(Closed) VENT! I don’t know what i’m doing wrong, i’m not losing!!

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The only thing that works for me is to cut out all white foods….bread,pasta,rice…eat lots of veggies…..good luck! I know how frustrating it can be.

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Did you take measurements before you started? It’s quite possible that you’re losing inches but gaining muscle.  Since muscle is more dense, you will get smaller but weigh more (think of a pound of lead versus a pound of feathers, and you’ll imagine the difference!). 

Losing weight, as I’m sure you know, is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  Without knowing how you’re eating, I don’t have much constructive advice other than cut carbs, increase protein, and eat clean!

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Oh, wow! That is so frustrating. I’m truly inspired by your commitment to exercise. What I’ve learned is that every body is different (duh, right?), and every body responds to different changes differently. I have a coworker who has to stay away from sugar. If she looks at a cookie, she gains five pounds. Sugar doesn’t impact my weight in the same manner, though. Are you doing all whole grain/whole wheat carbs? I found that made a difference for me, along with seriously laying off the margarine and only using a tiny bit of olive oil. Even with counting calories, I think what you eat really matters.

This is a tough situation. I hope it works out!

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Is it possible that with all that working out you aren’t netting enough calories to avoid going into starvation mode?  If you don’t eat enough to fuel your body properly, you will cling to every.single.calorie and store it- since your body doesn’t know if/when it will get enough.  Are you on MyFitnessPal?  Track your food & exercise for a few days & see where things aren’t adding up.

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This must be frustrating!

I tend not to look at the scale but rather how my body feels (toned versus flabby, etc.) 

Also you may want to try doing intervals (they’re my salvation!) 

Like only 30 minutes of cardio, but in intervals. 

There is this one workout I do on the track that is wonderful:

1) run two warm up laps (easy pace)

2) Sprint 1/4 lap and jog the rest of the lap

3) Sprint 1/2 lap and jog the rest of the lap

4) Sprint 3/4 lap and jog the rest of the lap

5) Sprint a whole lap (you will die) and jog a whole lap

6) Sprint a whole lap again (and do the reverse order)


I swear this stuff WORKS!

And yes, diet is very important, but I don’t obsess over it. 

Just eat whole foods, lots of veggies (watch the toppings/sauces, etc.)

and lean protein.


And finally the best advice: Do Not Give up!!!

I’ll send you positive thoughts 😉

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I think you really need to assess what you’re eating. It’s possible that you may not be getting enough calories, especially with the twice daily workouts on some days.

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It does sound like you may not be getting enough calories for the amount of exercise you’re doing.  If your body is in starvation mode, it could be saving every calorie it is getting and keeping them as extra fat (energy) because it thinks it is starving even though you are feeding it.  I recommend using a heart rate monitor while working out to see how many calories you are burning during your workout and eating approximately 1,200 more calories more than that.  That is the absolute lowest number of calories a woman should consume in a day.

It sounds like you could also be in a food rut.  If I was eating the same thing day in and day out, I would be, anyway.  I have a really good friend who is a dietician and she recommended the Cook This, Not That books to me (which can be found here and here) when I was struggling with weight loss.  No meal in either of those books is over 500 calories, they are all something you would actually want to eat, you get to eat things like pasta, butter, fried chicken, pudding, cookies…anything you can think of.  And the best part?  My FH LOVES the food.  The food in these books, and just smaller portions overall, helped me lose 45 pounds in a year.  I know that’s not the rapid weight loss you’re hoping for, but I worked full-time and went to school full-time so I didn’t exercise during that year.  Combine the two, and you should meet your goal in no time.

Best of luck to you!  Just remember, feed your body and eat whole, real foods and you should be looking great in that dress in time for summer! 

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I have a question on the whole Starvation Mode thing…I’ve wondered about this for a while so if any one has an answer I’d tots appreciate it.

Why is it when say Natalie Portman for example, cuts back to 1200 calories a day (which is prob about normal for her since she is like 5’2” and already slim) and over excercise (training for movies) they LOSE a ton of weight?

Isn’t it Also really hard to lose weight when one is Already very thin, yet they lose weight despite being in Starvation Mode?

Aforementioned, this is just something I’ve always been confused about…

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Make sure that you are eating alot of protein, it is the easiest thing for your body to breakdown and essentually use. Stay away from the fats and carbs. I know easier said than done! i thought i was doing a good job at that until i started looking at labels!

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You need to figure out how much you’re eating per day and what kinds of foods. Sure a Lean Cuisine is low calories but it is full of salt. Processed foods make it difficult to lose as well. The only way I lose is if I cut my sodium intake and cut processed foods. Sugar and carbs will get you too.

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