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I understand what you mean! Except not with Christmas, since we’re Jewish, but in general with tv 😉 I grew up watching a lot of TV, and I still do, especially since I don’t have much free time and really need to veg out when I do– but I get really antsy and impatient if that’s all we’re doing on a weekend day. I’ll usually insist we take the dogs on a long hike or play a board game or something when it gets like that! 

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My mom is like this!  I’m at my parents house visiting for the holidays, and my mom’s idea of “spending time together” is watching trash TV together.  So frustrating!  I wish we could just sit on the couch and have a conversation about our lives!  But instead, she just watches TV!  Ugh!

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I know exactly what you mean about people staring at you like you have a 3rd eye when you say you’ve never seen a movie or a particular show. I don’t get it either.

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I have a lot of respect for people whose lives don’t revolve around the TV. I watch far too much but Christmas is a time for for family and food and fun rather than spending all day watching TV (although everything stops for Dr Who).

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Eh, what is believed to be acceptable varies person to person. Some people don’t see TV as a way to socialize and spend time with loved ones, others do.

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I totally understand where you are coming from especially with sports. I grew up with a TV in the house. Our mom just didn’t let us watch it often. I also grew up in a house full of girlie girls and my mom was never into sports. Now that I’m married to a wonderful man who grew up in front of the TV. It’s on in our house and it’s on when we go to my Mother-In-Law or to his sisters. I’m ok with this except that every holiday people sit arround and watch football. It’s so annoying to me. I get it, fans are fans but come on Thanksgiving, Christmas, EVERY FREAKEN DAY {summer its baseball} I even hosted Thanksgiving at my place last year. I hit the remotes and my hubby and I got in a huge fight over it. I feel like it totally ruins the holiday for me. My family is all spread out and my sisters work either in the airlines or retail so we don’t get together for the holiday’s very often.

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This drives me bonkers, too. My mother is like this and “family time” when I visit is always so awkward.  We eat in near silence since there is nothing to talk about and then we go and watch TV until everyone in the room falls asleep.  I grew up with a TV in the house but didn’t watch a lot of movies.  I got teased a lot too for not having seen such and such a classic.  We played outside a lot and found many other ways of entertaining ourselves as kids.  I haven’t had cable since I was in college.  I’ve lived on my own for three years now and refuse to pay for it.  I would never watch it even if I had it.  My Fiance doesn’t have cable either.  We watch movies but neither of us miss having television in the least.  It bores me to be honest. 

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Oh my gosh, I would hate that too!  I grew up without TV and I never had one until last year when I had surgery and was kind of stuck on the couch for two months. 

In my family, we are all music lovers and musicians (one of the best things about my difficult family) and we would always sign songs together with the guitar.  Or we would play games, or go outside.  I absolutely hate tv!  When my mum remarried they had one but it was upstairs, far away from the great room where we all joined for gatherings.  The emphasis was always on music.  I think tv is super awkward.  Why would you all want to sit around in silence?

We focus on music, food, talking, eating, and games.  Tv has never been a part of my life.  Even when I was in college, it was considered VERY uncool to have a tv.  We kept it in the closet and would only bring it out on occasion to watch movies.

I think tv is depressing and only think of it as something to do when you are bored and alone, or recovering from some sort of surgery 🙂  PS DH grew up very similar.  He lived off the grid, all cooking was done by woodstove and it took an hour + to get to any sort of civilization.  I think you two are diamonds in the rough 🙂  We hope to live like that one day.  Growing up on my farm, we always enjoyed music, being outdoors, and interacting with one another.  If my sisters and I were really bored, we would do something creative like a photo shoot together.

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@anahappilyeverafter:  lol you could be describing my childhood except I did not grow up in Scotland! (I grew up in rural PA.) It absolutely baffles me when ALL people can talk about is tv. Really I think it is so sad what family life has devolved into. I have gone home for the holidays to visit extended family and everyone talks very sarcastically to each other during the meal. [Snark in my family reaches new highs every year :(]  Then everyone rushes in to sit in front of the tv and stares mindlessly at it. If you ask someone a question you get a grunt in response. Ugh I can’t stand it! (I rarely go to visit family.)

We do not have tv in our house. We did just get internet yay! It was necessary for all those school reports the kids have. I also signed up for streaming netflix. I allow the children to each choose one movie a week if their rooms are clean. :p  (Very successful bribe!)

It was an adjustment for Fiance as he grew up in a household where the tv was never turned off but he now enjoys life in what he calls “a real family”.  He says looking back he didn’t feel like they had a “family life”. They only talked about tv or watched tv. No one knew what was going on in the others life unless the topic would come up on trash tv then they would mention it.

I grew up in totally different world, a farming family with no tv. We had snowball fights, played in the hay, moonlight tea parties. We worked hard and played harder lol. We would spend hours talking and every time the power would go out (which was often) grandma or pops would tell stories of the olden days. I never wished for tv as a kid. I still don’t! I really want to give my kids the type of childhood I had.

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I hate tv.  Our is off a vast majority of the time.  Every once in awhile my husband will turn it on, and even more rarely I might watch it with him a bit.  I generally find it boring and distracting though.

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