(VENT) Frustration with nervous dress buyer

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Helper bee
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Um……WOW…….Just WOW! You truly have the patience of a saint! LOL! What a nutjob!

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Helper bee

chachamaru :  oh my goodness, this woman is a total nutcase!! You NEED to stop all contact with her immediately. She sounds like a very unstable person mentally and who knows what she might do in the future. Do not call her or give her any more personal details, please!! Sounds like someone who is desperate to drag more personal details out of you (wtf??!!) and I’m sure you will regret it in the end. I’m sure you’ll find another buyer, don’t worry! 

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Buzzing bee

chachamaru : Lol I love how she has said, “This is my very first wedding” a few times over the course of her messages like it’s a given that she’ll have more than one. No sweetheart, the plan is you get one and hope for the best. Maybe you’ll get another one but it’s not garuanteed and cetainly not something people look forward to while still happily married.

Oh and it is so freaking annoying how she types full words but every time she says “about”, she can only muster up an “ab”.

I want to say block her but for selfish reasons I really hope you don’t. These updates are just too entertaining!!

“Don’t take it personally, it’s not personal”…accuses you of being a spammer multiple times.

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She’s scared to death y’all! 

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Busy bee

Actual gold!! 

This is brilliant! She’s clearly the spammer in this scenario!

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Helper bee
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At this point I don’t think thia is funny anymore. I really think this person has some sort of psychiatric condition and is targetting you. If I were you I would cut all contact, block her number  take the dress off that site and try to sell it locally and off the radar. I dont know if she is a scammer, I dont think so. I think that there is something more dangerous going on. If she were a scammer she would have figured out by now you are not a target worth persuing and moved on. I really really think you should remove yourself from this situation.

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argree with previous poster….she presents as an emotionally unstable person. Move on for your safety and your sanity!

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chachamaru :  i did read your updates. in the first post on page 8 you wrote that she wrote “I can’t continue to spend hours texting u back n forth bc I have 4 boys at home and I have things to get done.” to which i intrepreted that to mean you had been texting her back and forth.

in that same post you say you sent her multiple videos.

I have no idea the timelines

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Bumble bee

OMG. Just stop contacting her. Sell the dress in a consignment shop or a different website and report her for harrassment. Block her email. SERIOUSLY.

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Buzzing bee

Sunshine528 : I think sesame meant the part where the nutcase said “back n forth”. This leads people to believe there were responses from OP’s end.

Although it’s highly likely that the “buyer” is just imagining replies as I really don’t think she’s stable.

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