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Sugar bee
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To prevent – I took cranberry pills every single day for a few months.  I was terrified of getting one again.  I only had one thus far and didn’t even know I had one until it was in my kidneys. 

Hope you’re feeling better in no time.

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Honey bee
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I used to chronically suffer from UTI’s.  The only thing that will sort-of help is the red pills OTC by Azo.  That or I used to drink a beer or two until I could get to the doctor.  Mine was so out of hand that I had a prescription for antibiotics on hand though.  Really, that’s the only thing that is going to help the pain for good.  Sorry you’re going through this 🙁

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Bumble bee
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Head to the drugstore, there are over the counter meds that provide temporary relief from the discomfort. I’ve had plenty and they are worst!! The pills turn your pee bright orangy red, which is weird, but they work

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Sugar Beekeeper
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They have over the counter cranberry pills that actually take my infections away completely (I know a lot of people get them to ease the pain until they go to the doctors) 

Edit: they beat me to it… but I also use the AZO pills… work GREAT!

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Buzzing bee
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I used to suffer from chronic UTI’s as well. I would take advil/tylenol etc. And putting a heating pad helped me too.

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry you have a UTI… I have an autoimmune disease called IC and it feels like a UTI ALL the time (thank God I’m in remission!) but it comes along with frequent UTI’s. The best thing to do is drink a lot of water, go to the restroom as much as you can (I know it hurts but your flushing yourself out) and try sitting on an ice pack (I know weird lol but it will numb some of the pain). If you aren’t going to your doctor today there is something out in the store called AZO, it’s not a fix but it will numb some of the pain as well. OH and don’t listen to the whole drink a lot of cranberry juice myth.. it helps kill any future infection not the infection you have now.. in fact it can cause more pain in some people due to is acidity. I hope you feel better soon!

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Helper bee
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Sorry to butt in…but i dont think OTC pills make the infection go away.  They definitely mask the pain/discomfort but you’d need an anti-biotic to kill the infection.

I always keep the over the counter AZO stuff handy because you never know when one will spring up.  The downsides to bright orange pee… it makes the pee test results impossible to read, i’ve stained a friend’s toilet seat with bright orange.  Embarrassing!

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Just wanted to chime in and repeat the pp.  Get some AZO or something similar from the drug store.  It is a pain killer for your urinary tract and it takes about a half hour to go into affect and then after it takes affect drinks LOTS of water and cranberry to help get the infection out of your system.

Sah – I was told by my dr to drink it even when it is going on because what the cranberry does is prevent the bacteria from sticking to the inside of the uterine wall.  I agree it won’t take the pain away though, just hopefully make it heal faster.

If you have repeated UTI’s you can ask the dr if you can get  a prescription so you can have antibotics on hand so that as soon as it comes on you can start taking them.  You may also want to talk to the Dr about your method of BC if you are using a barrier method that can increase your UTI’s.  I can’t do anything with spermicide in it. 

Feel better 🙁

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Busy bee
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AZO!  But not the cranberry AZO (those just help to prevent uti’s) like PP’s- the orangey red tablets are the ones that will provide comfort until you go to the Dr.

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Helper bee

Apparently this does not work for everyone (this is not medical advice)! I think it might depend on what bacteria you have, which is why doctors will test for specific bacteria before giving an antibiotic sometimes. BUT:

I get frequent UTI’s and for years I have been getting rid of them successfully using full strength cranberry juice. 100% cranberry juice only, not mixed with any other juices. I drink a small glass (6-8 ounces) of juice 3 times a day for about 3 days. On occasion I’ll need a second bottle to get rid of it fully. But I love this method because I prefer not to use antibiotics if possible, and it has worked for me. I usually keep a bottle of juice in the pantry so I can start using it immediately, before the symptoms get worse.

I do not use cranberry as prevention at all, just once I feel the UTI coming on. I’ve heard it can lose effectiveness if you use it too often, don’t know if that’s true or not.

IMPORTANT! If you start drinking the cranberry juice and your UTI pain is not getting better within a few hours, go to a doctor for antibiotics. Don’t let it continue progressing!

As for drinking water from OP’s question, I’ve personally found that it does help to ease the discomfort. Since you feel like you have to pee anyway, it helps to actually have something to pee out when you go in there.

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Busy bee
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As far as I know the infection can run it’s course with lots of cranberry juice/pills and I’ve even used a herbal UTI cleanse pill from the health food store that cleared it up in no time. That said, it really is best to go get some antibiotics and just the whole thing done and over with.

Also, a lot of women get UTIs, it’s not something really embarassing… I’m sure you could post this under your regular screen name and no one would care.

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Blushing bee

Just chug water!! I usually pop cranberry pills too, which seems to help, but it might also be psychological. Just know that the meds will help VERY quickly. I usually just call in and get a prescription without going in to pee in a cup because I’ve had them before. Good luck!!

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Honey bee
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drink A LOT of liquids once you start to feel symptoms, and get some over the counter pills to help with the pain.

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