in my bedroom, bathroom, loungeroom and pencil case (now I’d have one in my purse and car too), everytime I got a snag or I felt like biting them I filed them a bit instead.

I’d tried several times to quit before that but allowing my nails to grow out and become ‘pretty’ really made the difference because I wanted to keep them that way.

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