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missanonybee53:  Have you checked to see if you have interstitial cystitis…. it mimics UTI’s but there is no actual infection. 

I would avoid the following foods

  • citrus- tomatoes, lemons, limes
  • alcohol
  • caffeine

I would look up the interstitial cystitis diet and see if that helps…….

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I wanted to reply because I went through the same thing as you…I’ve been dealing with them for 12 years now and abstaining for intercourse is not an option…I feel it would stress our relationship..so I researched to find a solution.

I would get UTI’s and get reactions from all the antibiotics, so looked for a natural way (No, cranberry juice and pills dont work)… I came across a powder called D-Mannose which is a natural sugar that doesnt absorb by the body, instead it attaches to bacteria in the bladder so it cant attach to the walls and grow….then flushes it out.

Before intercourse I take a spoon of it with a tall glass of water… then go to the bathroom after with a strong stream to flush my urethra (sorry for tmi lol)…. then have another couple glasses of water to flush again.

PM me if you have any questions….check Amazon’s reviews on it if you don’t believe me. That’s also where I bought it for $25 a bottle. Hope you find relief!!! I know the pain (literally) *hug*


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I was on a antibiotic prevantitive (Macrobid – take once after sex), but my mom’s OBGYN just reccommended what the PP mentioned – D-Mannose.  I got the now foods brand powder from Amazon for less than $15.  It’s literally in the mail now, so I can’t comment to the effectiveness, but I hear it’s a lifesaver.  They recommend twice a day, and I found this review the most helpful:


Whatever you get, make sure it’s PURE D-Mannose, no Vit C or Cranberry to dilute it.

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Also consider seeing a good urologist to combat constant UTIs. I was diagnosed with IC which mimics the symptoms. 

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I came on to post the same thing as californiabride2013 … get yourself checked out for Interstitial Cystitis (IC).

I too was suffering from constant UTIs (or so I thought), and was getting on average one a month. Every time I went to the clinic they put me on antibiotics, even when my tests showed no signs of infection. The actual infections combined with the unnecessary and almost constant use of antibiotics is what my urogynecologist believes triggered mine.

Basically it is an autoimmune reaction where the immune system attacks the bladder. It is a lifelong thing, but thankfully there are treatment options. I started tracking in preparation for TTC, and I have found that mine really only flares up around ovulation and my period. I pop a Pyridium (prescription pain killer that targets the urinary tract) whenever I feel the twinge, but also bought test strips to use at home to confirm that I don’t have an infection. There are also daily medications that you can take as a preventative (for more severe cases), and a diet that should be followed.

I find I can still have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but I need to be vigilent about drinking a glass of water double the size of the other (in order to dilute it enough to avoid too much irritation). The biggest offender for me is anything carbonated. For some reason, if I drink a coke… I am knocked on my ass for days!

Anywho, enough rambling. Check out http://www.ic-network.com/ and ask your doc to be referred to a urogynecologist if you can. IC sucks big time, but I felt relieved after my diagnosis… at least I finally had an answer! Plus, it’s so much better than constantly running to the clinic for a prescription every time you get a twinge!

Good luck!

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missanonybee53:  I don’t know much about IC, but I did get chronic UTIs (about one/month) until I saw a urologist. He put me on a low-dose antibiotic for 90 days to make sure I was 100% clear, then gave me a prescription that I take whenever I have intercourse (which is a trigger for me) and if I ever feel early symptoms coming on. I don’t love feeding my body meds, but this works too well for any argument from me.

Good luck!


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missanonybee53:  I was getting them every month last year, and I was FINALLY able to get them to stop. Basically, I took a cranberry pill, and D-Mannose (after I read about how awesome it was) every day, and tried my best to drink at least 64 oz of water each day.

I found that having intercouse while on my period (sorry I know that’s gross and TMI) supposedly breeds more bacteria. I completely stopped doing it when I was bleeding at all, and they have gone away. I’m sure it’s a combination of all of the things that I was doing, but that specific lifestyle change seemed to be the thing that worked for me. I had tried literally EVERYTHING I could think of.

The D-Mannose is truly awesome. I also buy mine on Amazon. Just try it out and see if it works. There’s no downside if it doesn’t, other than the fact that it isn’t working. Good luck!

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Yes..I second getting the NOW brand Pure D-Mannose. Take it daily and see if it helps. It actually cured my friend’s UTI as well.

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I’ve been prone to UTIs pretty much my whole life due to a kidney abnormality.  My causes appear to be different than what many women experience, as few of the external factors appear to be issues – sex, clothing etc. aren’t an issue.  For me, it’s all about drinking enough and using the washroom enough.  I can go a very long time without urinating, and who wants to use a public bathroom when you can comfortably hold it?  I’ve learned to force myself to just go more often.  Drinking tea – caffienated or not helps, as I find hot drinks for whatever reason make me feel like I have to go way more than a cold drink does.  Alcohol, which I know is a trigger for some is a help for me, gotta pee after drinking!

I have also been diagnosed with another condition, that can mimick a UTI.  I definitely know I have had UTIs before in the past, because samples were taken.  I wonder about some of those times when I was just feeling minor symptoms and I would switch to drinking more fluids and cranberry stuff.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes not – maybe when it did seem to work it was because of the other condition.

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missanonybee53:  Seriously order some d-mannose capsules or the powder. Like the others have said it really is amazing! If your uti’s are related to intercourse, definitely take some before hand,or after if you forget….and hopefully it works for you! It did for me 🙂

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