(Closed) Vegan Hissy Fit! Nut and berry allergies! Heart attack healthy requirements!

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Tough shit, they can go hungry. They could’ve handled this very nicely (i understand being allergic to things–that freaks people out!) but to handle it like such hoosiers, well, very trashy indeed. NO CLASS. Tell them they can just eat an early snack, watch everyone else nom on mutilated animals and things they can’t eat (maybe they can have cake? oh wait, cake has butter+milk, tough noogies) and eat at home. Then again, STAYING home would be much easier. BOo on them

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OK, seriously…You are having a wedding..people are welcome to come and enjoy the FREE meal you are providing for them.  I understand that if someone in your immediate family has some dire reaction you may need to tweak your menu, but these reactions that your getting are just stupid.  Your a better person than me, I would tell them that they should stop by the vegan low fat health food store before the wedding and FEED THEMSELVES if they are so concerned.  No one is forcing them to eat at your wedding.

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Bumble bee
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Yeah, it isn’t that those people contacted you with concerns, but how they did it. I don’t exactly see how that food is bad for one’s heart. I understand the allergy concern, especially if they are very sensitive. The vegan thing though, jeesh! If she had contacted you and said “Hey, sorry to bother you. My family is vegan, however nothing on your menu is. Is there anyway we can arrange a seperate meal?”, very kindly, that would be a different story. BUT she went all crazy and if she’s that hardcore, do you really want her there calling all your meat eating guests murderous and promiscuious?

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That is being way too picky. I am a vegetarian, and not once have called to complain about anyone’s menu. If I was concerned about food choices, I would eat a snack beforehand just in case. If I have questions about what the food contains, I politely ask the catering or wait staff at the event (Excuse me, do you know if the soup is vegetarian? No? Thanks for checking for me, I appreciate it.) I would not expect someone to change their menu for me.

If someone has special diet needs like allergies, they should just note it on the reply card and check with the waitstaff or catering staff if they’re not sure about something.

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Wow. Just wow. Who does that?! Yeah, I would want to go ballistic on your FI’s cousin’s wife too. I hope if they do go to the wedding, that they don’t make all the meat-eaters feel bad for enjoying their dinner!

Your menu sounds AMAZING. I think your guests are lucky that you have put a lot of thought into the food and are taking their preferences into consideration.


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I’m a vegetarian and even I kinda want to come to your wedding and sample everything 🙂  It sounds delicious!

SERIOUSLY though, people with extreme diet restrictions should know by now that they may need to eat in advance in situations like this.  How ridiculous!  We went to a wedding two weeks ago & there wasn’t a vegetarian option on the menu.  My salad course was great & I ate a loaf of bread (kinda) for dinner.  Who cares?  It’s ONE MEAL PEOPLE!

Sorry 🙁

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Hahaha, I had a few people call with “special dietary requirements” and I told them they could bring their own dinner if they were worried. They said “We can do that?” Yes you can do that! If our caterer has a problem with it, I will tell her to shove since she’s charging me and arm and a leg as it is.

The vegan one is just ridiculous though! Get over it lady, bacon is delicious!

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Sugar bee

Wow, craziness.  I can kinda see the first two at least contacting you but not in the repeated way they did.  And a couple people with serious nut allergies I’ve known just bring their own stuff when food is being mass produced because you never know when things get stressful if food or hands that have touched one thing….. but from the people I’ve known they take precautions themselves and don’t expect or try to threaten you or make you stressed out about their death if you’re not eyeing up the caterers at every moment. 

About the last cousin…..she sounds like she has some major issues.  You don’t walk into someone’s house (or someone’s party) and act like a complete spoiled brat and say you have to do it my way or you’re disrespecting me. 

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Wow. You’d think these people were coming to stay with you for a month rather than eating the dinner that you are providing at your wedding. No one is going to die of a heart attack if they eat something fatty, vegans should be pretty used to food being difficult when eating out (though it does sound like you might want to make your vegetarian option vegan since there are so many of them), and notifying the caterer about allergies should be sufficient.

I’m trying to address all concerns ahead of time. I know there will be some complaints. We’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres and I know there will be some people that just want to sit down with steak and potatoes. But that’s just not me and it doesn’t fit for our style. We’re trying to have a variety of foods where there will be something for everyone (although most people won’t like EVERYTHING). As for food sensitivies: more than half of our items are vegetarian and we’re having separate plates made up for our two friends with gluten allergies.

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