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Bee Keeper

The chick who sits next to me who only sits on conference calls ALL DAY LONG. I don’t understand how she gets any work done. It’s like back to back conference calls. And she’s SHOUTING when she’s on them. It drives me crazy.

Haha…thanks for letting me vent too. I’ve needed to get that out for a while.

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Worker bee
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There’s a woman I work with who complains about everything. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, she’s starving, she can’t take it anymore, she hates this, she hates that. I wish I could say it was just one or two comments a day, but I hear it every 20 minutes or so. She also smacks her lips really loud when she eats to the point of aggravation. I can’t even focus. I didn’t think it was possible to chew spaghetti noodles SO LOUDLY.

A few weeks ago, she broke her foot and will be out for 6 weeks.

Quiet. At last.

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I don’t know that it annoys me (yet) but I have the world’s most cheerful man making phone calls all day in the cubicle caddy-corner to mine.  I am serious when I say The World’s Most Cheerful Man!!  “Well Blessed Good Morning to you Fine Sir!  How are you doing this very fantastic day?”  He’s not being sarcastic or over the top, that’s really just how he is!  It makes me feel like a grinch even when I’m cheerful too!

Also, people who heat up smelly food (like fish) in the office microwave and make the whole office smell like fish.

People who yell at inanimate objects (their computer, the copier, the fax machine…PC Load Letter…what the hell does that mean??)

The shredder is in my cubicle.  I don’t care.  Seriously I’ve worked with people running nailguns on the deck above me, a shredder is NOT a big deal.  I really hate when people STOP MY WORK so they can ask me if it’s ok if they use the shredder!!  Just use it people!!  You think that you’re doing me a favor by wasting my time right now??  URGH!

And for that matter…people who waste my time at work.  I call them time sponges.  Once they start a convo with you they don’t. shut. up.  Can’t you tell I want to end the conversation when I’m walking out the door and it’s closing behind me?  Why do you insist on finishing what you’re saying to an empty room??  I think some people just like to talk!

Sorry to hijack.  But AAAAAAH I feel better!

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@roxy – I think you picked the perfect time to start this post. Clearly, everyone needs to get a little something off their chest!

And yes…the conference call on speaker phone is one of my biggest office pet peeves. I don’t mind if you close your door, but when you’re sitting in an office with wide open space, and you’re on speaker phone in your cube, it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous!!!

I used to have a recruiter who thought he was hot stuff sit next to me. He would stand while on his headset. I’m not lying. He would SHOUT into his headset and pace around his cube acting as if he was wheeling and deeling. Then, to hang up, instead of just pressing the hangup button, he would pick up the receiver and SLAM it down. I nearly jumped through the roof everytime he did it.

Great post…thanks for hearing me out gals!

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Sugar bee
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@ Mighty – HAHAHA!! “The World’s Most Cheerful Man” – That’s great, I love it. I know what you mean. Those people that walk around farting sunshine all day. How annoying.

(I’ve secretly always wished I was like that)

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@Christina – The person in the office next to me is like that, and it drives me insane.  It’s like, “Maybe if you didn’t spend so much time complaining you’d find something to like!”

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When I used to have an office at my old company, the guy in the office next to mine (the walls were really thin) would talk on the phone all day long on Speakerphone and SHOUT into the phone. I would actually have to wait for him to stop before making calls myself because it was so loud, people on the other end had trouble hearing me.

I actually prefer cubicle life! Yes, we can hear each other but we act like we can’t and I have high walls and a nice window view and no one talks on speaker!

Now my only pet peeve is the group of people who all socialize in a cubicle right in a huge high traffic area completely stop their conversation and look up and stare at me whenever I walk by. Most of the time they also say “Hi, how are you?” which sounds nice but is actually very annoying b/c they are ALWAYS there and I have to pass by to get to the ladies room. So they will ask me how I’m doing several times a day when I don’t even make eye contact with them. These people also dress like they are going to the grocery store in a business casual office.

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Well, for my hall of fame, I have…

– Woman Who Pushes Her Lips Out When Trying to Make A Point: Dude, it’s not the Playboy mansion. Reminding me that you *probably* got lip injections when I’m trying to have a business related conversation with you isn’t doing anybody any favours.

– Woman Who Actually Talks Like The Boss From Office Space: “Yeeaaaah. I’m going to have to go ahead and get you to put that article together. Okaaayy? Thanks.” *head desk* SHE’S NOT EVEN MY SUPERIOR

And finally…

– Man Who Discusses Intimate Things Loudly Across The Way From Me: I don’t care that your entire family was vomiting all night one night. And you know what? I’m sure the 10 different people you’ve told over the course of the last two months since it’s happened don’t care either. And yes, I remember the punchline – it was the moose sausage your dad brought. WHY MUST YOU TELL THIS STORY OVER AND OVER??


That is all.

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I used to work with a lady who talked to herself that whole daaaaaayyyyyy!!!  There would be days when we would share a long table, sitting side by side, reading tons of slides in front of the microscope and I could hear her mumbling something the whole time.  I couldn’t even understand what she says, I don’t even know if she’s talking to me but she just said things under her breath and it drove me nuts!

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I work in an office where it is only my boss, me and one other girl and she dresses like she is going to a slumber party. As in last week she wore velour sweatpants with uggs a sweatshirt and brought a blanket!! We are in Southern California so its not that cold or at all in anyway appropriate. In summer she will however wear skin tight jeans with a white tank top and black bras or even once a leopard print one!!

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Bee Keeper

@bridetacular: LOL!!  Moose sausage!

Yeah, I’ve noticed that the older my coworkers are, the more likely they are to talk about COMPLETELY inappropriate things like the aunt from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!  I don’t want to hear about “the piles” or “the bibopsy” or what you thought was “the cancer” but turned out to be constipation!  EWW!!  Please don’t tell me about personal issues…have an issue?  Use toilet tissue…

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I have one who is so obviously sick, coughing like she has TB/bronchitis/whooping cough, but refuses to stay home.  We’ve been exposed to this for over a week, and she keeps her door open so us cubicle folks are forced to listen to it all day. People down the hall, our office space is big, can hear it too.   Worse is she doesn’t cover her mouth!  We underlings have been telling our managers to talk to her and tell her to stay away from the office but not one has.  We make subtle comments of how she doesn’t sound good, that she should take it easy and stay home to recover… goes right over her head.  We had a meeting yesterday and she had one of her coughing fits and the guy next to her said, “oh, let me move a seat over,” you know to distance himself from the germs.     She got offended!

And our business is healthcare related, not a hospital or clinic per se, but an industry where we all know that when you not feeling well stay home as not to infect your co workers and clients.   And our sick policy is SO generous you couldn’t possibly use it all up in a year, seriously.

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