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Ok, in all fairness, I would probably vomit if I were forced to drink room temp water – I can only tolerate filtered, ice cold water unless it’s flavored.  And some people just don’t travel well.  I’m used to it, and I’ve learned that when I’m jetlagged, it’s better for everyone around me if I take a nap.  I’m a hateful bitch when I’m overtired.  She may have wanted to maximize the time with you, so she didn’t want to waste that time on a nap.  Some people really don’t realize how obnoxious they are when they’re tired and off their game.  Maybe next time, suggest that she stay for a couple extra days, and that way she’s not trying to cram a long visit into a short time frame. 

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Ugh, mothers! I hate when my mother get’s in her “needy-holier-than-thou” moods. Sometimes she’s great, and sometimes I just wonder if I really came from her loins…

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I think as you get older it’s harder to see your parents get older.  It may be annoying, but it seems like the older you are the more dramatic you get. 

I agree with her on the water though.  I often visit a friend out of state who doesn’t have a brita filter and her water makes me sick to my stomach. 

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I’m fine with tap water, but I like it ice cold. I find it pretty strange that you don’t have ice, but I can’t say too much because my SO drinks EVERYTHING at room temp.

Moms are like that. Gotta love ’em, but they are bound to drive you crazy at times. My mom likes to remind me that one day she will be gone, and I will be begging for her to randomly start cleaning my home and telling me what to do. I hate to admit it, and it’s depressing to think about, but she’s right.

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Sounds like my mom! Anytime we hang out, all she does is complain the entire time from start to finish, about anything and everything. Luckily, she typically bails out 30 minutes before anything we schedule.

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Oh man, drama queens are hard to deal with. I’m with you on the no ice in the house. I keep a tray or two of cubes in the freezer but use them so rarely they succumb to sublimation. I keep a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge but certainly wouldn’t threaten to vomit if faced with only tap water lol.


I guess I don’t really have any advice for you. It sounds like it’s her issue though, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

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My Mom… whenever she tries to push my buttons and cause a fight.. when I start calling her out on being distant, saying weird things (about how she technically own’s me cause I came from her body) or just being weird or gossipy she blows up and tries to guilt trip me. Which ends up with me yelling at her, her crying, and me being pissed as all get out..

Then she tells me how embarrassed she is by her behavior, just wants to make sure I love her, and that she only wants to make me proud..

Problem is that I don’t know if she is going to be like this every time, sometimes she is really energetic and over the top. Other times she likes to gossip about other people in the family, or people I don’t even know.. Really super personal things, too.. Like her cousin’s childhood sexual abuse and she’ll be all nonchalant about it… Drives.Me.Crazy.

I usually do feel guilty because I hardly ever give her a chance and I am always on edge around her, waiting for her to say or do something innapropriate.. I could go on.

Truth is that it scares me though… My mother is aging, as is all of ours including ourselves. You have to forgive them and accept thier wierd behavior as well as thier theatrics because someday very soon, much sooner than any of us will ever anticipate, we will be missing our mother’s crazy annoying antics.

OP – Sorry to highjack your thread.. I think its silly your mom complains about the water.. Why can’t she drink unfiltrered tap water but she can use the ice cubes – LOL? Personally, I hate cold water too, especially if its flat. Room Temp is the best.

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Well, she was being uneccessarily dramatic, but I also would be really suprised and probably annoyed if I went to stay with someone who didn’t believe in using ice… I prefer all beverages ice cold OR piping hot. Room temp is gross to me… I mean, I wouldn’t vomit, but I wouldn’t want to drink it. 


And since we have filtered our water since I was a kid (well water that we could not just drink straight), I really dislike the taste of most tap water. If I’m over at someone house, and they only use tap water, I will drink tea, juice, milk, or soda instead (even though I normally just drink water).


Moms tend to be demanding… or at, least, mine is!

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