(Closed) UTIs make me resent sex!!!!

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Do you do a wee after pokey-pokey?

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Try seeing a urologist and not just a gynocologist. I have gotten UTI every 3 months since I was 2yrs old. I have struggled with this all my life and felt the same way you did. But recently I went to a specialist who actually found that I had an underlying condition.

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I agree, do you pee after you have sex? I have always been told that peeing after sex helps to prevent UTIs.

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You poor thing – I’m so sorry.  I’ve also heard cranberry juice is good but that could just be an old wives’ tale.  I agree with the previous poster about going to see a urologist. 

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Ugh I feel for you, I have the same problem. I saw a urologist and don’t have any underlying conditions, I just prone to UTIs (and peepeeing after doesn’t help). I now take one antibiotic pill after sex and that has completely taken care of the problem. Initially, I wasn’t keen on taking antibiotics, but I realized it’s probably much better to take one pill prophylactically after sex than have regular UTIs, which require antibiotics twice per day for up to a week. This way, I am ultimately taking a lot less antibiotics than when I actually had UTIs. My urologist and other physicians are completely comfortable with it and I haven’t had any side effects from the antibiotics (yeast infections, antibiotic resistance, etc.).


I hope you are able to find a solution, UTIs suck!

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I’ve never had a uti, but everything I’ve read suggests that if you have had multiple UTIs, you are just prone to them and will probably continue to have infections 🙁

I think doctors can give you some sort of low dose antibiotic to take continuously or after each time you have sex. Perhaps find a different doctor. I’m really sorry you’re having such trouble with this!

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I never go on antibiotics. I just pop a couple cranberry pills and drink a gallon of distilled water (8 cups a day). After the gallon is gone I’m symptom free, but during that water drinking session you can’t consume any other beverages (no pop, coffee, alcohol, etc.) I can usually get through the gallon in a couple days. Way cheaper than doctor visits.

About the UTI’s though, if you are getting them that frequently it is problem best to go see a urologist as there might be something wrong. If everything checks out fine, then only have sex with your hubby after he has showered. Some guys overly sweat down there and that can cause irritation or a bacterial build up, so after you have sex that gets passed to you. Also urinating right after sex can flush out those bacteria.

I’ve noticed when I was with an uncircumcised guy I ended up getting lots of UTI’s. When I was with a circumcised guy I got none. I think the extra skin just causes those bacteria to get trapped, but I’m not a doctor. Just my own experience (and luckily the Fiance is circumcised).

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Ok, if you’re doing the right things and you’ve been on multiple courses of antibiotics, then I think it’s time to visit a urologist.

A friend of mine was having this issue (without the sex), and she ended up being put on long-term low dose antibiotics to take every day, and then another type to take if she got the first inkling of an infection coming on.

Unfortunately what can happen is that the lining of your bladder becomes chronically inflamed in little pockets, which make the perfect environment for bacteria to hang out. The rationale is that with the long-term low dose, you control that micro environment and then if it starts getting out of control, you hit it up big time to stop a full blown UTI taking hold.

Depending on what a urologist thinks about what’s going on in your case, it might be recommended that you have a cystoscopy, where they have a look inside your bladder, and if they see any of those local inflammed pockets, zap them during the procedure.

Also, in Aust, there is a product called Ural, which is a urinary alkalyser. Last year when I felt a mild UTI coming on I went to the doctor and she said that because I’d caught it early (and also because I don’t get UTI’s chronically) I could probably just mainline Ural for a while and pee it out. She was right and I didn’t end up needing the antibiotics. Even one of my friends who gets many many UTI’s per year can reduce the severity of an infection by downing lots and lots of Ural. I’m sure there would be something similar in the States.

Sorry for the epic post.

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I had them chronically for a long time. A urologist told me alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food could increase the irritation and recurrence. He had me avoid ALL of these things for 2 months. It really helped- now I only get them once a year or so.

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ughhhh ive only had them a few times and it sucks! i hope you can figure something out. good luck!

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UTIs suck! I used to get them much more frequently (about once a month!) before I learned a few things:

1. Pee after sex every time. Every time.

2. Cranberry juice does help. It has been proven that it makes your urinary track less hospitable to specific kinds of bacteria. Daily cranberry pills (CVS has a generic one) are just as good.

3. Coffee, black tea, alcohol don’t help.

4. You must finish prescribed antibiotics (well, that’s not news).

5. If your husband showers before sex, that’s helpful.

6. Missionary is a position very conducive to UTIs, try others.

7. Avoid using pads or pantyliners, give the diva cup a shot if you’re up for it.

In your case, it does sound like it’d be a good idea to see a urologist. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, it’s no fun.

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I know how you feel. I got UTIs every 1-2 months for many years.  I saw a urologist who put me on the low-dose antibiotic everyday, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that.  After a few months, I would become immune and start getting UTIs again and had to switch.  Once 3-4 antibiotics didn’t work for me, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Are you on birth control?  I randomly read the side effects of the pill that I was taking after being on it for a few years, and one of them was an increased risk of UTIs.  I stopped taking it, and I’ve been UTI free for almost a year now.  Now I always ask whether any medication has that side effect.

So I would recommend seeing a urologist to see if you have an underlying condition. (I did, but even after surgery to fix it, I am still prone to getting them.)  Then I would look at any medications/dietary supplements you are taking and see if any of them could be a contributing factor.

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I was getting UTI’s for awhile and ended up finding out it was related to the lube we used. I don’t know if that could be a possibility for you? So sorry UTI’s are awful

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