(Closed) VENT! Anyone else have a coworker they can't stand?

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@Mrs_Sailor:  OH yeah. a girl (woman, i suppose) that works for my company is the most negative, hateful and miserable person i’ve ever met! if my friend-coworker and i talk about how we want to go canoeing when she is around, she’ll bitch about how dirty the river’s water is. if we talk about rock climbing, she’ll complain about how rough it makes your hands. our company sent her back to her home country for a week and she bitched that they don’t send her enough! when she is the only person that has ever been sent back on the company’s dime! they’re sponsoring her Visa (costing them about $10,000 out of pocket), and she bitches that they are taking too long to get her a green card. she went abroad for a week for vacation and said it was nice but bitched about how she didn’t speak the language! UM HELLO!


its super hard to be around her, and we avoid her at all costs. she used to live with a coworker, and he moved out because he couldn’t take it. i can’t imagine being that terribly negative all the time, i wouldn’t even be able to stand me!


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I was just about to post about a coworked of mine, who really grates on my nerves.

This may sound like a silly thing to vent about, but I honestly cannot stand to be in the bathroom at the same time as her. She must use the entire roll of toilet paper in one sitting. You can just hear it going and going and going, like the g****mn Energizer Bunny of toilet paper wasting. I want to scream out at her about how many trees she is wasting to wipe her tiny ass. SHe also goes overboard with the paper towels when washing her hands. I am not the only one in my office who has noticed, and it’s just getting ridiculous. If you honestly need and ENTIRE ROLL of toilet paper to wipe yourself, you should probably, really see a doctor about that!!

AHHHHH she drives me nuts!

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@Mrs_Sailor:  I work at a restaurant in a casino, and a lot of high school kids work there, so there are plenty that have their moments. I shouldn’t say I can’t stand them, so much as there are days when I just don’t care about their stupid high school antics, like when this one guy talks about how much he parties on the weekends. And this kid is also quite full of himself, and sexist, and so on.

I try my best to ignore it, or I just walk away. I have snapped at him before, which shut him up for a bit, but he’s usually back at it after a few minutes!

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@Baroness_Meg:  Hahahaha!! I laughed so hard at your comment!!!

I have a co-worker that chews sooooooooooooo loud the whole office can hear him each and everytime he eats food at his desk. It disgusts me so much that I either leave the office for a walk or I turn my heater on under my desk to block out the sound!!!! Blah!!!! Its so gross!!!!

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I hate my co-worker.  She is arrogant and obnoxious and came “so highly regarded”.  In the mean time she cannot find her way out of a paper bag.  The woman is so stupid.  She lies.  She accuses people of conspiring against her.  She is paranoid.  I honestly think she has some un-addressed mental health issues.  Our boss is aware of the problem but is afraid to fire her because of her connections in the community and the fear that she will bad-mouth our business. 


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I can relate!  There’s a guy that works here who drives us INSANE!  He sits and stares at us (creepy, right?), and when he stands up and talks to us, he’s practically fondling himself.  Adjusting is one thing, but it’s not a 5 minute process.  He makes disgusting comments on a daily basis, and thinks that he’s amazing at his job (he’s not).  Oh, and on his very first day here, one of the women I work with was complaining that her wrist hurt, and made the comment that it might be the start of carpal tunnel. He looked her up and down, and said “yeah, it’s from doing THIS too long”, while making the jerking off motion.  We’ve all complained, and nothing gets done about him.

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I now work remotely out of the Seattle office where everyone is really nice … but ugh, when I worked in the Washington DC headquarters of my company, there was a guy I absolutely hated. Among other obnoxious character traits, he was also a rabid anarchist. But not like a well-reasoned intellectual anarchist — no no, he was more of a knee-jerk “f*** the po-lice” anarchist. And he would take any and every possible excuse to talk about it. Like, you could be like “wow, crazy weather we’re having” and he would find a way to turn that into a rant against the government/military/police/any authority whatsoever. I’m SO GLAD I don’t have to work in that office now with all this NSA/PRIZM stuff going on, because I’m sure he’s even more intolerable than usual!

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I work with a lady who is the laziest person ever.  And loud and obnoxious.  Always has to one up you.  She’ll constantly be out in the hall talking to people and not working but if you confront her about it she has an excuse that it was work related, which is funny because the people she’s talking to aren’t in our dept.  She’s constantly on personal calls and one day she got a call about her daughters house closing.  She sat in her chair and spun around over and over saying “YIPPEE!  Oh I’m so happy you’re closing on your house! YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!” (This woman is in her early 60’s). 

About 3 months ago my Fiance and I were selling our house and buying a house and it all happened fairly quickly.  I was kind of getting lots of attention around the office, people asking me how it was all coming along, were things getting done, were we settled in etc.  All of a sudden she came in to work one morning and said “Guess what hubby and I are moving!  We looked at houses this weekend and put down an offer and they accepted.” We were all like “Ok we didn’t know you were looking.” And she says “Oh we weren’t it was just a spur of the moment thing and someone already bought our house too”  WTH!? Our house hunting/buying/selling went quickly compared to others but it still took almost a month just for our house alone to have an offer and all during that time we thought we were going to lose out on our house we were buying.  So I said something like “Wow that was quick, normally it takes longer than a weekend to buy/sell a house.” And she says “Oh we know people.”  Ummm ok. 

Funny thing is we haven’t heard another word about the buying/selling of houses and that was almost 3 weeks ago.  All of us in the office are just waiting for her to say something.  One of my co-workers says she’s going to ask this week about it and see what she says but we all know she just wanted attention because she couldn’t stand I was getting it for a while.  She’s done similar things to other co-workers.  So annoying.

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I have a couple co-workers that I don’t really like… and honestly, it’s not even a big thing, I just don’t like them. 😛 I share an office with a guy that cannot, for the life of him, keep his mouth closed when he chews. Of course, he eats things like apples and chips all the time, so my other officemate and I blast our headphones as loud as possible. 😛

There’s another co-worker I don’t like much… but it’s mostly because she’s one of those people who posts selfies and pictures of her “working out” (which is actually a breast/booty shorts pic, with no face or anything) ALL the time on fb. She also wears tiny dresses to work all the time, too (which is just not work approrpriate, imo). She acts pretty immaturely most of the time anyway, so it’s not surprising, but it’s mildly irritating.


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YES!! I have a male coworker who gets on my nerves.  He thinks it’s OK to talk down to me like a child since I am about 15 years younger than him.  Anything I say is wrong, even if I back it up with valid logic and facts…I’m still wrong.  We’ve actually gotten into at least 2 yelling arguments with each other and the last was in front of HR.  BUT him and her are like buddies, so nothing happened other than her telling him not to do it again.  

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