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  • poll: Will you vaccinate
    Yes - vaccinations are important to keep my child out of danger : (153 votes)
    79 %
    I will do whatever my doctor suggests : (12 votes)
    6 %
    No - vaccines are dangerous and outdated : (7 votes)
    4 %
    Some - I have researched and will allow for some vaccines but not all : (20 votes)
    10 %
    Other : (2 votes)
    1 %
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    I am somewhere in the middle. I won’t blindly trust my doctor however s/he is a professional doctor for a reason. I also won’t believe every article published that I read.

    The one I will stand by is that your child, your choice. But if your choice of vaccinating or not vaccinating your child means if they get a sickness then by being near MY child gets them sick. Then it’s MY business.

    I think if your child is going to school or be around other kids routinely then s/he should be vaccinated against any sickness/disease that is contagious.

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    I will definitely vaccinate. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. I chose to not get vaccinated before traveling to India two years ago (for quite a few reasons, but mainly because there wasn’t much time left so I didn’t have enough time for those vaccines that required multiple doses spread over a few months) and I was worried the entire time we were there that I would contract a disease. I didn’t, but I felt nervous about it. I honestly cannot fathom not vaccinating future children and having them contract a horrible disease. I know there are so many people so passionate about this topic on both sides, but I don’t think I will ever change my mind on this issue. Anxious to hear what others think, though!

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    Look, I’ve never been pregnant so I cannot pretend to understand how protective a parent feels for his/her child. I see the vaccination backlash comes from a good place, wanting to do what is best for your child. BUT when you don’t vaccinate your child you put other people’s children at risk. Some children cannot be vaccinated due to immune disorders (among other things) and they depend on other parents vaccinating to insulate their child. Also, that autism – vaccine study has been torn down time and time again.

    Darling Husband and I have discussed and we will be vaccinating our kids.

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    We’ve been choosing to immunize on schedule. 

    I have to say it was harder than I thought to mentally go and take her to get shots.  I’m an immunologist and have done a bit of vaccine research at the bench, more on the development of cancer vaccines than on any current vaccine, but it’s helped me do a lot of reading on vaccine studies and I’ve never had a doubt that we’d be vaccinating.  But thinking about your sweet baby getting a shot is nerve wrenching even when you aren’t worried about a lot of the vaccine skeptism.  But for us the thought of shots was a lot worse than the reality thankfully.

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    My oldest daughter is fully vaccinated.  My 5 week old isn’t yet since they don’t start them till 2 months.  I will be super pissed if my baby gets whooping cough etc because some parent fails to vaccinate their kid.  People don’t seem to care that it is not just their own child they put at risk.

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    We vaccinted DS up until his 12mth shots and then held off until it was time to start school. I never had a problem with watching him having to get them or anything like that… but after some shallow research decided that holding off would be less harmful than some of the potential risks of not.

    Considering my experience with, working with, and research of the medical community in my area with pediatrics and maternal care over the last 7 years I definitley will not be trusting my doctor. They over medicate WAY too much and are very much so about the pharmacutical breaks they get.

    We haven’t fully decided what vaccines we’ll be giving our new lo if any… but I just no longer trust the medical or pharmacutical community to be totally for the benefit of the patient.

    I have lots of research ahead of me, as I hear that some vaccines aren’t as bad as others (I know how they’re stored is one factor & another being that some are made from aborted babies or something like that) and that it’s also dependent upon what is given with what, etc….

     ETA: I just wanted to add that I think a major issue is the fact that there is SOOO much change in the brain in the first 5 years of life that we tend to really do alot that can adversely affect that. I know kids that are on pyschiatric drugs for emotional disorders and are in stinking grade school. That and the research given/provided to our FDA is primarily from the pharmaceuticals themselves. Just something that I’m not comfortable trusting someone elses word on when they’re getting a paycheck out of it.

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    A lot of places require vaccinations. When I volunteered at the hospital, I had to have proof of all the usual vaccinations. When my Fiance started paramedic school, he had to bring proof of vaccinations. I’m not sure if these places can completely deny anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated on those grounds, does anyone know? Because that would be pretty limiting for a kid who doesn’t have the vaccinations.

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    All of my children will be fully vaccinated on schedule.  It protects not only them but the people around them who can’t get vaccinated (too young to get them yet, immune disorders, allergies to a vaccine, etc).  Herd immunity is hugely important at keeping these disease at bay.  Look at what is happening now with Whooping Cough.  IMO, the pros hugely outweigh the cons.

    Immunology/Virology/Epidemiology and the spread of diseases is actually a huge interest of mine (if I didn’t want to be a Stay-At-Home Mom, I’d probably go back to and get a masters in one of them or a more general Masters in Public Health).

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    We will fully vaccinate on schedule. It’s way too important in my opinion.  And I will limit the exposure of my newborn to unvaccinated children that I’m aware of (like my nieces) until my children begin each series.  It’s a luxury in our country to have vaccines that many other countries don’t have and suffer for.

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    We’re planning on vaccinating but I’m worried about our baby being around other kids who haven’t been- especially my 3 nephews (who are all under 4). I’m not sure how that works with the schedule of things they are vaccinated for but I know I’m definitely going to have this discussion with my pediatrician. Fortunately we don’t live super close to my SIL & Brother-In-Law but we will obviously see them at family and holiday gatherings. I don’t want to start any kind of debate with them over this topic (they are very confident in their own “research) but I’m not sure how it won’t be awkward to say that I don’t want their kids around my baby. 

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    I think the biggest issue is just that parents are educating themselves on this issue. It doesn’t matter the choice you make as long as you believe you’re making the best choice for yourself and your child – from an INFORMED standpoint. 

    I am just starting my research now, so I won’t debate it, but I’m defintiely leaning towards NOT vaccinating. I heard a good book on the topic is The Vaccination Book by Dr. Sears, there are a lot of good ones at the library. I’ll have to ask my sister for recommendations because she just had her baby, so she has already researched the issue.

    good luck making the decision for yourself!

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    I would vote for the first option in your poll, but I voted other because not ony are vaccinations important for YOUR children, they’re important for EVERYONE ELSE’S, too. Too many babies die of whooping cough because their older siblings’ playmates weren’t vaccinated and passed it on to them (prior to the infant being able to be vaccinated against it). Too many younger children suffer long-term consequences (and even death) due to completely preventable diseases (ex. mental retardation following encephalopathy because of measles, sterility because of mumps, etc.), either because their parents didn’t vaccinate them, or because they were too young to get the vaccine and someone else’s parents decided not to vaccinate. Herd immunity is extremely important to keeping our children safe!

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    I’m in nursing school about to go through about a million vaccinations because my parents didn’t follow up after I was a certain age. That being said, I’m in the middle. I would definitley educate yourself, but also talk to different doctor’s to see what they think.

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