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  • poll: Will you vaccinate
    Yes - vaccinations are important to keep my child out of danger : (153 votes)
    79 %
    I will do whatever my doctor suggests : (12 votes)
    6 %
    No - vaccines are dangerous and outdated : (7 votes)
    4 %
    Some - I have researched and will allow for some vaccines but not all : (20 votes)
    10 %
    Other : (2 votes)
    1 %
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    @miss-spunkin: Just so you know, Dr. Sears advocates vaccination, just on a different schedule.

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    I am most certainly in the camp of “I will do my research, and then choose ONLY the ones I feel would be best for my child.” 

    They will get a few, but not all of them.

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    @miss-spunkin: On “Dr.” Spears: & “Dr Sears bases his recommendation to delay the measles vaccine (thereby necessitating splitting the MMR) on a 1998 study reported in The Lancet, by Dr Wakefield suggesting that persistent measles virus in the intestine may be the trigger for autism, citing an association between the two entities.” (source: This study (and the “scientist” who conducted it) have both been thoroughly debunked themselves.

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    @Jenniphyr:  2nd!  I’m not a fan of “Dr. Sears” vaccination ideas.

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    The initial “link” between autism and vaccinations was made by a corrupt, fraudulant doctor using scientifically invalid research procedures. The study was retracted and Wakefield lost his medical license. There has never been another study that showed an link between autism and vaccines. These are facts.

    The view that these are vaccinations against “old” diseases that are no longer problematic is just flat out wrong. There have been major outbreaks of measles, pertussis, etc. Babies and others who cannot be fully immunized are put at risk because parents listen to a fraudulant doctor and Jenny McCarthy. 

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    Everyone makes their own choices when it comes to raising their kids. Where I have an issue with non vaccination of kids is that another parent’s choice can affect my child. Whooping cough is a major problem at the moment and it KILLS babies. These babies are too young to have full immunisation, they depend on herd immunity to protect them. By not immunising you are asking other parents to carry part of the risk for your choices.

    The pp who weren’t sure what to say to relatives with unvaccinated kids – ” I’m sorry but I can’t expose my baby to that risk. As a parent I am sure you can respect my decision and understand that this is a consequence when you decided not to vaccinate”.

    A pp said they would be pissed if their baby caught whooping cough – terrified, devastated, scared to death would be closer to the mark for me.

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    My daughter is fully vaccinated, but I chose to space out her vaccinations. I hadn’t even heard of Dr. Sears at the time I decided that, it just seemed like SO much for a little body to handle. She never had 4 at a time or a “super shot” or anything like that. People said don’t vaccinate her, it causes autism and I said “I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one.”


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    The National Academy of Sciences recently released a comprehensive report on vaccinations & adverse effects for those who are interested: (You can downlod it for free.)

    If you need information on topics like this, going to sources like NAS and NIH are the best options for accurate, non-biased facts and recommendations. Too many parents do their “research” by watching Oprah and listening to Jenna McCarthy…

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    @Jenniphyr: I haven’t read the book myself. I loved his Pregnancy book, Attachment Parenting book and The Baby Book. I’ve only heard good things about it, which is what I said. I haven’t read it yet, I still will, but of course will form my own opinion on it. 

    @beekiss: Have you liked any of his other books though? I found his other books very information and interesting. 

    oh, and just in case anyone thought for some reason that I believed it, I didn’t say anything about believing there is a correlation between autism and vaccinations – like I said, I haven’t researched the issue enough. 

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    I will have my future kids get most vaccines, but I’ll space them out.  My vet won’t even give my dogs more than 2 vaccines in a visit, if they need more than that we come back in 2 weeks for the rest. He does that to not overload their system and if there is a reaction it’s easier to tell what caused it. I am NOT going to give my child 5, 6, 7, or 9 vaccines in one visit. Do they really give those all at one visit?! I’m looking at the CDC chart:

    Some vaccines we probably postpone for a few years. (Like Hep A & B)

    It’s definitely a subject I will research more in-depth if/when I get pregnant.

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    Yes, she will be vaccinated. I know one thing, one of these unvaccinated kids better not give her anything or I’ll be effin pissed. If they aren’t vaccinated, they shouldn’t be near children anyway, not in a school,daycare,etc.

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    I will also immunize my child(ren), probably on the recommended schedule, although there is a chance I may decide to space things out a bit. I will also request anyone in contact with my un-immunized child, have their immunizations up to date. I think it might ruffle some feathers when I request that other people be immunized, but my child, my choice.

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    I did pediatric nursing and pretty much majored in vaccines with my job. We will vaccinate. If we adopt a newborn I will be going by a different schedule though bc I’m not ok with the amount the are given in the beginning. I believe in vaccines bc there are now outbreaks of whooping cough and even measles have been reported. The pros outweigh the cons for me.

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