(Closed) Vent about Doctors office visit yesterday… has this happened to anyone else?

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If you liked your old BC I’d call them back and say you don’t want to switch and would they please call in your old prescription. Many BC pills have nasty side effects depending on the person, and switching it out because of a 5 lb. difference is ridiculous IMO. I’d switch doctors too, she sounds awful.

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I would be extemely upset. Get a new gyno asap! Is it a new doctor or have you been seeing the same person for a while? I just went to mine with a problem with my BC and she discussed my symptoms and problems and we BOTH together went over other options and I am the one who decided which sounded best for me. 

If that happened to me I wouldnt have left lol.. I would have stayed and declaired to talk to my doctor. I would NOT go and get your BC prescription filled becasue you know nothing about what she changed it to. I suggest you call your doctors office and explain and try to get things straightened out. Or honestly after that I would go to a new dr. asap! 

Im sorry you went through that! A doctors appointment should never be anywhere near what you went through. 

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I think it’s up to you whether you want to try the new BC, but if the old one worked and you didn’t have side effects… I admire you for not losing your shit, because I would have been out of that room in 20 mins asking WTF? Might be time for a new doctor.

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Before everyone tells you to go get a new gyno, let me ask – what kind of BC were you on?  Were they considered the “low dose” pills?

Because BC pills have such tiny, tiny levels (micrograms) of hormones even a little bit of weight difference can be enough where you need a higher dose.

Chances are, if your doc is a OB/GYN she was probably at the hospital with a delivery.  That happened to me once – I was waiting for a while and when I went to ask the front desk what the delay was they hold me that the doc had to attend an emergency c-section.  Why they couldn’t tell us waiting, I’m not sure, but that’s pretty common.

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Yep this has happened to me and a few friends- and they always weigh me in boots and a coat (I mean seriously!). They didnt change my BC though just gave me a warning to keep weight down or I would have to come off the next time. They definitely shouldn’t change it straight away though- not without a warning, and especially not without asking you if you are okay with it. I would definitely complain, you came out upset and with no knowledge of what you have just been prescribed- awful!

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Ugh, a similar thing happened to me once….I got a new doctor and went in fr my first appointment which was kinds of just an interview so he could learn my health history. This was during Christmas break, so I may have had on a few extra pounds but nothing major- I was a perfectly healthy weight, and more importantly had no other health issues…good blood pressure, low cholesterol, healthy diet, etc. But, I’m short and fairly solidly built which means I weigh more than you would think (like, I’m not a ~dainty short girl, LOL). Which means my BMI, while not “overweight” category, is really close. And the WHOLE time he lectured me about losing weight, just based on my BMI, not knowing anything else about my health. I was so pissed, I never went back, ha!  Definitely understand your frustration. 

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Mrs_Amanda:  See if you can get your old prescription back and find a new doctor.  How rude.  At least she could have talked to you about weight gain.  Especially since it was the end of the day after eating.

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Mrs_Amanda:  OK, then my theory is out the window.  She could have just been terribly backed up with other patients.  I know some doctors that double and triple book appointments (my sister is a nurse and she’s told me many OB/GYNs do this).  They should have told you that there was a hold up.  That’s pretty shitty on the front desk’s part.

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Mrs_Amanda:  Ugh, how frustrating. I might look for a new gyno, because I hate waiting especially for a lame appointment. It doesn’t really seem like a good idea to switch BC to willy nilly either. On the other hand, I have had this happen to me before and the hastle of switching wasn’t worth it to me. Forunatley my other appointments have been fine.

When I went in for the follow up after getting my IUD inserted I had to wait for at least 40 minute, without pants on. It was quite cilly. I didn’t have a smart phone and there wasn’t anything to do. My husband who brought me to the appointment was waiting in the waiting room the whole time, at least he had something to read. She came, checked me, brushed off my questions about getting on another BC as well to get my period back on track (which probably wouldn’t have worked out, but she didn’t even explain, just said “no, probably won’t work”) and left. I was very irritated and almost switched, but since then things have been better, I’ve been seeing another gyno at the same office, and I always bring something to read while waiting just in case.

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Mrs_Amanda:  hmmm…since this is how my OB acts every time i’m there, i don’t think it’s a huge deal. she’s almost always late because she’s at the hospital, and that’s the same reason her visit with me is in and out unless it’s my annual exam or if there’s a problem. my OB’s office is also the only doctor i go to who always tracks my weight in an active manner, if that makes sense. lost weight or gained, they comment. likely because weight does indicate so many things with your inside lady parts. 🙂


if it was me and i wasn’t comfortable with the change in meds, i would have stopped her as soon as she said it and asked her to explain. never forget that you are in control of what information you do or don’t get. if you have questions about the new meds, call the doctor (or the pharmacist) and ask what the difference is. if you don’t want to go with it, talk to your doctor.

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Mrs_Amanda: do you have One Medical where you are? It’s worth the premium to not deal with this kind of nonsense. 

I used to avoid the dr because the wait, the lack of bedside manner, etc. One Medical turned it around for me. 

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