(Closed) Vegetarian wedding? What do you think?

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

I had an all vegetarian wedding. It went over really well. We did have meat at our rehearsal dinner. In my case, it was something Darling Husband and I wanted to do together and it is an ethical preference for us. I can understand you being torn if he eats meat.

I didn’t expect my mom to support this because she doesn’t help me make vegetarian meals when I visit her (like she’ll throw bacon grease in the green beans) but she said that if ever I should serve everyone a vegetarian meal it would be at my wedding. Nobody complained, and our food was really good. Only 2 of our dishes included cheese.

I’m really shocked to read these responses that say they would object to a vegetarian menu. I hope your guests are more respectful of your choice, whatever you do. After all, it’s just one meal that’s provided to them; they’ll have other opportunities to try the local animals.

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

I would definitely stay away from classic vegetarian foods like tofu. Not everyone will like it, I promise. People who aren’t vegetarian who have never had it before will see it/taste it immediately (it has its own texture and people do know it’s in there!) and not eat their plate. Stay away from tofu and “meat” substitutes or anything heavy on the mushrooms. IMO (just from waiting tables for years), those are things people love or hate and are hot button food items

Stick to “safe” foods =]. Maybe come back and ask us our vegetarian preference when you get the caterer’s list!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

it’s ok to have a completely vegetarian meal if it’s delicious. do you have a caterer with vegetarian expertise? if you supplement with things like mushrooms and heartier vegetables your guests may not miss it. of course, it also depends on what your guests are like – if they don’t even like vegetables with their meat, then it might be tough to execute.

ejs is right tho – not everyone eats mushrooms. also a lot of vegetarian dishes seem to come with cheese – are any of your guests lactose intolerant?

you mentioned your Fiance eats meat though – would he be ok having a vegetarian reception? it’s his wedding too.


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  • Wedding: September 2008

Honestly, I would offer both.  I’ve been to a wedding that was 100% VEGAN (so even more restricted than vegetarian) and it was honestly odd.  There were about 10 vegans in a group of about 75 people.  They loved it, but a huge group of us honestly left at one point and went to White Castle to get some food.  I would have appreciated an option at least.

At our wedding we had a mix of about 20 vegan/ vegetarians in a crowd of approx 115, so we had the regular wedding meal with meat, and then a vegan stirfry for those who didn’t eat meat.  It was appreciated by all and the cost difference to have that option was very minimal. 

I agree with some of the others – if the wedding is more than 50% vegetarians, then go for it, but otherwise, give an option. People will be happier

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Sugar bee

I eat meat, but I would be totally fine with a vegetarian meal.  I think there are so many great options that you can really do a lot of delicious things without meat.  There’s an awesome vegetarian restaurant in my town and I go there often because the food is great. 

Personally, I’d focus on veggies and pastas and try to avoid Tofu and meat-like products.  A lot of those meat-substitutes are different texturally and might be off-putting for people. I’d rather eat a delicious butternut squash ravioli or mushroom pasta than Tofurkey!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: February 2010

Personally, I’m a very picky eater, and dislike most veggies. The ones I don’t dislike I’m allergic to. I realize I’m not the norm, but I wouldn’t be able to eat if there isn’t meat.

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

Offer a variety of vegetarian dishes? I think that’d be your best, “safe” option. Vegetables are harder to get people to like besides your standard “grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and carrot medallion” entree.

I’m hungry so I’m trolling the food boards Wink

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2010 - Ceremony - First United Methodist Church; Reception - My parents' house!

Along the lines of stuff people have said before, I think you should also avoid things that scream I AM A VEGETARIAN ENTREE! lol

But yeah, for a lot of non-veggie people that can be an instant turn-off. (I’m not sure that that’s the word I’m looking for, but it’s close). I think if it’s an assortment of ‘regular’ dishes, people won’t even notice.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

I see absolutely no problem with a veggie wedding. At all. My Fiance is a vegetarian, and I am not (but I only eat seafood and the occasional steak at a steakhouse).

I can see why some people would have cracked jokes about a vegetarian BBQ, though. I think BBQ automatically implies meat for most people, so I can see where that was coming from. But a vegetarian wedding? I don’t think people will be at all upset. Just offer really tasty options and no one will even give it a second thought. If people do, well, you can’t please everyone, right?

I say as long as your Fiance is okay with it, then go for it.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

I see no problem with a veggie wedding IF the food is good-quality and if there’s enough variety to please everyone. I think if you have a good caterer it should be easy to do an all-vegetarian menu well. But that said, I HAVE been to an all-vegetarian wedding that I didn’t think was done well. It was a buffet with mostly grilled veggies, cheese cubes, crudites, hummus and pita, etc, and everyone was starving because there wasn’t much to choose from that was actually filling. I don’t think anyone was bothered by the lack of meat, just the lack of substance and variety. If they had had a selection of pastas, stir fry dishes, things like that that are real “meals” and not just snacks and vegetables, I bet no one would have complained a bit. Also, I agree with everyone else that if you’re going this route, you should choose familiar foods like pasta, eggplant parm, things that people will recognize, and stay FAR away from anything with tofu or other meat substitutes.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

What does your Fiance want? Will he be satisfied to be at his wedding and not have meat? I’m just curious because no matter what you do your guests will complain about something so I wouldn’t worry too too much, you need to do what you and Fiance feel is right. But i’m with the other poster please let the food be hearty, cause all i’m picturing is a plate full of salad and carrots.

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  • Wedding: September 2009 - The Marvimon House

as a vegan hosting a 100% vegan wedding, i have some super strong views on all of this 🙂

i could spend hours writing about it all but i think it comes down to:  what do you and your fiance want?  who is paying for it and will they get a say in what is served?

i would never, ever complain about a meal that was available to me that didn’t meet my dietary restrictions (unless i was paying for it!!).  if i was at a wedding/dinner party/event and every dish had meat or cheese or butter in it, i would be as discreet as possible about not eating, and i would certainly never say anything about it.  everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, but for some reason when it comes to weddings, people feel like they have some obligation to complain about the food.

if your guests are so upset about not consuming meat at ONE SINGLE MEAL, they can feel free to stop on the way home and scarf down some dead animals.  and if anyone complained to me about it, i would feel free to say just that to them, as politely as i possibly could 🙂

i know my opinion is not in the majority here, but i think if you want a veg wedding, and your fiance agrees, then you should totally go for it and not let the thought of any (simply rude) grumbling or comments or fussy guests get in your way.  you will feel better about it in the end!!!

good luck!!! and if you have any questions for someone who is almost finished planning a vegan wedding, please let me know!

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  • Wedding: December 2019

My FH and I are both vegetarian (nothing with a face including seafood).  I have been so for ten years and he converted after we started dating.  We were actually going to serve meat to please our guests and it was my mom who told me I should not sacrifice my beliefs for everyone else, as I am pretty hard-core about no killing of animals.  She said wedding day was about my FH and I, so we should do what makes us happy.  So we are actually doing a “Pasta Bar” with three vegetarian sauces, one sausage marinara and one seafood white wine sauce.  I feel it was a good compromise, so our guests would be happy and my FH and I could handle the small amount being served.  Everyone that is coming also is well aware of my FH and my beliefs, so they were not at all shocked when the heard the meal was mostly vegetarian.  Those that are coming to your wedding should be those who love and care about you and that means supporting whatever type of meal you choose to serve on you and your FH’s day.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: May 2010

Yes, I would. Don’t forget you are throwing a party, kind of like the BBQ and people will still be upset, even considering it’s a wedding. Imagine how you would feel if you went to a wedding where they only served your least favorite food – you wouldn’t enjoy anything you ate and after all the time, money energy you spent coming to the wedding you would leave starving.

Honestly, if I went to a vegetarian wedding and it was any larger than 15 people I would be very annoyed and that’s all I would remember about it.


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

I think a vegetarian wedding sounds great. I eat meat and I appreciate good food and love to cook. There is some really good vegetarian food out there.  Everyone complains about weddding food no matter what.  Have something that you like.

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