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Wow, that’s bad! I”m very fortunate right now, I love my job and can really appreciate how wonderful my boss and coworkers are. But my previous job was a nightmare. There used to be work events ALL THE TIME that went all night. If I tried to leave early, I would get the stink eye and the silent treatment afterwards. This meant frequently staying out until 1:00am on work nights.

My boss also used to call me into her office ominously (not telling me why), shutting the door and contining to question me about some random account that I had no idea about, then insinuate I wasn’t doing my job properly. She did this all the time. It was a total power trip on her part, she was a really bad person. She was also the mother of 4 and would lecture me like I was one of her kids. Talking to herself in circles making some stupid point about why she wanted me to do things ‘her’ way. Needless to say she wasn’t very well liked and was eventually pushed out of the company, but not until after I left.

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That is insane! I mean some days I don’t take breaks because I am so busy, but I think legally you have to have the opportunity for at least 1 break. My boss is also good at waiting until about an hour before my shift ends to ask me to stay late. Sometimes I do it, but sometimes I just flat out say no I can’t today and he might be annoyed about it but at the same time I know it isn’t something he is going to fire me over. Do you think your boss will fire you if you occassionally say that it isn’t possible for you to stay late? I think if my boss were as big of a psycho as your’s sounds I might be afraid to stand up to him/her too though.

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I hate my job so much lately.  My group of four will officially be a group of 2 come Monday and my boss is an idiot.

She won’t let me take a funeral day to go to my fi’s grandfather’s funeral because we aren’t married yet (if we were, it wouldn’t be an issue apparently).

I’m entry level and she’s planning to fill the two open positions with senior level employees.  One of which I will have to train, which is just kind of awkward, and the fact that we’ll be getting two new senior levels basically means unless they quit because she sucks so bad I’m never going to get a promotion.

I was just telling fi that my resume is going on monster tonight… At this point I’m doing the work of 3 people and I just can’t keep going at this pace, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

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That’s just crazy! I’m so sorry. As for ranting about jobs, well, I’m regularly “run over by the bus.” This woman was supposed to train me, but she hasn’t shown me jack in the 5 months I’ve worked here because I’m her boss. None of the bosses care even though I’ve told them, so I just sit here, trying to figure things out and play on the Bee.

I wish I had some ideas for you, but I’m lost.

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I don’t have a pyscho for a boss, but i think any day i’m not at work is a good day. haha! that thing she said about lunch was just uncalled for. how frickin rude. i work 10 hour days usually and everyone here works through lunch but i shouldn’t complain.

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What job???  I’ve been unemployed for 9 months.  Starting my own business as soon as I get set up-which should be next week. At least I don’t work for Psycho-boss anymore since she gave my job to my assistant-who doesn’t know how to do it properly-but was a serious brown-noser and lied to my boss/set me up behind my back-on my days off.  But then -they are made for each other! Both back-stabbing liars!!!  It was great to find out that she-(former assistant) got state demerits which I NEVER did.  Psycho boss fought my unemployment ( I got it btw)-and is still sending me crappy letters nine months later!!!  Unbelievable!!!


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yes please!

My boss is the most arrogant man in the world.  He is from Chiiiccaagoo and thinks everything is better there than here… and he is better than all of the white trash people from this area ( St. Louis).  He is constantly talkign about going to Nordstroms and Sacs.

He has sooooooo many querks, and I think that is why I truly hate him.  Maybe it is pet peeves but.. he is a jerk.

He pats his butt while he stands in front of my desk and talks to me

He snaps his fingers while he walks and also claps

He licks his lips and makes a nasty noise when he talks that involves spit on his lips

He adjusts his belt buckle and re-tucks his shirt EVERY time he moves

He is CONSTANTLY standing around doing a fake golf swing

He is tall thin with a hunchback and a random beer belly = very unnattractive

but he asks me if I know of any local bars where there are cute girls ( he is like 65 with a wife btw)


ONE other thing that makes me hate him

I work at a country club as a Marketing Director.  In our rule book – it says you need pre approval to drink alcohol at the Club for an outside event.  I came to the Club for a wedding and asked for approval and he said NO!!!!!!!  not even a toast.

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We just found out that they are moving our department 3,000 miles away, but they haven’t been specific on the who, when, or how much assistance is being offered. We’re all waiting to find out if we have jobs or not, and we’ll just say that things are *tense* at the moment!

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I overall have a good job and a decent boss & okay co workers.  The one thing that totally sucks is the schedule!  Everyone works different hours and it’s just a standard office environment so it seems to me like I’m the only one working!  Some people come in at 5:30am, others 9am.  Some leave at 3pm others (like me) 7pm.  Some people work 4 -10 hr days while others regular 5-8s.  It is crazy!  I’m a contractor so get no holidays and it seems like everyone here get 5+ weeks vacation off so they are always out.

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