(Closed) Vent. Is it rude to go to a party when you're sick?

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Sugar bee
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Rude and irresponsible. Stay home when you’re sick if you have the option to do so. Parties are entirely optional.

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Buzzing bee
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That’s awful! I would be just as livid as you. My husband gets sick very easily and definitely would’ve caught something. I hope you feel better soon!

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Bumble bee
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Dizbee:  Yes! Very selfish and rude. Especially being pregnant right now, I would have asked that person to leave. I likely would not invite that person to the next party. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I had a swollen throat before I went to a Christmas party.  It wasn’t going to harm anyone else.  I don’t want to just give up on all social occassions because of sickness.

Going out when sick AND contagious is different.

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Busy bee

Dizbee:  Wow So Rude. I would have left the party too. No one wants to get sick.

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Helper bee
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It’s super rude! This is the time of year everyone gets sick too.

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Busy bee

That’s so gross. Why would he even WANT to get off his couch if he’s that sick? I had the flu last spring and making the trip from my bed to the bathroom wore me out.

I remember seeing a commercial several years ago for Theraflu and it showed some lady taking it and then going Christmas shopping because she felt better. I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS THERAFLU? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS lol. Let’s encourage people to medicate themselves and then go out in public and spew germs everywhere.

I work in a nursing home and one time a family came in to visit their grandmother and they were ALL sick with a stomach bug and took turns puking in her bathroom. Of course, she got it, her roommate got it, and pretty soon the whole facility had it. WHY.

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Helper bee
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My family and I were once invited to a distant relative’s party to sell some makeup stuff. We all showed up and were eating/enjoying ourselves. After about an hour she says well I nearly canceled because her, her daughter and grand daughter (infant) all had the stomach flu until that morning, the grand daughter is still a bit sick! This was after we were all passing her around, eating out of communal chip bowls, crudites etc. I washed my hands immediatly and tried to not touch anything else. The next morning I woke up with the worst stomach flu I’ve ever had for three days, two of my aunts, a cousin and my mom all got the flu as well. I still get mad when I think about how inconsiderate it was of her to basically invite us all into her petri dish!

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Bumble bee
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That’s so rude!! I work at a school and there are kids that come to school that say they threw up the night before or even the morning of and their parents still send them! Ugh…gets all the other kids (and teachers) sick!

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Busy bee

Too a party I agree.

But to work. Sorry some of us don’t have the luxury of sick leave.  I work and get paid per hour. If I take time off because I’m sick..I loose that money and I’m the sole support for my children.  

This happened to me last week. Yes I was deathly ill.  I took two days off and spent those days in bed this is the last pay period before Christmas.  If I missed more …well three days four day..etc would be devastating. Those two days already hurt me.  Believe me. I didn’t want to go to work. The last thing in life I wanted to do was actually go to work.  Who wants to do that? 

Yes a portion of my pay was put aside for vacation pay. Yep vacation, not that I ever take one. But my father was diagnosed with cancer. My vacation pay totals upto about a week off.  I used two days when I went to stay with him for a week and will have to use the others days helping him through chemo (his chemo starts this monday. Thankfully it’s during winter break so my son will stay with him. After that I’ll have to take off a few days every two weeks. Hopefully  I can just maneuver my schedule around. (i can’t take extra shifts many days I work two shifts already)

But honestly…is it selfish of me to come in sick?. I don’t care. What matters to me are my family, everyone else in this world comes after them.  So if some one is going to complain they can just shove it. No at this point in my life I just couldn’t care.  

I think it’s selfish of everyone to bitch and complain about people trying to work and provide for thier families while really Isick on the off chance they may get sick. Sorry my family is more important to me than you are. I can’t help that. 


Oh and ya I was doped up on cold and flue meds, swallowing halls, drinking lemon tea and honey and using purely after each time I slightly coughed.  


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Buzzing bee
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smoocherific:  I agree with you — when I was an hourly employee, I didn’t have sick time or the luxury of just calling off. If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. And if I couldn’t find someone else to cover my shift, then I was expected to be there regardless of whether I was sick or not. 

I also used to work in childcare, and as frustrating as it was when kids were brought to school with contagious illnesses, many of their parents were in the same situation I described above. Alternative childcare was often not an option for them. I had to learn to be understanding of that.

At my current job, of course I would take time off to focus on getting better and not infecting anyone else. But in my current job, I have the luxury of paid time off, sick leave, and no expectation to find someone to fill in my absence.

Parties, of course, are a different story. Stay home.

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Blushing bee

I think it is INCREDIBLY rude, and as a huge germaphobe, it’s my pet peeve!

I understand that some people absolutely cannot get the time off of work, but I work in the marketing department of a food distribution company.  I work out of one of our sales offices.  Our sales reps are field-based, so it is literally no big deal for them to work from home when they are sick.  Despite this, every few months someone comes in hacking up a lung or saying “yeah, I had a 102 degree fever yesterday, I feel like crap.”  Why would you come into the office when you DON’T HAVE TO?!?!?

Going to a non-mandatory (social) event when actively sick/contagious is one of the most impolite things someone could do.

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Buzzing bee
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That’s disgusting!!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I think it’s totally rude to go ANYWHERE when you’re sick. Just yesterday I was in a store and I could hear a lady a couple isles over literally DYING. She was hacking so loud and making all sorts of terrible sick noises. I was disgusted and left the store immediately without making any purchases because I didn’t want to be near that person.

I am part of an  non-profit that I serve on the board for. We have monthly board meetings and have one lady who always has a sick kid, or is sick herself. After assuring us she was fine, she came to a meeting, and then we all got sick. After that we’ve explicitly told her she CANNOT come if she or anyone in her house is sick. 


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Sugar bee
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You are so right. When I was an hourly employee, being off work meant I couldn’t pay my bills. 

Some bosses are not understanding about illness. I have seen bosses fire people for being absent too often…even when the employees had documentation of her illness. 

That said, I understand why nobody wants to be around a sick person and if someone has a contagious illness, they need to stay home and get well instead of potentially affecting others.

I knew this woman who insisted on coming to visit us when she knew my husband was sick. She fell ill and sent me a huffy text: “Please be more considerate about having people over when one of you is sick.” My response: “You knew my husband was sick, so you have nobody to blame but yourself. I told you my hubby was sick before you visited.” 

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