(Closed) Vegetarian Faux Pas? Please Help!

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  • poll: Is having an all vegetarian reception an etiquette faux pas?

    Yes- Your reception is for your guests-respect their tastes

    Yes- Only if you don't provide one meat option for your guests who dont share your beliefs

    No- It is only one meal;also it is free they shouldn't complain

    No-If you are morally against animal consumption then don't pay for it on your wedding day

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    If you make sure you have a good, main-dish vegetarian meal — or a couple of main-dish vegetarian options, it’s fine. You can serve delicious risottos, pasta-based dishes, hearty squash based dishes, etc., as main courses. If you go out of your way to make it delicious and beautifully presented, very few people (with the exception, perhaps, of the paleo crowd) will mind there isn’t a meat entree.

    That said, you don’t get to complain if you are asked to a paleo wedding, right…? Laughing Nothing but slabs of bloody red steaks (yum!) and racks of widdle baby lamb chops, delicious veal, pork belly and bacon jam sammies, etc. (that pork PBJ is AMAZING! Absolutely amazing. Just sayin’.)

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    My suggestion is that you inform your guests ahead of time that no meat will be served so they can eat ahead of time in case they don’t like what you are serving. 

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    I have been to TWO wedding receptions that were all vegetarian.  The food was so good that I don’t think I even noticed until someone said something at the table honestly.  It was delish!  Eggplant Parm was awesome.


    I do not think asking meat eaters to go veggie for a night is inflicting your beliefs on them or asking them to make a sacrifice, as if it were the other way around.

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    I think as long as you have something kind of “hearty” available that will be fine. Most people like pasta, cheese enchiladas, or maybe little pizzas/flatbreads and those don’t need meat, you could also amp up the desserts. I would think people would hardly notice unless a big deal is made of it, or if they are left feeling deprived- like just given salad and cheese or something. IMO people who feel something is missing without meat in a dinner are typically just missing that sense of eating something heavier. What a lot of meat eaters misunderstand when they think of “all-vegetarian” is they are imagining just vegetables. We are not vegetarian, but we are foodies and healthy eaters, and are thinking of just doing a fish option and a ratatouille because honestly when is the chicken at a wedding ever great? You could keep a beef option on request only…like what they always do to vegetarians, haha.

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    It’s YOUR wedding, just serve vegetrian food! Carnivores for whatever reason feel like food has to have meat to be good… prove them wrong!

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    The best food is vegetarian ANYWAY :oP


    If it’s against your beliefs, don’t do it. If you were a recovering alcoholic or a Mormon, no one would complain that you didn’t serve booze. As long as you don’t bust out the tofurkey and soy meat galore, it’s fine. There are SO many great Italain, Asian, and Indian options that don’t involve meat without shoving in fake meat substitutes. Serve something delish and prove the carnivores wrong!

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    @futuremrsfitz18 – There’s a big difference between being denied a meat option and being denied food.  No human can survive on a solely carnivorous diet.  Most humans are actually omnivores – meaning, just because you like to eat meat, it doesn’t mean you *can’t* eat vegetables.  In fact, lots of people who like meat also love vegetables, and eat vegetarian food all the time,  Mashed potatoes!  Bread!  Mushrooms!  Pasta!  Salad!  Carrots!  Corn!  Rice!  All of these things (and more) are not just vegatarian, but vegan, and meat eaters the world over still manage to choke them down.  Make it vegetarian and you’ve got eggs, cheese, cake, butter, and more.  Most people eat vegetarian food all the time, so I don’t think anyone will go hungry because the meat is missing.  I onlt know one person for whom that wouldn’t be true, and it’s because she has some severe allergies to fruit and vegetables and she has trouble even when there is meat because people tend to serve meat with other things. 

    OP – It’s more important to have GOOD food that EVERYONE can eat than to accommodate the tastes of some people.  When I have dinner parties, I always opt for the most inclusive possible menu so everyone can eat everything.  I once had a party with a vegan and someone who was allergic to gluten.  We still had pie – pie that everyone could eat, no less!

    I just wouldn’t bring up your moral and ethical stance at all at any point.  Just pick a menu you think will be delicious and have some options.  If people feel judged, then that’s their issue.  They’ll survive one night without meat!  If anything, include a line on your invites for dietary restrictions, in case anyone has celiacs (if you’re centering the meal around a pasta dish, for example) or other grain/bean/dairy/allergy issues.

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