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Don’t be scared. Fibroids are a common occurence among many women. Surgery can involve laproscopic removal or embolization. Recovery time is anywhere from a few weeks to about 6 weeks or more, with very gradual increasing of physical activity.

I had them on my uterus and had a laproscopic procedure. I was kept in the hospital overnight and released the following afternoon. I had a lot of pain for the first week (bed rest, with pain pump, no physical activity), was walking around in llimited amounts the second week and returned to work (albeit very exhausted most days) by the third week. The fibroids were large and were pushing against my bladder. I looked about 4 months pregnant

The specialist will give you an idea how intensive surgery will be for your case. If it were me, I would at least ask your doctor to refer you to another specialist that can see you sooner. The best thing to do is put your HEALTH in the priority. Ask the specialist a ton of questions (write a ist out, if you have to-length of procedure, downtime, post-op examinations, etc) and please know that lots of women have had some sort of procedure to have them removed. Good luck

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Last July I went to the ER for some unrelated intestinal distress and the doc became alarmed by the mass in my stomach. She referred me to a GYN who informed me I had several huge fibroids. Over the next several months I had many procedures culminating in a hysterectomy in December. Don’t be alarmed by that. I do not think a hysterectomy was REQUIRED but it was the best option for me at 48 years of age with 4 children and no desire to have any more. I had a PAP which showed some endometrial cells so I had an endometrial biopsy (all clear). I then had a vaginal ultrasound and later an MRI (nothing alarming on there – just about a dozen fibroids). Lastly I had injections of Lupron to halt my periods and then iron infusions at the cancer institute before my hemoglobin levels were high enough for surgery. Finally I had the surgery. I found it to be no big deal although I hear some women are largely affected by it. I basically had the surgery and after a few weeks, never thought about my uterus or periods again…lol. I was driving in 3 days (although not far) and 2 weeks later, it was as if it never happened. Very little pain…very little discomfort and tremendous relief on the bladder which I didn’t realize was affected until it was UNaffected. My energy levels are off the hook like WOW!! now.

You’re going to worry and nothing anyone says will make you not worry. All those biopsies, etc… are pretty scary but remember to have a little celebration each and every time you get the ALL CLEAR and move on to the next test. You’re only 24 so I think the major concern is getting rid of that cantaloupe and keeping the uterus intact. They’ve made so many, many advances in the field I’m sure they’ll do their best. My sister’s surgery in 2001 was such a seriously MAJOR deal compared to mine (6 week recovery compared to about 6 DAYS) – they’ve come that far in just this little amount of time.

Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. If they don’t give you concise replies (they do that sometimes when you’re a youngin), consider switching to a doc who takes you seriously. Keep us posted so we can worry with you.

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I had also gone into the ER for an unrelated illness when doctors found the mass on my uterus. 8 cm fibroid. I had to go into surgery immediately for my first issue which was laproscopic surgery with 2 week recovery. Then went back a month later for the fibroid. However due to its size and position I basically had to have c-section surgery to remove it, which took me out for 8 weeks. 

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Also just wanted to reiterate what PPs have said – fibroids are VERY common and usually nothing to worry about. My doctor was very open to me deciding when I would come back for surgery despite my fibroid being bit of a  health risk due to its position. As long as I didn’t leave it for months and months. She was more concerned about me possibly getting pregnant if I left it too long. We werent trying or anything but because I’m in a committed relationship I had 3 different doctors remind me to use protection until I had surgery. They even pulled my SO aside and talked to him about it.  There just wasn’t enough space left in there. I’m sure your doctor will work around your wedding but will probably lecture you about not getting pregnant until then.

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