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Busy bee
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What about getting a king size bed??? more space for rolling, snoring and dogs to happen!  Fiance and I have gone through the same thing… he doesnt mind the dog in the bed with us, it drives me INSANE when anything touches me when I’m trying to sleep… so… we got a king size bed!  Fiance and the pup sleep on one side, and I sleep on the other.  lots of space and easy solution lol

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Honey bee
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I agree it may be worth it to try to get a bigger bed.  I don’t know how everyone feels about this, but maybe see if you can find one on craigslist for cheap that you could try.  If you liked it and it helped then go out and buy a nice big king bed.  

I heard someone else on here actually got two twin beds for much cheaper and put a memory foam topper on it.   Those help reduce movement so that may help as well.  

Does the dog have a bed besides your bed?  What about getting the dog a nice pet bed or crate?  

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Sugar Beekeeper
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How much are you home during the day? I have always slept with my dogs so I totally get that but if you spend a lot of time with eva during the day maybe you could consider putting her in another room to sleep? She’ll whine the first few nights but she’ll get over it, and you two might actually get some sleep (unless of course it is more the snoring than the dog… if the snoring is going to keep you up maybe some breathe-right strips or a tennis ball sewn into the back of his shirt?)

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Bumble bee
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UGH!  Bf and I got a king sized bed.  Best. Investment. EVER!  It’s like a whole bed for each person. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

We have a California King sized bed and sometimes even THAT feels too small.  My husband has the tendency to snore when he is really tired (which is 99% of the time) and my cats like to sleep on the bed with us, too.  i don’t mind the cats being up there with us, but the husband does.  He sprays them with a water bottle to keep them off the bed, but then gets mad when they pace around the room in the middle of the night because they “keep him awake.” They sleep like babies on the bed, so I don’t see the problem! 

My main point is I don’t know if it’s the size of the bed or the personality issues that conflict between my husband and the cats.  I swear they sneak up just to be spiteful and make him mad sometimes.  And when he is mad, NEITHER of us are getting any sleep! 

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Sugar bee
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Well, considering the hubs and I are in an LDM, we dont’ have this problem too often…but the one time he was home since the wedding, oh my gosh…the sleep was AWFUL!  He slept like a baby ofcourse.  He’s a 6’6″ giant and while I’m only 5’4″, I have a little extra padding that takes up room…no bueno when we only have a FULL size bed. LOL  Thankfully this problem will be solved by the cal king bed I just got in.  I vote with the other bees of getting a bigger bed!

Oh….and about your dog sleeping in bed with you.  One night my husband felt bad for the cat (what guy does???) and picked her up and put her in bed with us.  Seriously???  We’re already cramped enough as it is, he just had to throw in a cat.  But, he was so adorably cute about it, I just had to smile. lol 🙂

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Sugar bee
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We have a king sized bed and it’s def big enought when we invited our two dogs in with us.

My Fiance snores but I can usually nudge him so he rolls over and then he stops. You should have his snoring looked into medically to see if there’s anything you can do.

As for the dog, perhaps it would be a good idea to have him sleep elsewhere. We have ours sleep in their beds in their own room – occasionally we will have them sleep with us (like during thunderstorms) but they are trained to sleep on their own. It might be worth it to work on training your dog to sleep without you.

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Helper bee
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We have a kingsize bed.  That helps.  There is his side, my side, and room for the cats in between. 

My ex’s snoring was so bad that I would actually punch him (in the arm, and not that hard) out of frustration.  That was the only thing that got him to stop and roll over. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

My parents have been married for 36 years. My dad snores. I can hear him down the hall. They realized early on that they needed separate rooms.

I think this is wise even when one doesn’t snore.

Think about it. A nice cozy two bedroom somewhere–more closet space. More personal space…you have many many years together…

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Busy bee
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Getting a king size bed was the best thing we ever did!!  Fiance and I don’t like to touch while we are sleeping – we both get too hot and I hate being sweaty while I’m trying to sleep.  Our 80lb boxer sleeps on the bed as well and sometimes you would NEVER know we were all in the bed together.  However….sometimes the dog has seperation anxiety and needs to be curled into a tight ball right on top of me so…..

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

My husband likes to toss and turn and a lot, and sometimes gets feisty in his sleep (once punched me on the head, while asleep of course). So now on the nights he gets really fidgety, he leaves the bed and goes to the futon in the guest bedroom. We both sleep better that way. I don’t see as detrimental to the relationship, as long we keep it to less than 50% of the time.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2010

We’ve been known to occupy the guest room on occassion.  I love having him beside me, but sometimes I just need a good night’s uninterrupted sleep.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

Earplugs! They make a huge difference when sleeping next to a snorer. Trust me. I used the foam ones that you can get at the drugstore for a while. They’re okay but if you turn over in the middle of the night, they can fall out.

Now I have Mighty Plugs. They’re wax-like and mold in your ears. They’re a bit expensive ($20-something for a package of 6 pairs) but they are the best investment. They work really well. Trust me.

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