(Closed) Vegetarian Faux Pas? Please Help!

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  • poll: Is having an all vegetarian reception an etiquette faux pas?
    Yes- Your reception is for your guests-respect their tastes : (46 votes)
    8 %
    Yes- Only if you don't provide one meat option for your guests who dont share your beliefs : (75 votes)
    14 %
    No- It is only one meal;also it is free they shouldn't complain : (190 votes)
    35 %
    No-If you are morally against animal consumption then don't pay for it on your wedding day : (237 votes)
    43 %
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    I feel like people get mad when there is no Vegetarian option, so it should go both ways. I think it should be equal, there should be options for all diets. And I think it’s kind of rude to scoff and say people can go without meat for one meal, of course they can, people can also go without veggies for one meal. It’s no ones business. I think you should include options for everyone, just like you would want them to do for you.

    However if you’re not willing to do that, (I also would suggest not being upset with future relatives aren’t willing to compromise for you either.) then serve a large variety of food, with pastas,fruit, etc  so people won’t feel like they are missing out.


    I wouldn’t really care as long as there was filling food, more than salads and raw veggies haha. I’m a happy eater so I’m pleased regardless.

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    I’d say if you care THAT MUCH, yes that is against etiquette. How would you feel going to an I-love-meat reception without something besides a bowl of broccoli? Bored n hungry.

    Myself, I would dig a veggie reception. I eat everything! But my SO? He’s a red-blooded, “want my steak to moo when I cut it”, sorta guy who would be baffled and horrified if there wasnt even a chicken option.

    But if your personal morals tell you to say “tough shit”, I say you go girl 🙂

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    It is one meal… There are a lot of vegetarian meals that are very satisfying. 

    There are no rules of etiquette that say meat has to be served. 

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    I think it should be fine as long as you provide at least one “familiar” option, such as pasta. Who doesnt love pasta? Those who feel comfortable enough to order the portabella mushroom can do so (I’m not brave enough) and those who are miffed about the vegetarian theme will feel slightly more comfortable with a dish they are used to.

    I will say that my strongest memory of any reception is always the food. If I was unhappy with the food, I don’t remember the reception fondly. If offering a second option is out of the question, maybe opt for popular sides. If your guests are southern, you cant go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned starch!

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    Just an update:  At our first ceremony, a hindu ceremony, we did not give our guests a heads up about the menu in advance, unless they specifically asked, and then I just said, “indian food”.  We served all vegetarian Indian food, as a hindu wedding should be meat and alcohol free.  At elast 60% of the guests are americans (so, may or may not like spicy food), and probably 75% of the guests are not vegetarian, and……wait for it…..


    I literally did not hear one word of complaint, although one of my friends later said that her boyfriend had stomach problem after the fact because of all the spicy food.  But he liked it going down!!  And she told me that, not in a complaining way, but in “he’s so lame” way. 


    So, I stick with my earlier advice: serve what YOU want.  If it’s enough food (we had about 10 different vegetarian dishes to choose from, buffet style, plus bread, plus 2 desserts), they will be thrilled.

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    I went to an Indian wedding where they didn’t have any meat and I was fine with it, didn’t even think about it actually (I’m a steak lover). My focus was being there for my friends and if they are veggie lovers then so be it. The food was delicious. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Plan your menus the way you want to. If someone wants a steak, they can order room service later on that night!

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    If it was an allergy or something, that’d be different. These are your morals though. Nobody would expect a Jewish couple to serve pork, or Muslims to serve alcohol. If you’re against the torture and death of animals (as I am) then you shouldn’t have to support it, wedding or not. If people are THAT offended that you wont be serving meat, then that’s their problem. Everyone eats vegetables (and if they don’t, they should).

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    I think you are doing the right thing and I know others who have done this too. You are vegetarian and you are hosting the party so you serve what fits with your beliefs. Thank you for caring for animals 🙂

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    Faux-pas shmaux-pas, I’m not vegetarian and I love vegetarian food! I don’t understand why not being a vegetarian means you absolutely must eat meat at every meal. I think if the food is delicious people will love it and it may open up their eyes to a whole new world of food possibilities. 

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    I think the reason vegetarian dishes are expected at weddings is because vegetarians do NOT eat meat at all. Meat eaters still eat a varied diet, it’s not like they’re committed to only eating meat. Furthermore, i’m yet to hear anyone say that they refuse to eat a meal without meat or that they have a moral objection to eating vegetables, pasta, rice, fruits ect.

    I’m a vegetarian and will be having meat at our reception, BUT I actually don’t see a problem with a vegetarian reception, provided that there are multiple dishes to choose from, so nobody has to eat steamed brocolli.

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    My husband is a meat eater. He loves his steaks. However, as long as the food is good and there’s enough to fill him up, he doesn’t mind if there’s no meat in the menu. He’ll complain about food not tasting good before he’ll complain about not having any meat.  

    As someone else said, people who eat meat don’t eat just meat. They always eat something else with it. So with a vegetarian menu, they can still eat everything (barring any alergies of course) that’s on the menu. That’s not the case for vegetarians, who have to make sure they check the ingredients of everything to make sure there aren’t any hidden animal ingredients in the menu’s side dishes.

    The key is to make sure everything tastes really good…

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    It bothers me that people who aren’t vegetarians have such a problem with eating a meal that does not have meat in it.  I often eat salads or other meals with no meat, and people at work are CONSTANTLY asking if I’m a vegetarian.  I’m like, No, because yesterday I had that beef burrito, remember?  So I say go ahead and have a vegetarian reception.  People should be open to trying new things, and the food will be AWESOME…which could encourage more people to eat vegetarian meals.

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