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I would trust your doctor- they know what they’re doing,and they would not give you anything that would harm your child.If they don’t think it’s anything to worry about, then I wouldn’t worry! Dr. Google does not have a medical degree, but your physician DOES, and they know best.


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It is routine and as long as it is being taken care of there shouldn’t be any problem.

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@fancyfunction:  Step away from the internet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The problem with the internet is that any yahoo with a keyboard can type something and have it posted online for all to read. I think it’s fine to research, but try not to allow yourself to freak out about anything. If there are a few things you see that concern you, I would take those to your doctor at your next appointment and see what she says. Just try to stay calm.

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I’m a Labor and Delivery nurse-we see lots of UTIs.  It’s very common in pregnancy. It is very important to take your antibiotics when precribed and to take them all.  Later into pregnancy a UTI can cause you to have contractions if you don’t treat it soon.

The GBS is also very common.  That bacteria is part of some women’s normal flora (bacteria make-up) so if you do have it they need to treat it in labor because it can be harmful when passed to baby.

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I had UTIs non stop during pregnancy. Oh god, complete agony. Later on in your pregnancy it can cause you to contract so it is something you want to keep in check. Drink lots of water, always wipe front to back and stay in tune with your body. Don’t be like me and let them devlop into full blown kdiney infections by ignoring the symptoms.

 As for the Group B strep you should be re-tested closer to your due date to see if there is still a trace of it. It’s no big deal really, nothing to get worked up about. It’s just one of those thing. 

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@fancyfunction:  I also had UTI’s with my first pregnancy such a pain but easily treated with antibiotics. I also had GBS it is very common and not a big deal. I was just on an IV drip during labor.

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yup i was/am in the same situation as you. had a uti about 7 weeks pregnant ad then i got treatment for it with antibiotics and it went away, hasnt come back sine (almost 31 weeks now) also tested for group B strep later on in pregancy and will be treated with antiboitcs during labor… i freaked out about the GBS too but then my doctor told me it wasnt a big deal and couldnt affect the baby until labor and thats when you get treatment for it.

also they wont have to retest you at 36-37 weeks (normally when htey test ALL women for gbs) because once you test postive for it during any part of your pregancy you will automatically get treatment for it during labor. this is what i read and have heard from my doctor

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I also had chronic UTI’s while pregnant, and like CallmeC, I also ended up with a kidney infection. The mistake I made was assuming that after testing positive for UTI’s (and a suspected kidney stone!) a couple of times while pregnant, that my doctor was automatically testing me for them. I found out they weren’t and started requesting the tests because my UTI’s were usually symptomless.

You’ll still want to monitor UTI symptoms after the baby is born as well, particularly if you’re nursing because it’s so easy to get dehydrated. I ended up in the hospital with a terrible bout of kidney stones and had a few more attacks afterward. Horribly painful and probably preventable if I had spent more time taking care of myself. It’s so easy to forget to do that!

I also tested positive for GBS and had the IV antibiotics during labor. The main downside to that is that some women really like to move around during labor and being attached to an IV can make that more difficult (but not impossible). My labor came on hard and fast so I didn’t really want to move around anyway, but if that’s something you might want to do I would make sure to discuss it with your doctor. Being able to move around (if you’re up to it) can be really helpful in progressing your labor and I would want it to at least be an option.

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I also had 2 UTI’s earlier in my pregnancy.  The first one was when I was about 16 weeks and then another one at 18 weeks (I dont think the first one ever really went away).  I went on Amoxicillin the first time for a week and then on Macrobid for the second one.  Macrobid definitely worked and I’ve been fine ever since.  When I was in the hospital with both UTI’s they told me that they were extremely common to have during pregnancy.

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