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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2011

for my moms wedding we had a horrible experience with them. needless to say i wont be going there for my wedding. i am also trying some of the small boutiques 🙂

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: March 2011

I wouldn’t say my experience was horrible but it definitely counts as “meh”.  My consultant was very phony, she didn’t listen well when it came to bringing me things I told her I liked, she seemed to want me to decide ASAP even though I didn’t try on THAT many dresses, and she did a poor job of hiding her irritation when it became clear that I was NOT buying anything that day. She kept trying to get me to declare my “favorite”  and was annoyed when I didn’t/couldn’t.

She also wouldn’t give me feedback that I could use, like helping me determine if I looked better in white or ivory.  I figured she looks at brides all day, she should have some opinion..?  When I found a dress I really liked but they didn’t have it in my size (the one I tried was 2 sizes too big) and I asked her to call the other store in town to see if they had it in my size, she was very visibly annoyed with that as well. Oh and she declared that a birdcage veil would NOT work with the dress I liked and stuck traditional ones on me and only traditional ones. They were nice but I wanted to at least SEE a birdcage.  And she pushed shoes on me even though I told her when I arrived that I already had my wedding shoes.

In general she was just bitchy but trying really hard to pretend not to be. And failing.

Other than that the store personnel in general seemed less-than-enthused with me because I informed them I had no bridal party to “dress” and it would just be me buying a wedding dress.

Okay so overall it was rather horrible! LOL!!  The DB trip served it’s purpose though.  I really had no intention of buying there unless I fell IN LOVE with something and it helped me determine what styles looked good on me and what did NOT, so I could narrow down my purchase to the dress I will be buying online (which I couldn’t locate locally to try on)..

The manager walked around and declared everything on anyone to be GORGEOUS in a very over-the-top and phony way.  I know they’re in business to sell dresses but really, I will trust your opinion MORE if you dont’ tell me EVERYTHING looks good because I know that’s not possible!

Do they work on commission only?  Just curious.  I think it would be a nice job if it’s not commission based.  I think I could be good at it, personally… compared to what I saw there at least!


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

I’m sorry you girls had such awful experiences!!! I had nothing but good luck with David’s. I tried on a Maggie gown before visiting David’s, but I fell in love with DB’s version even more. It’s definitely a store that varies widely with customer service though.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

I have been to David’s a bunch for bridesmaid dresses for weddings I have been in, and their staff was always young and distracted it seemed.  But I always got a good deal on the dress, so I never worried.  OMG, one time I was there and the girl was on facebook and was ignoring everyone who asked her a question!

Most recently I went to one and I literally was APALLED!  I was picking up a bridesmaid dress- already knew the size and color, just had to try it on and order it, and the girl who worked there was SO RUDE, I had to call the manager and complain.  I never do stuff like that, but she literally wouldnt make eye contact with us, complained about how unfair her boss was, told us she was calling in sick next weekend because she was pissed she was on the schedule, told my sister she was too flat chested for all of the dresses they have, and literally wouldn’t assist us in anything.  She even made a comment about how the color of the dress we were trying on is an old color and very 80’s.  For a minute I thought I was on a reality tv show or something- I couldnt believe it!

I know that you get what you pay for, but it was so insulting. I am not going back to look at wedding dresses, because when I called the manager, she borderline rude too- she said to come back on a day this girl is not working!!!  


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2011 - Bartram's Garden

I went to David’s twice and had a way better experience both times than I did at almost any other store. I guess it depends on the store itself.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

My experience was average as well. The consultant didn’t really seem to any idea what looked good on me; low to no experience. But hey, I guess you get what you can or are willing to pay for sometimes, and in some better bridal salons you are paying for experienced staff In My Humble Opinion.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2018 - Oakland Manor

My DBs experience seems different than most people-but I did go on a weekday afternoon. I had a great consultant lady who encouraged me to try on dresses that I didn’t think would look good on me-but they looked amazing! She also pointed out dresses she thought wouldn’t look so great (in a nice, positive way).

At the upscale bridal boutiques I went to, they acted like they could not be bothered that I was there. Additionally, for girls who are larger than a 6, DB’s can be great to try on different silhouettes-and they allow you to take pictures. I was a 12 when I started dress shopping and I was already relatively unhappy with my size at that point. At one bridal store they HELD THE GOWN UP TO ME. Oh thanks, this dress looks great on the air! sigh.

Surprisingly, I found the service at DB’s to be the best but, it usually seems that I’m in the minority overall. If you’re in the MD/DC area though, I recommend checking out the Glen Burnie store.

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  • Wedding: October 2009

Basically, everything that @dorsay just said! However, I also am in MD and went to the Glen Burnie store. I think that has a lot to do with it, that is their largest store and they must have really good consultants there.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2010

I didnt like my 1st helper…… what can an 85 y/o old woman know about what i want to look like.

My 2nd time was a little better but they didnt have a lot of the dresses I wanted to try on.

When I picked up my dress I didn’t like it, it looked nothing like the original. The store manager let me exchange it with no problems she was so nice and helpful!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

I had an awesome experience there.  I picked out a few dresses while chatting with the attendant and she actually listened, brought the dresses I chose as well as one she chose for me based on my wedding venue, style and theme…..It was THE ONE and the dress fit like a glove! no alterations needed :o)
DB is one of few places that carries petite dresses–a real money and time saver!
When I went to a higher end private bridal store, the attendant seemed pretentious which is something I cannot deal with.  Plus, she didn’t listen at all to what I was looking for.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2010

I think many of the negative reviews I see about DB are related to the location of the actual store.  it seems either they have a stellar staff or people that leave you dissapointed.  When I went there I was expecting the worse, turns out they were helpful in helping me find dresses that were my style.  Something to consider on the quality – they aren’t the most expensive dresses either.  I think their quality has majorly improved in the last 5 years and the average costs for gowns should be considered when discussing quality.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

i had a good experience with David’s Bridal but I do agree that the dress I tried there didn’t seem to be as “high quality” or luxarious as the boutiques.  I was looking for something without applique and they only carried like 5 dresses that met that request. I ended up buying a dress at local boutique but my BM’s are getting David’s dresses and we had a great experience there…. they’re also dying our shoes.  Hopefully the experience doesn’t go downhill from here!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2011

I’m so surprised to hear good things about the Glen Burnie store! I had been told to avoid it in the past. So,I was supposed to go to the one in Bowie but they were so horrid to me on the phone that I never made it in. Then when I called to cancel I got put on hold for over 10 minutes and in general treated so badly before they even knew why I’d called that it just completely reaffirmed my decision to go elsewhere.


I did find bridal salons in the Baltimore area that I loved though. Just for the record.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

It really depends on the store, because I had a pretty decent experience with David’s Bridal. The manager was SO nice, friendly and helpful. My consultant was helping two brides, so she was a bit distracted, but she was nice enough. I could tell she wanted to sell me a gown that day, but she wasn’t super pushy about it. It’s true that their dresses aren’t the best quality, though. I found a Casablanca dress at the boutique for about the same price as my favorite dress at DB, and there’s a definite difference in quality.

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