(Closed) Vegetarians- your thoughts on a pancake lunch at a wedding?

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    The pancake bar sounds fun! As a vegan, it seems fruit would be the only option for me from 12-730pm or so if I were a guest. At least it’s something, though of course not exactly filling for ~8 hours. 

    Is it possible that your pancake vendor can offer a carbohydrate without animal products — non-buttermilk pancakes, bagels, or oats maybe? If not, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings unless maybe I was a super close relative or best friend of yours. I would appreciate if you gave me the heads up of what is being served, so I can just make sure to eat before your wedding or bring along something discreet to snack on, if it would be OK with you. Honestly, I always have low expectations in regards to vegan options at functions and am so happy when there are filling vegan options, but I go to weddings to celebrate the couple, not for the food. It’s no biggie.

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    Well if they are vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs then I don’t see a problem with your menu for them.  Vegans would only be able to eat fruit.  Do you have any vegans??  I don’t think I’d feel hurt, as most people who would be vegan realize most others are not and so they usually would be prepared with a snack (I would, anyway).  I also think oatmeal is a great idea (sugar, syrup, nuts, peanut butter to add).  If you have any vegans you could do an alternative milk for the oatmeal. Bagels or bread (toast) might be easier though and would be good for vegans (assuming you check the ingredients).  Certainly not much protein but better than only fruit.

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    Riffing off the oatmeal station idea, what about a granola station? As long as it’s not made too sweet, granola’s definitely a bit healthier, if you put nuts in it involves some vegetarian protein, and granola is something you could make a big batch of yourself!  

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    MeandYou :  I saw that also; it’s amazing how butthurt people get about a single meal on a day celebrating someone else.


    I think this is a bit unusual but I’m diggin’ it! Sounds vegetarian friendly and typically vegans know that they will be very limited at social events. If I suggested it I know my mom would not be particularly thrilled as she is more traditional but again – it’s ONE meal and to celebrate YOUR union. There will always be someone who is unhappy, disapproves, doesn’t like it, etc. Like you said – it’s one day. Not only that, but one meal!! Sounds like a clever and creative way to stay within budget to me, especially as it’s a day wedding.

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    Personally, I don’t like eggs but I love pancakes and I’d be overjoyed at this menu. With pancakes + fresh fruit, it will be very filling. 

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    I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat straight eggs, but I love pancakes and fruit. Sounds good!

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    I’m a vegetarian. I’d be a bit disappointed there’s no veggies. Could you do a light salad? Or a scrambled eggs with veggies in them?

    That being said, it’s your wedding and you should do what you want. It’s nice you’re trying to accommodate vegetarians! Rarely happens where I live.

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    As a vegetarian, I would have no problem eating with this menu!

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     Not pancake related but something I noticed – you have cake scheduled from 3-4. Cake won’t take that long; it will take 10-15 minutes max. So make sure something else is going on during that time. 

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    ElephantAndTheFlea :  I’d be very satisfied with bagels, fruit and coffee! If you’re going to offer cream cheese with the bagels though, I’d just try to also offer an animal-free option as well (i.e., Toffuti cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus, jam, or anything that’s convenient for you). Also some bagels have eggs and honey in them, so I’d also just double check that whatever vegan option you offer is truly animal product-free and labeled as such. You sound like a really considerate host, so I’m sure your guests will be happy 🙂

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    I’m a vegetarian who tries to eat mainly vegan, but I would be able to make some exceptions for a wedding. I basically don’t eat any animal products except for hard cheeses from time-to-time, honey, and butter. I try to only eat eggs that we buy from our friend who owns hens.

    I LOVE pancakes. So while I’d normally love this menu for a brunch… for a wedding, with cake, it seems like a very indulgent and heavy day of eating. I think I would feel like I would be ready to roll home around 4…

    I like some of the healthier options suggested. It’s really easy to offer vegan-friendly options, such as oatmeal, granola, and maybe a mixed veggies dish. And as a PP mentioned, cream cheese is not vegan-friendly. Peanut butter, jams, wow butter, all good options. Also keep in mind that your current menu offers no options to your family member who is a vegetarian/vegan. They would be eating only the fruit…

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    It’s a great idea. Just one thing: I think the pancakes should be vegan  (no milk or eggs) or at least have a vegan option for guests with dairy or milk allergies or for guests on special diets. As a vegan I love the idea! 

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    I’m not a vegetarian, but my best friend is, so I’m used to working around it. She’d love your menu! I think one meat item is totally fine. If you have any vegan friends, though, they might get pretty hungry. 

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    Not strictly vegetarian but I avoid meat and usually choose the vegetarian option if offered. My fiance is vegetarian. This would be GREAT! There’s only one thing that he can’t have! Just make sure the sausage is cooked on a different part of the grill from the eggs and pancakes. 

    Past posters have said things like “You want me to stay full on pancakes and fruit for 7 hours!?” #1: Eggs are vegetarian friendly and are legitimate protein. #2: ALL YOU CAN EAT.


    Oatmeal would probably be awesome for any surprise vegans. I’m just not sure how much interest I’d personally have in oatmeal in June. 

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