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Oh oh duh and sweet potatoes… there’s SO much that can be done with sweet potatoes.

Oh oh…peanut sauce with the pot stickers? 


Yeah, so I’m just rambling on over here.


Guacamole and house-made pita chips


Apple butter and biscuits or bread? yummm

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We had a vegetarian family style dinner, with some vegan items. Everyone seemed very happy and well fed, and I heard from a number of meat eaters that they had only realized retroactively that there hadn’t been any meat.

Cocktail Hour – some passed, some displayed

  • thin crust pizza
  • mini polenta cakes with mushroom ragout
  • arancini
  • bruschetta
  • cheese platter
  • sun dried tomato & basil pesto and pine nut dips
  • fresh bread & raw vegetables

Antipasti – family style

  • caprese salad
  • marinated vegetables
  • assorted olives
  • white bean  salad

Soup – individually served

  • lentil soup + bread 

Main – family style

  • gnocchi with a wild mushroom cream sauce and truffle oil
  • farfalle with (vegified) puttanesca sauce 
  • cheese crostata
  • grilled seasonal vegetables
  • green Salad 

Dessert – buffet

  • petits fours
  • ‘cake’ (actually a croquembouche)

You can definitely do this! Keep playing around with your menu till you get a balance you like, and don’t be afraid to ask family and friends when you get stuck with questions like “what is warm and goes well with X, Y, and Z?”.

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Kale Chips for the bar!  Genius, I loveeeee Kale chips!


Mushroom and Leek empanadads holy smokes…


Vegetable lasange – YES, my friend makes vegan lasanga and pizza and it’s delish
Butternut squash ravioli is DELICIOUS – you can make a ravioli station or a bunch of different ravioli options – mushroom, butternut squash, etc.. they’re delicious and I can’t imagine any meat eaters would feel like they’re missing out!

I once made Swiss Charg, Leek and Goat Cheese stuffed portabella mushrooms and it was AMAZING.  I know goat cheese isn’t vegan, but I’m sure you can replace it with something else.  Here’s the pin for the recipe:  http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733238427/

Also for the bar, Spicy Roasted Chickpeas: http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733146336/

Mini Chicken Pot Pies (sans Chicken): http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733998003/

Spaghetti Squash as an option so everything isn’t pasta: http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733970767/

This soup:  http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733633474/

TLC’s 10 fall vegan recipes:  http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/10-vegan-recipes-for-fall.htm

Sometimes I think I could become vegan.. but I know I can’t give up seafood or cheese, alas. 


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vegetarian paella works really well, is hearty and uses a lot of veggies while still being an option lots of people would like. I went to a vegan wedding, and they had little roasted tomato, basil, and artichoke skewers for canapes along with tamales, pumpkin ravioli, some type of risotto or rice dish (I don’t really remember), bread, salad, stuffed mushrooms, and roasted asparagus. Mexican food could be a good direction, or Italian.  

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@bretonvirgniia:  Sorry in adv for the threadjacking – can I ask you, since you’re vegan, what do you do about cheese?  It’s really my fave.  And I’ve tried some of the substitutes and I just can’t… they’re really gross, no offense.  Do you just not eat cheese?  Are there good and bad substitutes?  Do you stop missing it once you stop eating it?

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I’m going to start with: I’m not a vegitarian.  I come from a family of meat eaters (though my parents have cut way back for health reason in the last year) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating animals or animal products. – I’m not looking to debate, it just seems that you should know where I’m coming from!

Now that that’s out of the way… I have no problem eating a plant based meal.  I often find these dishes to be super tasty!!  I believe it would be incredibly rude for someone to stand up at your wedding and yell “Hey, where’s the beef?” (Although I can imagine a few of my friends thinking it was a funny joke.)

I would LOVE some of the menu items suggested by the PPs.  I am a big fan of pumpkin, especially in late September – November, and I always think squash recipies have a homey feeling.

Personally, I prefer and enjoy plant based meals MORE when they aren’t “trying to be meat.”  I’m not a fan of tempeh loaf, or portabella burgers – not because they aren’t tasty, but because I’m comparing those things to the meat versions.  Maybe everybody doesn’t do it, but I know that I’m not the ONLY one – a lot of non-veg people are disappointed by the direct substitution – Oddly enough we’re happy with the same meal when it’s given a name of its own and the presentation is a little different.  This might be something to keep in mind, since you’ll be feeding a bunch of meat eaters.

The only ways I can imagine being put off by a plant based meal are:

  1. It comes with a lecture. (A wedding isn’t the place for that, and I’m sure you wouldn’t lecture your guests, it’s just a pet peeve about the conflict with veg/non-veg folks.)
  2. Main dishes were all made with a meat or cheese substitute (It’s not just a texture/familiarty thing – most are soy-based, and there are some heath reasons I avoid it – some of your guests may be trying to avoid soy too.)
  3. The caterer was lousy and the food wasn’t tasty. – It sounds like you have an awesome caterer though.

I’ve had many, many delicious meals that happen to be vegan (one of my favorite restaurants is an Indian place that serves no animal flesh or dairy products), but when someone tells me “Oh, it’s a vegan meal” I might raise an eyebrow and taste it hesitantly.  Perception is weird.  I think that if you don’t highlight the fact that it’s a vegan meal, people will just eat it and comment on how delicious your food is – and I’m assuming that’s your goal!

Feel free to tell the haters “I promise, there will be food that you’ll enjoy!” when they moan about you not serving steak and chicken.  Because, if this thread is any indication of your menu, I bet it’s true!

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I’m a former veggie (never vegan) and just wanted to add support to your idea of doing vegan family style, and of not doing too many meat substitutes.  We did family style (not vegan or veggie- we had chicken and fish options, but no beef or pork) and it was great.  If you have the option of doing round tables rather than rectangular, that will help.  The veggie options will be so lovely that time of year, I doubt people will notice.  When we hosted our engagement party last year, I think most people who came had a veggie dinner (I made LOTS of different dishes, and only one appetizer, plus chicken drumsticks, were the only meat options), and everyone raved about the food.

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@bretonvirgniia:  lol hrm, I will definitely try them out.  If I could quit cheese.. man.. cheese is so bad for you, my life would be completely different lol! 

The PP who suggested Indian food is a genius.  I love Indian food and they have tons of vegan or vegetarian-you-can-probably-turn-vegan options.  I love a dish called Chicken Tikka Masala, I believe it’s made with a spicy curry sauce and coconut cream?  Instead of chicken, you can do chickpeas or another substantive vegetable like that, perhaps? 

Ugh, so hungry.  lol

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@bretonvirgniia:  If there are folks coming who might be uncertain / opposed to vegan food, maybe leave off the ‘vegan reception’ part of the note and just ask about food allergies. (“Dinner reception to follow; please note any food allergies” or something along those lines.) Don’t give them a chance to decide ahead of time that they’re not going to like it! Like a previous poster said, we had a mostly vegetarian meal, and some folks didn’t notice until well afterwards that they didn’t have any meat and that they didn’t miss it. But some of those same folks would definitely have made a stink about it not being a real meal without a steak or whatever if they knew ahead of time that they were in for a vegetarian reception.

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Lots of great ideas already.

Pumpkin & kale coconut curry served over Jasmine Rice

Something Spanikopita like (you can make traditional and skip the cheese or be creative with the fillings)

Chinese cabbage salad with rice noodles

artichoke stuffed new potatoes

potato samosas

herbed mushroom pate on crustini app


OK they all dont “go together” but they are good foods that can be pieced with other items to make a complete meal.

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My Fiance is a vegan so we are doing a mixed menu. His meatless entree option is cauliflower “steak.” During our tastings, even my mom was excited about it. And it’s a bit more heartier. 

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