(Closed) Using my parents gift to pay off his CC debt – No offer of help from his side.

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Busy bee

I do not agree with it, but somehow many people seem to think that the bride’s side of the family pays for a wedding.  Furthermore, there are those on the groom’s side who have it to offer but do not offer yet spend their time complaining about every little thing.  It sucks.

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Sugar bee

This is confusing. You’re already married so the wedding is already paid for. No? Where did that money come from? Did you save the bulk of it or did he?

Now the gift from your parents…I think what I am feeling is that you are resentful that the money that you received from your parents is now (since the wedding has been paid) going to be used to pay your husband’s credit cards off. What is it that you would prefer to do with the money?

He isn’t working (which you knew), he has debt (you were aware) and these debts need to be paid. If he isn’t working, surely you realize you’re paying his credit card debt anyway – only in monthly increments that continue to accrue interest. Wouldn’t it be wiser to knock them all down and save you in the long run?

What I’m hearing is a lot of him vs her instead of US and OURS and it’s not a great start. You guys need to start thinking as a FINANCIAL TEAM. Speaking of which, that shit with Auntie wouldn’t fly with me either. Either you BOTH agree to do it or you BOTH don’t do it. There is no more me and you to it. You guys need an $$$ intervention.

Note I didn’t mention anything about his parents – it’s irrelevant.

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Blushing bee
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tenshinchan :  oh my god. Did anyone think of a prenup before you got married? Is it too late to get one? You need to protect your I mean YOUR  future! Does he have health insurance? Is he on your plan? Before starting a business I would make sure he figures these things out. I dated a guy once who put his family ahead of me. Did everything they asked, his web design business dried up while we were dating and his family never offered to help him. I cringe when I think about how I stopped contributing to my 401k that year. I can’t get over it that was the stupidest dumbest thing I have ever done. I honestly thank god I didn’t marry him and thank god we broke up. I would have been financially devastated. My fiancé now is so different so much more responsible and we can grow a future and a safety net together. 

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Sugar bee

Postpone or downsize the wedding and transfer the credit card to an interest free one HE pays off. What’s with the savings? If it’s his money he can do what he wants. If it’s both your money take your part and put it in a savings account in your name. Basically unwind your finances from this man as he is a sinking ship 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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get a postnup agreement.. that cc debt of his is his alone. it sounds like he’s adept at making terrible financial decisions.

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Helper bee

I’m confused: when you say you are angry that HE hasn’t thanked your family for paying for the wedding/debt do you mean your Darling Husband or your FIL? 

If you meant Father-In-Law he owes you no money and no thanks. Likely he is trying to teach his son a lesson in financial responsibility…

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Worker bee

It isn’t his parents’ job to pay off his credit card debt. His parents might have different values than your parents. Instead of paying for everything and helping you guys coast through life, maybe they are trying to teach him about hard work and what happens when you are irresponsible. Also, when a man proposes he is basically saying he is ready to man up and take charge of his life, and to take it to the next level. So getting rid of his debt on his own should be the first thing in his to do list.

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Honey bee
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tenshinchan :     His parents may be trying to teach their son a lesson in financial responsibilty.  He needs to learn how to dig himself out of dept.  If he learns that lesson on his own, through money he has earned and must pay off the debt himself, he might rein in what you call his “reckless spending” habit.  Being bailed out isn’t doing anyone a favor.

How do your parents feel about the money gifted to you for your wedding, going instead to pay off his debts?  Are they OK with that?

As far as the aunt, I don’t see why he is setting up a business for her in the first place – much less while she is still in school.  That places a burden on her, no?   If it is such a money making deal, why not set it up for himself, to benefit his future family?

He is not prioritizing your wedding plans or your financial future together.  I suspect if you stay with him this will be a long festering issue unless clear boundaires are set now, and he shows he can respect them.  Saying he will be more responsible in the future is easy – actually changing a long term spending habit can be hard.

ETA – I did find your original post a bit confusing, I apologize if I misunderstood anything.  

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Honey bee
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tenshinchan :  Thank you for the clarification!  Which prickly subject do you wish to bring up?  

– we cross posted – I see your second update now.  You seem to be dealing with it well.  Best wishes as you move forward.

And, my apologies again, I was one of those who misunderstood.  I didn’t even realize you were married!  Sorry!

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Bumble bee
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tenshinchan :  Now that you guys are married the two of you are the family, it’s not about his and yours, instead of thinking that way maybe you should think about what your family wants/needs are and discuss them.

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Busy bee
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He definitely sounds financially irresponsible , but that’s not his parents’ problem.  He is an adult , you are an adult , his parents have no responsibility to help you out of this mess.

Now, I will say this.  Once you married him his debt and irresponsibility became your problem too.  If it’s not too late, take the money your parents gave you and pay off your wedding debt.  Then sit down with your husband and contact who ever you need to  to set up payment plans for his debt.  Have a serious talk with your husband about how to handle money, and if you are the one who is stronger in that suit then you should be the one to manage the finances from here on out, at least until you feel like your husband has enough to of a grip to be apart of that.  I would absolutely not start any sort of business until your  debts are paid off.  

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